Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rageh on Race

Although most readers will be focused on BNP Chairman Nick Griffin's appearance on the BBC's Question Time tomorrow evening, another TV item may provide a diversion in the coming week. On Monday evening Channel four will be broadcasting a documentary under the heading “Race and Intelligence: Science's last taboo

The show will be fronted by the Somali born reporter Rageh Omaar, the one time BBC news reporter who many in Britain will recall for his somewhat idiosyncratic reporting of the Invasion of Iraq, and his various documentary reports such as “An Islamic History of Europe” for the BBC, “Immigration – the inconvenient truth” for Channel Four and “Islam in America” broadcast last year by his new employers, Al Jazeera. Seems to have a theme, doesn't he?

As evidence of his credentials in what now passes for journalism, in 2003, Omar was the recipient of an EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) award for best TV journalist

The documentary promises to “examine and expose” the numerous myths about race, and Rageh will, amongst other things, interview various academics including supporters of the Bell Curve theory in relation to relative intelligence. WOW! I wonder how those interviews will be presented and what conclusions they will reach?

We all of course know without bothering to watch what approach this so called “documentary” will take and what its findings will be. Anything which fails to comply with the attitudes and beliefs of the multicultural maniacs in our media, or upset their latest darlings would be unthinkable and anyone involved would be instantly unemployable.

The advance publicity for the programme refers to the comments made by the father of DNA James Watson, (a man who won a Nobel Prize when it still meant something) on a recent visit to Britain, suggesting a difference in IQ levels between Africans and Europeans, and effectively destroying his International reputation. No doubt Rageh and Channel 4 will ensure that his reputation is further trashed.

Will it be worth watching? Probably not, but I may do so out of a morbid fascination in how far TV documentary in this country has sunk.

It would be quite hilarious to think that the makers of a program fronted by a Somali reporter, with a track record for making racially attitudinal statements and racially subjective television documentaries (now employed by the voice of Islam) and broadcast on a television channel so politically correct it makes the Guardian seem almost balanced, could imagine for one moment that any viewers will take it seriously.

It is however, a testament to the state which this country has reached that there will be people out there who will watch it and actually believe that Rageh is presenting a balanced, honest and accurate report, and that is really rather sad.


Shieldline said...

Nick Griffin's going on Question Time? They'll be like piranahs around him.

Dr.D said...

Watson did not loose his mind after his earlier work, he simply spoke his mind. Further he was entirely correct in what he said.

Perhaps this program is intended largely for the ever increasing black population of the UK. It should have a lot of appeal to them, and it is playing their theme song. The question that should be on the minds of all the white population is, "Why do we allow this to be presented with our tax money on the public TV channels?" Can't you contact your representative in Parliament and point out all the falsehoods and demand that such idiocy not be subsidize by the state?

Marwinsing said...

Why did he leave his beloved Somalia to come to a white country?

BookMark said...

"All-woman shortlist" Cameron sacks woman member in preference for muslims -

The Muslim Council of Britain have released a statement saying the Question Time appearance "will create deep divisions in our society, and is disrespectful to the memory of those people, including many Muslims, who sacrificed so much to end Fascism in Europe during the Second World War."

Todays muslims "sacrificing so much to end fascism" -

UAF Cameron is a pro-islamist placeman of the ruling elte.

alanorei said...

Apart from Japan, largely bolstered post-WW2 by Marshall Aid, I wonder what major industrialised nations of the black-Asian variety Rageh will come up with?

Re: MCB, I suppose murdering 52 victims (July 7th 2005) and insisting that anyone who insults Islam should have his head cut off won't create social divisions of any sort?