Saturday, 5 May 2012

Derbyshire - broke but unbowed

As most of you will be aware, the right wing writer John Derbyshire was summarily sacked by National Review earlier this year as punishment for an article he had written for a separate source which dared to be a little too truthful when addressing that now most dangerous of topics, race.

Derbyshire’s article which was published by Taki Magazine in March was entitled “The Talk Nonblack version” and was a response to various reports in the media of the alleged talk which African American parents claim to have with their children regarding the perils of living amongst white people.  However, Derbyshire addressed the issue from the perspective of a white parent advising their child on how to deal with living with black people.

Unfortunately, in doing so John Derbyshire ignored the first commandment of modern day race politics, namely that what is good for the black goose can have near fatal consequences for the white gander.

His assertion, backed by copious statistics, that associating with black people places young whites at a significant level of risk broke the greatest of 21st Century taboos by daring to tell the truth and was greeted by shrieks of outrage by the chattering fantasists and media zealots whom we have inexplicably allowed to adopt the role of arbitrators of what it is and is not permissible to debate.

Surrendering cravenly to the demands of the pike wielding mob, National Review genuflected in a manner which would make a North Korean public mourner blush and dismissed Derbyshire from his long standing role as a columnist.

Like Pat Buchanan before him, driven out the shrill demands of the assorted pressure groups of the new world order, Derbyshire had become unemployable by the mainstream media and deprived on the means of making a living or supporting his family.

I have to admit that, in my view, The Talk Nonblack version, was not a particularly good article, and I would argue with some of the points which John Derbyshire makes, his advice that a black man standing for political office should be scrutinised more closely than a white man does not stand up to scrutiny when one considers that the greatest political crimes against the white race have been committed by traitorous white politicians

Also, although there are many examples from Dr Esmee Ruck in 1950's Kenya through to anti Apartheid campaigner Amy Biehl in a South African Township in 1993, and this guy, just last month  exposing the dangers experienced by whites who play the good Samaritan to blacks, Derbyshire should have realised that his advice that whites avoid helping blacks in need would expose him to false allegations of hate and bigotry.

However, Derbyshire was not sacked for writing a bad article, he was sacked for speaking the truth, it was for that crime the twitter-nazis demanded his head.

However, I am delighted to note that he has not been cowed or intimidated and that in his latest article, again published on the Taki Magazine site, he continues to express his non conformist views with as much aplomb and vigor as he continues to expose great lies of our current age such as “the lie that poverty causes crime, the lie that white people’s malice causes black poverty, the lie that race is a mere “social construct” with no biological reality"

Derbyshires writing is not always comfortable but it is always direct and astute, for instance he pills no punches when he says of the British:
In one of history’s greatest acts of collective folly, the Brits voluntarily opened up their unique, ancient, introverted national culture to a rabble of Third World sadists and cultists. They are now choking on their folly, and it’s hard to have much sympathy.

As the new totalitarianism tightens its grip across the West dissidents such as Buchanan and Derbyshire are  being driven out of the mainstream, but while the new media still exists their voices can still be heard.  Sadly, however, by its very nature the remuneration offered by the internet is much less, therefore, I draw readers attention to the new “Donate” button on John Derbyshire’s website, and hope that those who have enjoyed Derbyshire’s writing or who oppose what has been done to him and simply wish to express their support, do what they can.  

We are all under attack and malevolent powers act ruthlessly in silencing anyone who dares to speak against the orthodoxy, which is why now, more than ever, we should stand together and support our own.  


bupkiss o'toole said...

Well done. Thanks as ever for your dedication to truth and our survival.

Dr.D said...

I have not seen the most recent article from Derbyshire, but the one that caused such a disturbance a was the basis for his dismissal was, I thought, rather good. One of the points of that article that I thought was very important was to never move to an area governed by black politicians. While that is immediately pronounced racist to the core, I think it is immensely wise. I would not dream of moving to Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc, all of which are run, and will be forever run, by black politicians.

It is my understanding the Derbyshire is a fairly advanced stage of cancer, so I would imagine that he sees himself as having little to loose and everything to gain by speaking his mind plainly at this time. I hope he continues to speak boldly; we need many more like him.

The Dragon said...

Just a correction for the record. John Derbyshire is quoted as saying that "The Brits opened up their unique, ancient introverted national culture...' That is not strictly true. Our leading politicians of the time may have, but the vast majority of us had no say in the matter; the decisions were made behind closed doors. Therefore a few hundred people at best made the most far reaching decisions about the future of our country, decisions the results of which our people will forever carry as a burden. To call our present system a democracy is misleading at best, especially as on sees that the case above proves to us that speaking our mind can be detrimental to us. they have suffocated protest and are now beginning to crush what's left of our spirit.

Anonymous said...

‎"In contrast, Ian Smith’s Rhodesian era turns out to be better than "our" black government.

Most black Zimbabweans would now prefer Ian Smith as leader to Robert Mugabe – though the human instinct of freedom remains high on the agenda. The Mugabe regime has perpetrated serious crimes against its own people – black-on-black.

For what’s the purpose of freedom when freedom kills you, when freedom denies you free speech, when freedom kills your relatives, when freedom starves you, when freedom excludes you on tribal grounds?"
-- Faith Moyo is an MDC-UK chair-lady in the women league, Derby Branch. She can be contacted on

Life in Rhodesia was better than Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe News as it happens, voice of the voiceless, highlighting social and political injustice in our societies without fear of reprisal or prosecution


Only force can rid England of its invaders.We are in serious trouble right now.

John said...

Edward Longshanks had the right idea. Mass expulsion.

Christ the Italian job talked about the same

Anonymous said...

Sarah, is there any information about what's happened to I link to your blog using their sarahmaidofalbion banner, and it's been invisible for last week or so.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi ViolenceAgainstwhites

Hmmm yes, it seems that site is down at the moment. I have no ide what has happened to it.

There might be some information at the old Green Arrow Forum, which is now the British Resistance forum

Or you could ask at the British resistance

The original Home of the Green Arrow still exists as an archive

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40

Mugabe "runs"? Zimbabwe for the benefit of his tribe.

After indepoendence many "Zimbabweans" had to seek political tribal asylum in "Apartheid" South africa because they were safer there.

Anonymous said...

Readers of National Review, of course, know its proud motto--Standing athwart history, saying, "Please don't hit me in the face!"

Mike James