Monday, 26 October 2009

Will visitors to the 2010 Soccer World cup be safe

By August Pointneuf

Will visitors to the 2010 Soccer World Cup be safe, secure and have easy access the venues?

This venture capital gamble on the entertainment industry, using the money of the poorest of people as the risked capital, was the product of a small cadre in the African National Congress. Far from being debated, the decision never even traversed the South African Parliament.

South Africa is a country in which the population continues to grow rapidly, and has outstripped every limb of the infrastructure. This failure includes the capacity to maintain law and order, which appears to be failing at almost every level of the legal system.

The 2000 new cars which were being introduced into the road system every day in South Africa were not matched by an equivalent increase in the road traffic infrastructure. Cape Town now has only one traffic engineer (because of “affirmative action” disenchantment). Gridlock is becoming common. Probably the greatest problem which followers of a team will meet will be to get to the next venue, Do not believe that there will be trains to be caught at short notice (people also get thrown from moving trains) or that there will be sufficient aircraft capacity. Even getting to the airports could be agonising.

South Africa has a fundamentally unstable population in an uneasy equilibrium. This is because of the extraordinary spectrum of different social classes, wealth, education, language and race. Part of that equation is sustained because the poor cannot react economically to protect themselves in a way that the wealthy can. Most can therefore only retreat into

non-confrontational poverty: but for many the only way only out is crime. It is an uneasy equilibrium and fragile balance.

Meanwhile, the black “middle classes” have shown themselves to be extractive, corrupt, and spendthrift in an astonishing fashion. 30% of the white population, who effectively operated the country in the past, have left an unfilled administrative vacuum.

The South African government has found it impossible to control the borders with a constant unmonitored flood into the country. There is no prospect of regaining control of “illegal immigrants”. The surge of ambitious pickpockets, cut-throats and HIV positive prostitutes, from the huge reservoir that is the rest of impoverished tropical Africa, into South Africa has already started. So the instability will increase.

As is usually the case when the borders of a country open to the international world, prices increase, approaching (and often exceeding) international prices. Visitors may find that this will not be an inexpensive visit. The resident population will stress under price increases. This destabilizing factor will again damage mostly the poorest.

Visitors should not delude themselves into believing that by spending their Euro in South Africa that they will “help the poor”. That money has not, and will not. go to the rural – there is sufficient history now to show that it will make the black city-rich, richer.

The danger of an event like the World Cup is that it provides great expectations. For most this is the hope of economic salvation.

Once the World Cup is over, what then will be the social stability? There will be large groups of people who have lost their hopes. There will be many who begin to realize that the wealth went somewhere else. Therefore more will migration from the farmlands to the shack-cities. The imported criminals, and those home schooled in crime especially for the World Cup, will remain.

Distasteful levels of wealth, which will be displayed by the political elite, will contrast with the hopeless of others as an inflammatory catalyst into reaction by the proletariat.

The outlook cannot be optimistic.


Dr.D said...

Looks like Mandela has had his own face rendered in gold!

Only a fool would go to the 2010 World Cup in SA.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that I am not too sure about the safety of Soweto. Going in there is as good as signing your consent to become part of a criminal statistic. The criminals are going to have a ball:poor innocent Europeans...

Anonymous said...

Such an impressively good blog. Can't understand why the readership/commentary is so low??

Nevertheless, keep on telling the truth. The truth must prevail.

screamingmad said...

I hesitate to say this, and it is with a heavy heart, and much soul searching that I do.
“If a few Europeans, whilst visiting SA to enjoy the spectacle of the ‘World Cup’ are murdered, or sacrificed on the altar of worship to a ‘multicultural society’, then so be it! Something of this magnitude is needed to remove the scales from the eyes of the bleeding heart white Liberal apologists; then let slaughter commence”.
'Society' is defined thus, "The customs and organisation of an ordered community".
The words ‘multicultural, and society’ are oxymorons; these two words should not, and cannot be used in this way. A ‘culture’ is individual to the race/ nation it is used to define. When a ‘culture’ is forced to accept another ‘culture’ it becomes not the sum of the two, but a divisor; conflict must ensue, and only one ‘culture’ will survive; in microcosm we have the evidence in SA, but it can be used in macrocosm to encompass the World.
The evidence for this is apparent in many articles (not necessarily of a “right wing” tendency), but also presented unknowingly in many cases by the MSM.

Red Squirrel said...

Anonymous 14;41
The readership is not low, the comments are perhaps low in your estimation, but how can one add much further detail to the truth?