Monday, 7 May 2012

Cheering into the Abyss

Yesterday, the people of France took on a new credit card from a very dodgy lender. They did so although the interest rate, hidden in the small print was extortionate, and would soon make their situation even worse. However, like the overspending family in the final spiral of their debt they grasped at it as a means of still affording a few luxuries whilst keeping the creditors at bay until that long awaited miracle or lottery win solves all their problems.

It is hard to believe that so many could so wilfully delude themselves to the truth so as to vote for the bovine François Hollande in sufficient numbers to place that political dinosaur in the Élysée Palace for the next five years.  Hard to believe that is until one glance at his cheering supporters reveals the predominance of immigrants, hard bitten trades unionists and empty headed schoolgirls the only people naïve or self interested enough to still believe in the fantasies which have dragged Europe to the brink of her destruction.

Of course Sarkozy was really not much better, in the agonies of his political death he gasped some  half hearted words about immigration and identity in the hope of saving himself. But they were meaningless.  The wily Mme Le Pen saw through him, when she advised the 6.4 million who voted for her in the first round of the election to “cast a blank vote” in the second round rather than vote for Sarkozy. She knew his words were lies and would have been forgotten in an instant had he been re-elected.

Even if he had meant them, Sarkozy need only look to Hungary to see how the new world order punishes a government which puts people before ideology, and he is not brave enough to face that.

Le Pen plays a dangerous game though, who knows what pieces will still be left to pick up after Hollande has done with France.

Elsewhere in Europe other votes have taken place in the last week.

We should not be unduly misled by the fact that the so called “far right” made gains in Greece.  It is encouraging that Nationalism is on the rise throughout Europe, but it still has far to go.  What the Greek people were really voting for was to still be allowed to keep some of their sweets and longer holidays, even they have not yet grasped the reality facing them.

And what of we in Britain?  How could the results we saw in the local government and mayoral elections last week have really happened?  How could so many white, native Britons have voted for Labour, a party which feels nothing but hatred and contempt for them,  a party which has done so much damage and which spent so many decades conspiring at out destruction.    

Like the French and the Greeks, the dumbed down, brainwashed, and still just comfortable, British don't get it yet, and I fear they may not get it until it is too late.

However, to be fair what alternative did we offer them? What consistent message? What hope did we give them? None that I could see.

The right is so divided in this country we make the Balkans appear united, that is why we can not win, and we never will until we find unity and common cause.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, and we have gone mad.

Nationalism in Britain has fragmented into a proliferation of grumpy little groups all more intent on hating each other or of coddling their special interests than they are in saving our country.

We are effectively expecting electorate to select from what amounts to the British not Nick Griffin party, the British Not Nick Griffin or Eddie Butler Party, the British we hate poofs party, the British we hate Jews Party, the British we hate both Jews and poofs more that you party, and then we do not understand why nobody votes for us.  It is total folly and we, in our self indulgent arrogance brought it on ourselves.

We have no future until we set aside silly and trivial issues and stop calling “traitors” those who take a slightly different approach or are less ideologically pure than we would wish them to be,  then focus on the real enemy, and do it together.

Sadly, I am not sure if most nationalists are still capable of that.

It may well be too late, not just for Nationalism but for the West. It may be that we will have to witness the seemingly inevitable destruction of the great civilisation which our forefathers built for us before we come to our senses and drag some final remnants back from the Abyss. 

Perhaps we have reached the point where things must be broken before they can be mended.

In the short time still left to them, our people slumber on still refusing to awaken from their dream, even though it is fast becoming a nightmare.  However, the end is coming fast and they will awaken soon, screaming from their sleep.  And what then, will they find us waiting to save them, or will they find us still fighting with our own?

If it is the latter, then it will be the ultimate betrayal of that which we claim to love.

We must act soon for we do not have long.


Anonymous said...

I fear that time is fast running out for us to be saved as a people. This weekend, I had a night out in Glasgow - a city I had not visited for a while and which has seen dizzying demographic change virtually overnight. Only a few short years ago, seeing an African in Glasgow was an unusual sight indeed. Now, the streets throng with them; as well as Asians and middle Eastern persons. The change has been so stark and shocking that I thought surely the native Glaswegians must have had some sort of reaction. But no, like we see in so many other towns and cities in Britain, the natives seem too busy getting drunk and "living for the moment" to care, or even notice, that their city is being stolen from them under their very eyes. Fake tans, designer clothes and cocktails all round were the order of the day - who cares if you can't afford it? That's what credit cards are for! Bread and circuses, right enough. Give me strength!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so cryptic. What did the NWO do to Hungary?

Anonymous said...

According to a poster on the British Democracy Forum, who calls himself Simon de Montfort, Andrew Brons is about to launch a new party. Does anyone believe that?
Its between posts 40 and 47 on The BNP Finished as an Electoral Force" thread.

There's no need to look. Something credible is on its way and the thousands of former BNP members will want to be part of it when they see it, as also will hundreds of nationalists currently in either the BNP or one of the nationalist sects.
Come the three corners of the world in arms,
And we shall shock them.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The EU are planning sanctions against Hungary,

they claim it is about the deficit, but that is a lie.

It is part of a range of measures they are taking against Hungary to punish it for the new constitution which favours native Hungarians and in the hope they can force the current right wing government of Viktor Orbán out of power

Anonymous said...

The problem with France and the U.K is that there's not enough white taxpayers to pay for the upkeep of the growing third world population.The riots in London last August was a glimpse of the future once the welfare goodies start to dry up.

Anonymous said...

I see even banal political slogans though no longer imaginative are more honest. Here in the States it started as "Hope and Change" and it's now just "Forward' which implies change but has left off hope. Hollande's "le changement, c’est maintenant” continued the theme without the hopeful allusion. Absent a grounding in the binding principles of a society, the groundlings will settle, for a change, for a change.

George Pal

Anonymous said...

Sarah,Have you been to Ireland recently?You would not believe the demographic shift in the past ten years.Ireland was a great place to live and raise a family.Now all our towns and cities have been flooded with Africans and various other third world types.Crime is on the rise and education standards are slipping.Diversity is the new religion,even Sinn Fein/IRA have embraced it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Like the rest of Europe, Ireland's economic decline coincides exactly with the growth in immigration. I find it amazing that no commentator has the courage to point that out.

Mister Fox said...

I think they will be shocked out of their sleep and look round for someone to cling to, only to find some of us have retired to tend our vineyards in the country.

Anonymous said...

The lack of unity and a coherent vision has hamstrung English/British nationalism. I wonder if any of these so-called leaders have ever truly studied the many successful nationalist movements of the nineteenth-century. True, there are a few who look back with romantic eyes to the far distant past, but at best these are good ordinary men, the type that are swept along by the great events of history, but who never instigate profound change. English nationalism seems awash with those who talk as if 1066 has just happened and that throwing the Normans back into the sea is a neccessary first step. In many ways a romantic view of the past is essential to nationalist movements, but pragmatism is the quality that determines whether it succeeds.

yorkshirebob said...

Sarah,I sense defeatism.Maybe it's a new direction we need.
What if yourself, Frank Ellis,Richard Barnbrook, Paul Weston and others who you know,who are sincere about unity,were to begin writing to EACH OTHER. Instead of writing meandering blogs which disappear into the ether,leave it alone for a while. We'll miss you of course. But if you and the abovementioned,they would have to be a choice, hand picked bunch, were to employ your immense talents and energies in forging some sort of unity between yourselves first and foremost,then gathering support from us lot ----well then maybe.
It's logical,it's how any sort of enterprise is given a foundation, be it politics, industry, music, or anything. A firm foundation without cracks inspires confidence to start building.

Shaunantijihad said...

Socialists rely on their being a poor in order to tout their only economic model - stealing from productive people to give to others. They use mass immigration to ensure there is an economic imbalance which they can exploit. Mass immigration of low IQ Africans and Muslims ensures they get to stay in power. It is high treason.

We only agreed to socialism for our own people in need. They have gone insane, this immigration of the world's poor which ends with the annihilation of the white race.

I don't want to harbour negative feelings towards Africans and all the rest, because I feel drained by all this evil around us, but you must understands that your growth in our territory means our death. There are large areas of England I cannot step into safely because I am white. If you persist in following the deceptive promises of the internationalists it will end in tears for us all.

Shaunantijihad said...

"Sarah,Have you been to Ireland recently?You would not believe the demographic shift in the past ten years.Ireland was a great place to live and raise a family.Now all our towns and cities have been flooded with Africans and various other third world types.Crime is on the rise and education standards are slipping.Diversity is the new religion,even Sin Fein/IRA have embraced it."

I am sorry to say that at least in this case the destruction is down almost entirely to a Jew called Alan Shatter, who has been approving African visas at up to 50,000 per day. A true anti-white genocidist.

Flying Tiger said...

It would be a huge mistake to think security forces haven't infiltrated the nationalist movement in the UK, to make sure it stay totally ineffective.

If the security forces haven't put agents provocateurs into the nationalists, it would be the first time ever that MI5, special branch and the rest haven't...

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt they have been infiltrated by both official government organisations and the likes of the UAF. The key is detecting them. The will attempt to cause division as much as anything else; they will try and force away anyone who seems to have a pragmatic approach to nationalism. They would prefer to keep nationalism limited to well intentioned flag waving marchers who can be denigrated as fascists or nazis. Don't assume that infiltrators will say anything different to diehard nationalists, they will just lead discussions in the direction that want. The aim is to keep everything under control not to dismantle nationalist groups. Their main fear would be that nationalists despair to the point that the bluster found on message boards in replaced with Breiviks who have nothing to lose. As for the UAF, I find it hard to believe that it is not an 'unofficial' agency. They are well funded and well informed. Perhaps many of its supporters worry about being infiltrated by 'our friends by the river' when in truth they are pawns of the latest Great Game. The nationalist problem of having no coherent leadership or vision, means that English nationalism, as things now stand, is an impotent force. If its leaders do not pull together then they are betraying many, many people. Ask them, any of them, why they have not met and come to a workable vision. Do I trust them? You earn trust.

Anonymous said...

Odd that Alan Shatter should be the only Jewish TD. And didn't he have a spat with an anti-Zionist Israeli born academic a while ago? It's tragic that the Irish, after centuries of struggle are seeing their hard earned freedom and land given to immigrants. I imagine Collins will be spinning in his grave. If Shatter is truly a one-man wrecking ball, then I find it hard to believe he is still breathing! It seems Irish nationalism has lost its balls or at least that its leaders haver eached the point in life where their great visions are beyond them and they are trying to secure their legacy as great Irish statesmen. The 'young Turks' are greying; the graduates of Long Kesh have lost their youthful zeal. It's always bloody self-interest, an Irish nationalist that does not speak out is little more than a 'West Euro' or a 'Brussels Catholic'. Bastards.

Mariam said...

Sarah said "Like the rest of Europe, Ireland's economic decline coincides exactly with the growth in immigration. I find it amazing that no commentator has the courage to point that out."

They can't admit it, they opened the gates and let the millions in, they can't now admit they made a huge mistake.

We are stuck with the consequences of what they have done

yorkshirebob said...

anonymous @ 7th may 6.50
Who are You to call cryptic. You can't even identify yourself. Just another in the long never ending line of anonymouseseses.