Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mike Wilson - Time For Change


A Poem by Mike Wilson

The wind is rustling through the leaves and close at hand a Blackbird sings.
A myriad ferns spread out their fans to catch a glimpse of summer’s hand.
A silent shadow moves this way to catch his prey and feed this day
But Blackbird’s warning gives the clue that helps the hunted live anew.

So here we see life’s lessons taught and heed the warnings that we ought
To listen to the world around, yes, listen for that warning sound.
Don’t get complacent day by day as all our rights are stripped away
But be aware of changing laws that have exposed the EU’s flaws.

The rabbit runs to save his life and hops and bounds away from strife
Whilst we just sit and watch strife come and let the other’s will be done.
We know full well our hands are tied and see our problems multiplied
As powerless we wait our fate against the Muslims at the gate.

The force of nature does not change yet humans think we can arrange
The world to be a different place, without regard to hue or race.
We forgot what evolution told - that survival is for the very bold.
Our race is under strong attack, should we accept or just fight back?

Forget the trite attempts by those we really should regard as foes
Who tell us that the meek will win and being strong is just a sin.
By being meek and standing back we find ourselves to be attacked
So forget about the other cheek and letting others think us weak.

It’s time for nature to take its course and it’s time for us to fight because
Without us fighting back in strength these mobs will go to any lengths
To keep us down and drown us out by shouting ‘Racist’ all about.
The time has come, we’ve had enough, it’s time for us to cut up rough!

For us to keep our country clear we need to clean it every year.
We need to take our country back from those without the will to act.
We need to take the rubbish out and clean the place, there is no doubt
That politics won’t give a hand, to recover our ancestral land.

Democracy has had its day and the one party state is here to stay
So what will you do to put things right other than begin to fight?
Copy nature stop being weak and stop turning the other cheek.
Start making moves to put things right, bring these problems into the light.

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