Thursday, 1 October 2009

From Titans To Lemmings Part 7

From Titans To Lemmings - The Suicide Of The White Race

7. Dancing With Dragons

By Reconquista


Part Six of Titans To Lemmings focused on Africa and in particular, the former British colonies of South Africa and Rhodesia. I described how those once strong nations have deteriorated badly since the end of colonial rule and the establishment of black governance and I presented evidence to counter the myths of colonialism and apartheid, two barb-encrusted sticks used to inflict a guilt trip on the white race and to justify the looting, land grabs and ethnic cleansing all being conducted against whites in these once advanced and prosperous nations.

As these nations implode catastrophically, enormous suffering is inflicted upon both the white people AND native black peoples whilst those responsible for creating the mess - namely the traitorous Marxist-Liberals in the West - turn a blind eye and avoid any responsibility for their malicious interference which had nothing to do with the welfare and the future of the black peoples and everything to do with destroying the whites, the very people who had built the strongest nations in Africa.

As well as building these Titans of Africa, the white man also brought his medical expertise to the dark continent and as well as helping black people to combat killer illnesses endemic there - yellow fever, malaria, cholera etc. - systems of medical care constructed by whites dramatically reduced the infant mortality rate and significantly increased the life expectancy rate. Not that your average self-righteous Liberal will ever be aware of these things.

Africa isn't the only continent that has seen dramatic changes in the last fifty years. Great Britain - in fact the entire West but for the purpose of this essay I wish to focus mainly on Britain - the country whose vast empire did more than any other nation to bring the advances of Western civilisation to the whole world, has seen its empire crumble. Now the world comes to Britain, with millions of Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and many more immigrants all flocking to Great Britain.

Just as the white man introduced aspects of Western culture to the third world, so now are immigrants into Britain introducing their culture here. Much of what is being introduced is having a corrosive effect upon British society and I assert this is not happening by chance. In fact, I believe a war is being waged upon the British people deliberately with the aim to destroy Great Britain and the British people. The scale of what is being done to our people is absolutely staggering, the consequences are heart-breaking and devastating and the saddest part of all is that the British people - and many others throughout the West - are knowingly choosing to behave in seriously flawed ways, all contributing to the collapse of the West and the eventual extinction of the white race.

It's now time to bring attention to one aspect of the war against Britain to expose its enormous scale and the destructive impact it is having on our nation. In this part of the Titans series, I want to focus on narcotics and in particular, the trade in one of the most potent narcotics, cocaine and its highly-addictive derivative, crack.

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alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah, and of course, Recon

All should at least peruse this article. 350,000 UK heroin and crack addicts and the £1,600,000,000 social benefit money p.a. they consume is already a major national crisis but is clearly set to get worse.

I appreciated the references to the MS-13 gangs as well. The threat they pose cannot be underestimated.