Monday, 19 October 2009

More deaths at the Cape

I have again had to update the total number of South African farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid in 1994 to 3071 to include the double murder of 53 year old farmer Willem Le Roux and his 50 year old wife Julie, which occurred last week. Mr and Mrs Le Roux were killed at their farm in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape .

Both of them had sustained bullet wounds to the forehead and their hands were tied behind their backs.

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In other news a couple were attacked by two men on a farm near Fouriesburg in the Free State.

The 81 year old farmer and his wife were watching television when the attackers stormed in through a back door and demanded firearms & jewellery. The elderly female was raped and is being treated at Hoogland Medi-Clinic in Bethlehem Mophiring. Police are looking for the men between approximately 30 & 50 years of age who fled in a stolen white Citroen.

As we see the South African media is equally descriptive when it comes to details of the suspects.

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Dr.D said...

What is there left to say, Sarah? The blacks will kill every white man in Africa if they are able to do so. The have no moral compunction holding them back. They enjoy killing. They will kill the white men, and they will kill each other. The thirst for blood seems to be a characteristic of the black race.

They are much more anxious to drive out the white people, the people who raised their living standards far above anything they had ever known before, so that they can be like they were before, primitive savages, killing, eating each other, and living like animals.

The white people remaining in Africa face a very hard choice, and I think most do not want to face the issue. They must either leave Africa, which most do not want to do because it is their home, or they must fight. By fight I mean that they must be prepared for open warfare, prepared to kill without hesitation. If they stay, they must come together in small, defensible groups, rather than remaining spread out on their farms as they would like to do. This is a terrible choice, and most simple do not want to make such a choice, but I think that they must make the choice, or they will die while they dither.

zazie said...

Your third paragraph is a realistic description of the situation of native Europeans in most European countries ; did you realise that ?
The difference may be in our numbers, now still big enough to leave us some hopes of a possible fight....
Now, something else : the Blacks are not ALL savages, no more than Whites are ALL slave-owners!
I'll read your answer (if any) when I have recovered my computer after decorating the house. We start tomorrow.

Dr.D said...

@ Zazie
Of course you are correct when you say, not ALL blacks are savages. My statement was intended to speak of the majority, the character of the masses, not any particular individual. If we go back no more than 150 years ago, black Africa was indeed a wild place with no civilization at all. There were white enclaves that were quite civilized along the coast, but the interior was truly savage. Now that the blacks are in control, they are reverting to that primitive past, rather than following what they have been shown in the intervening years by white people. Those intervening years raised their standard of living immeasurably in terms of health, education, nutrition, life expectancy, and spiritual education. We can see, however, that for the black masses, none of it took. Their favorite song is "Kill The Boer," even though it was the Boer and other white men that brought them all the advances. This is why I characterize them, on the whole, not every individual, as savages.

AgainsTTheWall said...

Keep beaconing

God bless Orania