Saturday, 31 October 2009

India revokes foreign work permits to protect Indian workers

Indian call center workers - protected from foreign competition

Thousands of foreign workers in India have been given until the end of today to be out of that country in a visa clampdown which is designed to protect Indian labourers from outside competition.

The Indian government has announced the measures to protect its workforce from being undercut by cheaper foreign labourers, who come from South East Asian countries.

The clampdown will also affect all expatriates working in India on business visas. Under the new regulations, a smaller number of such visas will be issued. This is to protect skilled workers as well.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

And how much in aid does the UK give to India?

Dr.D said...

This is an entirely reasonably step. Other countries should have the courage to act in a similar manner to protect their own nationals. It is the failure to do this that is causing havoc in most Western countries.