Sunday, 20 May 2012

More of the ongoing saga .....

ringleaders Amar Hussain and Shamrez

Gang behind bars for rape of Shropshire girls 

Five men involved in raping and sexually assaulting two Shropshire teenagers have been jailed for more than 38 years.

The two Telford victims, aged 15 and 16, were abducted and lured to a dingy Birmingham flat where ringleaders Amar Hussain and Shamrez Rashid repeatedly attacked them, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
 Three further defendants were jailed having been convicted of rape and sexual assault. 

Both girls were victims of a series of sex attacks after being plied with alcohol during the 36-hour ordeal in November 2009.

NOTE:  This case happened last month, before the convictions in the Rochdale case but received very little publicity other than in the local press.   New report in the Shropshire Star

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notareargunner said...

In Blackpool the girls appear to be taken to kebab shops, to become the meat for real.

The Dragon said...

I can almost see the controllers of the mainstream media squirming and wincing as each new report is aired, wishing the nightmare would end. They are doing their best to hide the truth but it has a habit of finding its way into the open, come what may. Incredibly however, many people, even in the areas where the crimes are being committed, show little interest in the horrific events. This is in sharp contrast to the almost insane enthusiasm shown by followers of BGT and similar shows, to say nothing of football fans, some fine examples of whom were on television last night after Chelsea won. What has happened to this nation?

Anonymous said...

On a broad brush I would say that Britain is now reaping the harvest of years of insane left-wing-loony-pc-no competition-conform to the lowest common denominator-no discipline-I knows me rights-low aspiration-instant gratification-abandon the Christian Church policies.

Life has become too easy
Everyone is just out for a good time and nobody cares a damn about anything anymore

uKn_Leo said...

There is a growing backlash building on several levels. This will only get worse as more stories emerge of Muslim atrocities against their kuffar war booty slave girls.

Be wary of any Muslim apologists engaging in taqqiya, the Islamic equivalent of PR/damage limitation. Lying, in other words. Claiming this is not an inherently Islamic problem.

It is.

Parents. Keep your children AWAY from Muslims, especially girls under 16. Learn what the Qur'an has to say about the treatment of non-believers and females. Then target your rage at those who have allowed this situation to transpire.

For them, there shall be no mercy.

Celtic Warrior said...

Obviously the present generation of Englishmen are incapable of protecting their women. They should hang their head in shame.

What I fail to understand is that these men are the descendents of men who took on the mighty German Wehrmacht and defeated them twice in the 20th century, suffering over 1,200,000 deaths in the process.

Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested, the name of the 59 year-old Rochdale ringleader has been leaked. Don't know if I should say it here or not.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Violenceagainstwhites

That is interesting and I am sure a lot of people will want to know, however, publishing it would be contempt of court, so I will not be revealing it here until the restriction is lifted.

yorkshirebob said...

@ Celtic Warrior 15.07
Very simple, the present day white males in England are not of the same calibre ( barring maybe some in the forces), precisely because of, amongst other things,( see Anonymous at 14.06)

Anonymous said...

Their names have been duly noted, I imagine they will be dealt with following their release. I'm sure that all of these scum have family, also.

@violenceagainstwhites - if you desire to release the name, there are nationalist forums where you can do, please do so.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Warrior Women have insisted that they were equally as good if not better at protecting themselves so they did not need men to do so.

This has worked out well hasn't it?

Violence Against Whites said...

Things are heating up in Rochdale. We had a deliberate arson attempt on the Hafiz takeaway which was just a blip in the local rag, but in my estimation is probably a revenge attack:

And we also had a Muslim pack attack on a 17 year-old white boy who was hospitalised after seven Muslim taxi drivers jumped him and battered him with iron bars. To my knowledge the mainstream media haven't reported this yet.

It's already out there.

Anonymous said...

"Very simple, the present day white males in England are not of the same calibre"

True, but what have cultural marxists given lower class whites to feel proud about?

Feminism and nihilism!

So, for the same reason they were disposable cannon fodder to 'the ruling elite' during the First and Second World Wars (and practically all European history), they're disposable be replaced by the miscegenated version.

Anonymous said...

Black on white crime, Trayvon Martin, racial violence, race riots.

Race riots are back -- in hundreds of violent episodes in more than 50 cities. The media ignores them. For the first time, this book puts it all together.

Celtic Warrior said...

Anonymous 15:29 said...

“True, but what have cultural marxists given lower class whites to feel proud about?”

Are you saying that the present generation of Englishmen need to obtain their pride from Marxists? I would have thought that the English would be more than capable of thinking for themselves and therefore be proud of their forefathers.

“So, for the same reason they were disposable cannon fodder to 'the ruling elite' during the First and Second World Wars (and practically all European history), they're disposable be replaced by the miscegenated version.”

I served in Britain’s armed forces in the 50s through to the 70s as a volunteer from the Irish Republic, and I never saw myself or saw my English comrades (also all volunteers and many who had served in both wars) as cannon fodder. But then we were from a generation who felt it incumbent upon males to protect their womenfolk. We would have been shamed into action were we to know young English girls were being abused, sexually or otherwise.

Of course there can be no shame if there is no pride.

Anonymous said...

Its all coming out now .....

Anonymous said...

Too bad you guys don't have something like the Aryan Brotherhood in your prisons. They would make sure these guys got what was coming to them.

Anonymous said...

When you have allowed arrogant domineering foreigners and their belief in fantasy to walk through the door then don't be surprised to see that they have also brought your coffin with them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:14, very well said.


Anonymous said...
Read the comments. People are realising what a legal tyranny there is being imposed on us. The sentence was excessive, those two black girls who beat up two german women only got community supervision orders, they did not even get a day in jail. But for spouting off SWoodhouse was told Condemning her actions, district judge Michael Snow at Westminster magistrates' court in central London, said: "Anyone viewing it would feel a deep sense of shame that our citizens could be subject to such behaviour who may, as a consequence, believe that it secretly represents the views of other white people."
This judge let rioters go free and tells drugged up bus drivers not to do it again for a year.
A London bus driver who drove through the morning rush hour while high on pot escaped jail: Sarfraz Khan, 28, was caught after an inspector found his double decker reeked of weed. Khan failed a series of tests but explained it was due to the cold weather and the fact he was 'not that good at balancing on one foot.'The police were called and Khan was swaying so badly he failed four out of five elements of a roadside drug test.'The sentence is 12 weeks imprisonment, however because of your lack of previous convictions(He had previous for cannabis) and family situation I am prepared to suspend this for 12 months.' District Judge Michael Snow had behaved too leniently towards young people found guilty of aggravated trespass at the store in Piccadilly. In a letter to justice secretary Ken Clarke, Mr Beveridge referred to those who undertook civil disobedience at the store during anti-cuts protests as “rioters” and said the judge had been wrong to express sympathy for them.“Not only did he conditionally discharge the rioters, but he did so despite stating that some of the customers were terrified.
The Daily Mail recently reported:'96,710 criminals sentenced last year for more serious "indictable" offences had 15 or more previous crimes against their name. They included violent muggers, burglars and drug dealers. Of those, only 36 per cent - around 34,600 offenders - were given immediate custody.'
Yet, the Swansea student was jailed for his comments on Twitter and this woman is imprisoned for ranting on the tube! It illustrates the judicial system's priorities. Using politically incorrect language is seen as a more serious crime than burglary, drug dealing and mugging. That's modern Britain. These district judges are ex-solicitors and very biased.

Anonymous said...

Something else the police allowed to happen -
Members of the Sikh community have held a sit-down protest outside a police station in Luton following allegations that a young woman was sexually assaulted.
Hundreds of demonstrators congregated outside Buxton Road police station on Tuesday night to air their concerns about Monday's alleged attack, Bedfordshire Police said.
A number of officers were at the scene to resolve the situation with community leaders, the force added. One man was arrested in connection with the allegations.
A police spokesman said earlier: "Police in Luton are currently in talks with members of the Sikh community who are holding a sit-down protest outside Buxton Road police station.
"Their concerns follow a report that a young woman from their community was sexually assaulted on Monday.
"The allegations are currently subject of an investigation and all parties involved are being spoken with to establish the facts.
"One man had been arrested in connection with the allegation and inquiries continue."
Bedfordshire Police said later that the protesters had dispersed.
Sikhs protest after 'sex attack' - Yahoo! News UK

No here's what the media left out:

- the protest was actually Sikhs and EDL working together
- it was a Muslim who raped the Sikh girl
- the Muslim suspect has already been released
- the Sikh girl's family reported to the Bedfordshire police FOUR times that the Muslim was threatening to rape her, and they did nothing about it

Victor Fan said...


Skadhi the Raverner said...

I don't buy this, the girls were abducted then plied with alcohol? If they were abducted first wouldn't the girls have enough sense to refuse the alcohol?

What did the judge say? "You brought the girls all the way from Telford because you knew you could abuse them and they would consent to anything with anyone and you said they were 'slags'"?

This doesn't sound like rape, its rape 2.0, brought to us by the same liberals who imported the Moslems. Girls with sense have nothing to fear.

I'm not defending guys plying girls with alcohol, but its not rape or sexual assault, its only a dirty trick to make someone consent to sex. And... if they do consent while drunk, they're still responsible, or you can't charge drunk people for crimes...

Its still good to see something critical of multicult in the news though. Its just that mainstream criticism of Moslems seems always to be on leftist terms (rape 2.0, 'sexism' and 'misogyny', 'anti-semitism', 'homophobia' etc).