Thursday, 12 April 2012

Re-Conquista - the Death of Catalonia

The European country with the highest level of youth Unemployment, which hit over 50% earlier this year is Spain, a country with levels of debt which is currently giving European leaders nightmares.  Of Spans various semi autonomous regions Catalonia in one of the worst states having its debt rating lowered  by Fitch only last September.

The plight of Spain, and in particular Catalonia , may provide an answer as to why the West is now in such a terrible state.

Please click here to watch the re-conquesta of Catalonia at The Death of the Grown Up.  Warning you will find  the video depressing, but it is one you need to watch.

Related: Only last August the government of Catalonia banned local protests against the Islamic invasion.


Anonymous said...

And again the Jews have let them in again..when we recover from this , they should be stopped from ever living in our societies again , however thats achieved.

Anonymous said...

Europe is not only completely undefended, but it appears that these invading alien tribes are getting protection and funding from our own establishments.

This is what happens when spitful poisonous leftist are allowed to take over and then subvert our universities. These corrupted universities then go on to dictate our culture and social norms. Its through courses like Humanities & Women.s studies that young minds are indoctrinated in the destructive ideologies of diversity & feminism. And this is where the minds our politicians, journalists & educators are shaped.

I beileve that the university campus are the battle fields where the White race will either be saved or eradicated.
It isn't looking good is it.

Mister Fox said...

Hope not Hate are wrong: the "far-right" has not morphed into anti_Muslim groups. Most of these CounterJihad groups are Zionists. That is a different movement that accepts multi-racialism and liberal views on gender but opposes Islam. It does that in defence of Israel not our countries.
The hallmarks of this anti_Muslim ideology ois that it dismisses race and territory and attacks Islam as an ideology and condemns it and The Koran for being like Nazism. The groups who promote this view? The EDL leaders, The British Freedom Party leaders, Gates of Vienna blog and Geert Wilders. Note in Paul Weston's otherwise admirable speech ha accepts that we are multi-racial.
Most of us still base our views in race and territory.
Paul had an article published by the Nationalist Unity Forum under their Guests column. I tried to post a comment pointing out that in last Autumns Black Insurrection young Blacks in Birmingham fired live bullits at the police and we can not ignore that unpleasant reality to just attack Islam. The hypocrites on the NUF censored my reasonable comment.

Mister Fox said...

Anonymous, This is interesting

Anonymous said...

Viva Catalunya.
Viva espana.