Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Weasel Words

Following the conviction today of a gang of nine men in Rochdale who were found guilty of the rape and sexual exploitation of under aged girls, the police were quick to issue a statement insisting that, although the men were all Asian, and their victims all white, the crimes were "not racially motivated”.

What an interesting choice of words, and what do they mean by them.  It is a strange departure to refer to a sex crime as being a “racial” crime, sex crimes are usually motivated by lust, or in some instances power, and although some of the children were beaten and forced to have sex with up to twenty adults in one day (the other 11 have apparently not yet been caught) this appeared to be more about control rather than evidence that the perpetrators felt any particular animus towards their victims.

It would certainly be difficult to prove that these were racially motivated crimes in a conventional sense.

However, this is another of a growing number of cases, from all around the country, involving the same crime and the same demographic, that is to say, adult Asian perpetrators targeting while child victims, so there are clearly some ethnic factors involved.

After all, we are not seeing similar cross racial abuse featuring different combinations of ethnic groups.

We can be relatively confident that there are no gangs of native white males targeting young Asian or black children, for you can be sure that if there were, the police and media would have tracked them down and loudly exposed them by now.

So why is it occurring overwhelmingly within this same single demographic? Can it really just be multiple coincidences as the police would have us believe?

By referring to “racial motivation” the guardians of law and order are seeking to blur the issues involved.

What we are seeing here may or may not not be a racially motivated crime, but certainly it is down to the clash of two cultures, how one culture perceives another and how, by forcing two such alien cultures to interact society has placed the young and vulnerable members of the native culture at significant risk.  It is that fact which the police with their weasel words about “motivation” seek to obscure.   


bupkiss o'toole said...

It's yet another instance of the damage control policy of the Unholy Alliance.

Mariam said...

The news report this evening was just a pack of lies. We got the old "it happens in all sections of society" lie, and the "Most child abusers are white" lie.

They say these things knowing full well nobody will dare challenge them, or raise the proportionality question.

Celtic Warrior said...

And it will continue to happen whilst cowardly British policemen and British men allow it to happen.

Your grandfathers must be spinning in their graves.

Facta Non verba.

Ryu said...

Good stuff. They pull the same thing in the States as well.

alanorei said...

The MSM, as usual, seems to be saying very little about what made the victims vulnerable in the first place.

Carrion only descend on stricken creatures. As indicated, you have to look at why they were stricken in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The same is happening in Canada, young girls are in danger.

Mister Fox said...

Sarah, I think theyare Acts of War by a different means. I think a form of guerrilla warfare waged by a rival community onus. We are underattack with he police on the other side.

alanorei said...

They are acts of war. Any non-Mohammedan country like the UK is part of Dar-al-Harb, the House of War, to be forced by various means of jihad into Dar-al-Islam, the House of Islam.

All this is set out in Slavery, Terrorism & Islam by long-term missionary to the Sudan, Peter Hammond.

The above has various implications.

Mohammedans in this country are part of an invasion force, simply by virtue of their belief system.

Mosques are centres of enemy resistance and strategic and tactical planning i.e. they are illegal.

Any Brit, at any level of society, who supports, condones, permits Islam, is guilty of treason.

Our armed forces in Afghanistan should be re-deployed in the UK to eject the invaders and eliminate all that belongs to them e.g. mosques. Various cogent reasons exist for bringing our forces home from Afghanistan but killing the local jihadists there is not one of them, as our forces are clearly not acting illegally in that respect.

Perhaps the NNP might take the above on board, seeing as how the BNP is reputedly a busted flush (though it appears unwilling to lie down and the MSM still seems to perceive it as the main nationalist show in town - see the 5th column DM's recent pilloring of NG in relation to the Rochdale verdict).

Anonymous said...

These crimes would be definitely racially and religiously motivated - if they were committed by white men on Asian girls, we would not hear the end of it

Anonymous said...

"After an investigation, Mr Justice Clifton concluded that, despite the fact Mr Griffin's tweet was "100 per cent accurate", no juror had disclosed their secret deliberations to the outside world."


violenceagainstwhites said...


Your observation is spot-on as usual, Sarah. These crimes are happening up and down the country - Muslim gang-rapes on white girls, and Muslim gang-attacks on white boys. And the police always rush out to reassure us that "they're not racially motivated", which means that the offenders didn't explicitly use a racist word while they did it. Methnks the police doth protest too much!

This preoccupation with whether or not they happened to use a racist word distracts us from the real issue, which is that our people are being victimised by foreigners who don't need to be here. It is also an attempt to trick us into their paradigm, which is that thought crimes are worse than violent crimes - that racism is more concerning than rape, assault and murder, and that these attacks not being "racially motivated" somehomw makes them less concerning.

So, some of these attacks aren't explicitly racist. Some ARE - like the murder of Laura Wilson where she was called a "dirty white bitch", or the Carlile paedophile who called the girls "white trash" if they wouldn't exchange sex for kebabs. But what's the difference?

I don't care if they're explicitly racist or not. Moving to Britain and victimising the native Britons is implicitly racist. Twenty Pakistanis raping a white British girl involves my race. It's a clash of cultures. We know this because that's what the rapists say themselves. If anyone doubts this, go and read about the Ashfield gang rapes in Australia for just one example.


Gaston Glock said...

The very fact that Mr Plod had to make a politically correct race denial statement, confirms that this travesty is indeed a hard-core racial crime.

Anonymous said...

Were the rapes racially motivated? The military has a good saying Sarah: "Once is unusual, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action".

Let's analyse some cold, hard facts: Were the victims exclusively White? Were the perpetrators exclusively non-white? Yes and yes. There is no doubt whatsoever that this was a racially motivated, systematic hate crime in the purest sense.

Consider this: The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1820 (June 2008) which states “women and girls are particularly targeted by the use of sexual violence, including as a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instil fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group.”

"Warring groups use rape as a weapon because it destroys communities totally" says Major-General Patrick Cammaert, former commander of UN peacekeeping forces in the eastern Congo. “You destroy communities. You punish the men, and you punish the women, doing it in front of the men.”

Source: http://www.ohchr.org/en/newsevents/pages/rapeweaponwar.aspx

During 2001, the Hague War Crimes Tribunal hearing a case on Serbian war crimes ruled rape as a war crime and a "Crime Against Humanity". This particular case related to Serbians raping Muslim women. It's most instructive to read the judgment in that case, and juxtapose it to this latest UK outrage. Read here

During Christmas 2011, an Indian student was allegedly shot dead by a White guy. Manchester police had no qualms describing the attack as racially motivated, on the rather flimsy basis that it was the "perception of the (Asian) community".

Yet no such deference is given to the perceptions of the White community in this rape trial. In fact, it was admitted by the same Manchester police that they failed to investigate the case during 2008 "for fear of appearing racist".

Now this very same constabulary who sees racism at the drop of a hat - when the perp is white- is insisting that the systematic rape of exclusively White girls by exclusively non-white Muslim men is "not racially motivated".

The terms "spineless unprincipled and bigoted cowards" comes to mind. A hundred years ago, they would have been summarily executed.

Anonymous said...

The reasonable attack vector is to say that anti-racism is OK, but anti-racist hysteria is a bad and harmful thing. The police sat back and let the rapes happen because of anti-racist hysteria.

The anti-racists need to accept that anti-racism can go too far to the point where it becomes harmful.

The police need to introspect upon themselves and accept that they have fallen victim to anti-racist hysteria and they need to take measures to make sure that they don't fall victim to anti-racist hysteria in the future.

The fact that the police are still in a state of denial about the racist nature of the crime, demonstrates that they are still in the grip of anti-racist hysteria.

An inquiry into the culture of anti-racist hysteria in the police should be called for.

violenceagainstwhites said...


The judge in the case said:

‘I believe one of the factors which led to that is that they were not of your community or religion.’

These rapes WERE racially motivated, in the opinion of the judge!


alanorei said...

Quite a landmark video here, I suggest.

One comment was that new tactics are needed. This may be a useful avenue for the various nationalist groups to explore, w.r.t. what they perceive as their own areas of expertise.

It would end up, hopefully, as a concerted but multi-faceted fightback by separate groups, engaging in the war of the flea and making it much harder for the 5th column authorities to track them down.

TBM-1 said...

May be a little OT, and maybe I missed something, but the local residents did not seem to be conspicuous in the protest group outside the court where the trial was taking place. The BNP were rightly in the forefront of the demonstration. I hope I am wrong in assuming that the local indigenous population was not sufficiently outraged by the terrible crimes to make the effort to turn out to protest.

Thjodolfr said...

Things will change in the years those perverts are inside. We look forward to their 'release'

TBM-1 said...

And the media deception continues. This enormous crime has already been airbrushed from the mainstream news and the sheeple are now expected to forget about it. Many do not yet realise that it is an ongoing problem and what we have so far seen is but the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

For the love of Jesus: England, get your act together, I feel like crying when I read of the apathy of your people, who have been so brain washed into believing they are guilty of every crime going, take your land back, restore your pride.
An Irishman

Anonymous said...

We get this in Australia. Also, in the courtroom these scum play the race and religious card. Our fairness is being exploited as a weakness.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of convicted pedophiles are actually white, middle aged, men - for this reason, I think we should start randomly searching the computers of white middle aged men, and ignore all other races and demographics. Fair?

- Chris, Bristol, 11/5/2012 10:34

Read more: How to avoid airport security wear a burka

Chris from Bristol makes an error ably assisted by the media.

yorkshirebob said...

14 indentities to 7 anons, Sarah. Are we improving.

yorkshirebob said...

Anonymous @ 17.56 12th
Exactly, the rest of the world have exploited our fairness and openness (for want of a better word) for decades. We are over civilised and have lost our instincts for survival and the sooner we all realise that, the sooner we can make amends. They see our weakness immediately and capitalise on it with their cunning.
Shakespeare: In peace there's nothing so becomes a man than stillness and humility,but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger,stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with hard favoured rage. Henry v before the battle of Harfleur.

violenceagainstwhites said...

Chris from Bristol needs to learn what "proportion" means.

The majority of paedophiles are white because the majority of people in the UK are white. But if you look at proportions, Muslims are DISPROPORTIONATELY represented in grooming statistics.


Also, we're specifically talking about grooming gangs, not lone paedophiles.

The Left sure do love their Straw Men.

Anonymous said...

@ Violenceagainst whites

The other reported "fact" is that the majority of serial killers in the US are white. That is using figures from earlier last century. Thank you worthless crime writers for helping to spread the lie.

The 12% produce the most.

Another commentor said the media is the point of leveraga and we know what that means.

Do we give up on the media and leave it to them are do we watch and try to correct them on theire mistakes?

Skadhi_the_Raverner said...

When I was at school I got "The Talk - non-Paki Version". Its hard to believe these girls didn't, its pretty standard.

Outrage over the crime shouldn't detract from how the girls were vulnerable in the first place. The girls were 'plied with drugs and alcohol' after all, where's the line between 'grooming' by males and prostitution by females? I'm only 20 and I don't behave like that.

I'm not saying these weren't gross old men, or that there's no racial issue involved.

But this is entirely about how they show us disrespect, because they don't treat young Moslem girls like that - in ways the Moslem culture deems disrespectful - 'not sex crime'.

Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that certain religions turn a blind eye when their young bucks set out in life to sow their wild oats. They may sow their wild oats with whomsoever they please whenever they please. However to apply the same lusty use and abuse to one of their own kind is regarded as a cardinal sin. This same attitude is also adopted in their political circles as well and in most religions today its impossible to separate the one from the other. Together crooked politicians and church leaders are openly preaching political crap from behind the pulpit and most of the churches are used as a politcal tool to brainwash the members. It is of no great wonder then that the majority of people upon this earth are prepared to no longer believe in religion especially after witnessing some of the evil, inhumane and diabolical political practices that they fanatically support all conveniently proclaimed as being part and parcel of their religion. The cleverest and wisest people on earth don't believe in religion and have even less faith and belief in politicians.