Tuesday, 22 May 2012

White Girl Bleed a Lot

Race Riots return to America, black on white Racial violence is on the rise with hundreds of attacks occurring in over 50 cities.  So far most of the violence has been successfully hidden by the controlled, Obama worshiping, media.

A new book from Washington Post-award winning reporter Colin Flaherty begins to tell the truth, click here for more details

Hat Tip: Mister Fox


Anonymous said...

The title of the book is a direct quote from a Black Pack Attack in Milwaukee earlier this year:



I've been trying to keep tabs on them all under the tag "Black Pack Attack":

But another good site is http://violentflashmobs.com/

Ryu said...

Alright. It's kind of like WN 101.

Anyone who works for the Washington Post, a thoroughly liberal newspaper, has got to be a kosher conservative at best. He couldn't really push it and keep a job.

It's nice to see more books covering the basics like this. I think most of your readers are a bit above this level. Probably this book is meant for conservatives who are new to racial awareness.

Mister Fox said...

White men bleed a lot too.


They do not belong in a civilised country.

Mister Fox said...

Thomas Sowell made similar points recently. What is clear is that Whites are victims of a violent and widespread race war but the corrupt and tyrannical elites are covering it up


Anonymous said...


The victim appears to be 'flashing gang signs' in two of the three photographs. Obviously embracing multiculti did him no favours. It embraced him right back, knife in hand.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting comparison from newspaper stories of 100 years ago and those of today on the topic of U.S. Black crime.


Apparently, little has changed in this time frame.

And, for tourists walking around in broad daylight can even end your life in a flash as this Monday story will attest to.

Anonymous said...

Mister Fox those poor unfortunate Somali women who did not know how to handle alcohol which led to their attacking Rhea Page should have been deported.

Anonymous said...


Arrest made in Eugene Terreblanche's murder!

Mister Fox said...

Whites are clearly victims of a race war yet these totalitarians present this propaganda.


Anonymous said...

"Trayvon Martin Day Declared at D.C. Elementary School"


Recent evidence shows that George Zimmerman wasbadly bruised by the sweet, innnocent "youth."

They would be better spending their time educating their own "youths" not to take part in this sort of thing:

"Flash Mob Steals from Baltimore 7-Eleven; Beats Store Manager Who Tries to Stop Them"


Then maybe ordinary Americans can go about their own, lawful, business without having the c-rap kicked out of them, by a bunch of "youths".
About time these "youths" were sent back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to those who have at last realized that the future of the white nations upon this planet is in grave danger. The other coloured nations have clearly shown that they have implemented a physical and psychological war against the whites and the white genocide is spreading out across the globe daily. They have become intoxicated by the filth of their own rampant deceit and their lust for white human destruction has no parameters. Jealousy of the white mans rapid progress and great scientific achievements has been a very bitter pill for them to swallow. This jealousy has created hate and envy within them and regardless of their great ability to replicate/duplicate these great white achievements they are unable to overtake them and this has created the envy which in turn has now become a burning hate. They copy and folllow the white customs in every way possible but yet at the end of the day they haven't really changed their hateful attitude towards the whites at all. Little do these fools realize that when the good few whites are gone from this planet their future existence and survival will also start to cease. Playing the race card won't work for them anymore and their arrogant misconceptions of their great intelligence and ability won't prevent their own self destruction at all. When greedy ambitious fools set out to conquer and rule the world without intelligent foresight then you can be assured that nothing will survive.

Anonymous said...


40,000 murdered! If this was happening in Europe!!!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

The 76 year old cashier who was set alight with gasoline in Texas ahs died.

No comment from Obama as to why his son performed this appaling deed.

Anonymous said...

This is a Nazi website!

Jim said...

Want to clarify that Colin Flaherty is *not* a reporter for the Washington Post. He won some sort of spy novel contest by the WaPo last year, which he's spun into "Award winning author" on his book's cover.

The upsurge in racial attacks against whites is a very important topic, one that's waking some white people up. But we one the fringes should be careful to always have our fact right, as we expose the lying and distortions from the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

We have a very serious problem with political judges showing favour to ethnics. The British judiciary is corrupt and evil: 'I am satisfied what you both did you did that night because you were fuelled by alcohol.......' Is being drunk a defense then? Nobody forced them to drink so much alcohol that night. What they did was their responsibility and they should be punished appropriately. Ridiculous comments from the judge.

Dictrict judge Michael Snow did not make that allowance for Jacquline Woodhoyuse when he gave her 5 months for "a racist rant" or the young Swansea student.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2150061/Legal-secretary-attacked-girls-rained-fists-slams-court-letting-thugs-free.html#ixzz1wKp7qEY5

Nick Dean said...

Flaherty was interviewed recently by Maggie Roddin of republicbroadcasting.org.

Her show and Deanna Spingola's and Mike Harris's on the same network are all more or less openly on our side.

Roddin for example speaks the language of the JBS / paleoconservative/ constitutional patriot type but then brings Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor onto her show.

The network's expanding and looking for new hosts -- if anyone here feels qualified perhaps get in touch with em ...

Anonymous said...

sasha baron cohen the guy in borat and bruno loves to stick it to the goys, boycott this kike at all costs,to the guy that said this was a nazi site, no nazi ever called me a honkey mother fucker, and besides tha ss had great uniforms,

Anonymous said...

What amazes me the most is that certain white people are actually aiding and abetting the invaders in their racist shenanigans in every possible way. Surely they have a duty to consider their own kind before they take up arms to defend the invaders from foreign countries regardless of what colour or faith they are. It is appalling to see and believe that these whites are prepared to sell their own souls and that of their fellow countrymen for a bowl of cheap glory. Do they really think that they are going to be excluded in the genocide? History has shown and proved that they are living in a fools paradise and the sooner they see it and know it the better. They must get a thing called a good clear conscience in their heads and learn a great deal more about things called wisdom and truth.

Anonymous said...

Dear God I pray every day that when all the whites are gone that you will send the next large comet/asteroide and destroy the ungodly mess that is going to erupt upon the world at the end of their departure.