Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The end of four years as a member the GLA

By Richard Barnbrook

It seems like only yesterday that I was elected on to the Greater London Authority in 2008. So much has happened in that time, much of which I could never have foreseen.

I would like to take this opportunity of publicly thanking my staff, Chris, Tony and Sue for their efforts. Amidst several moments of political turmoil, and throughout the lesser ups and downs of the past two years, they have remained true nationalists, just as indeed, I do.

The experience has been a continuous learning curve for which one has no preparation. I’ve had to learn on the job and I’ve had to learn by experience. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I were to be re-elected in the future, there are a number of things that I would do differently. However, what has to be said is that it has been a constant uphill struggle to get ones voice heard. Or in most cases, not.

Being in a nationalist minority of one is not the easiest of positions. Because the media have made it their policy to persistently ignore me-unless they can find something negative to say. Thus countless Questions to the Mayor, ranging from knife-crime, immigration, halal meat, have been unreported. Letters to the papers have not been published. It’s like I’ve been talking to a brick wall. But given the treatment that the nationalist parties routinely receive from the press, it’s not surprising. Albeit these are the very subjects that touch the heartfelt concerns of the ordinary man in the street. Those of you who are interested can read the articles that have been posted on my blog at richardbarnbrook.blogspot.co.uk  for a sample of the issues that have concerned me deeply. These are the subjects that the rest of the mainstream politicians are so desperate to cover up.

Sooner or later, the problems caused by continuing mass immigration will become too serious to ignore. Last year, some 250 000 incomers arrived on our shores, and that’s 250 000 more than those who left. London, and indeed the country as a whole, cannot cope with such huge numbers. No wonder there’s a housing shortage! No wonder the NHS is on its knees. Meanwhile, many of those jobs that still exist, including those on the Olympic project, go to foreign workers….

The problems facing this country and the ordinary down-trodden Brit due to the blatant misrule of the main political parties are growing by the day. What’s needed now is for nationalists from across the political spectrum to unite to form a viable cohesive force to combat them at the ballot box. Only by burying our differences and co-operating with each other can we hope to bring into effect any meaningful change.


Mister Fox said...

Despite the constant propaganda Europeans are asserting their identities slowly, but more insistently.  It is only Britain that is lagging behind and that is because the elites were clever put state moles at the top of the BNP.  Even now the police cover up the repeated financial irregularities of the leading officials.
I'm afraid you were betrayed by your leaders. You made the mistake of joining the leadership battle to split the anti-Griffin vote then he turned on you.
In fact for years the police have allowed the party to be run as a scam for getting money off the general public. Its reached the point where even supporting the leaders should be seen as betraying the British people and the children's fture.


Anonymous said...

If we wish to succeed then we must learn the art of propaganda. Today I received some propaganda in my letterbox from Labour and it was typical of modern party propaganda. It was abstract and unemotive. To understand the message of the leaflet one would need to study some economics among other things. No cause of the Nationalist failure is more sailent than that of our propaganda. Like the aforementioned Labor propaganda, ours is equally rubbish. I will say it a thousand times: we must learn the art of propaganda in order to succeed.

Anonymous said...

I agree , propaganda is a very useful tool, especially for "the man in the streets".
From personal experience, inverting leftist propaganda against them works best.

Anonymous said...

It is only Britain that is lagging behind and that is because the elites were clever put state moles at the top of the BNP.

UK elites are uniquely clever?
Let's hear another one.

Anonymous said...

It is only Britain that is lagging behind and that is because the elites were clever put state moles at the top of the BNP.

I tend to think that the "lagging behind" is somehow related to the uniquely bad reputation that white working class Brit tourists have earned for themselves worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Greece Just Defaulted on Its Debt. On May 9.
I don’t understand why the corporate media is not covering this because it’s huge news. If you own Greek bonds, bottom line is you ain’t gonna get paid back.