Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The cover up has already begun, after revelations from a Labour insider that the government pursued a secret policy of encouraging mass immigration in order to destabilise the political opposition, ministers have immediately gone into denial. In Tonight's evening standard Justice minister, and one time home secretary Jack (a lie in every soundbite) Straw has written an article claiming that, far from encouraging mass immigration this government imposed tough controls on immigration.

If anything exposes the level of contempt that the likes of Straw hold for the public it is the fact that he genuinely appears to believe that anyone will actually believe such arrant twaddle.

However, Straw is in a difficult position, he either has to accept that the government did follow the policy which is alleged, or admit to a degree of incompetence which is all but criminal. If indeed this government did attempt to follow a policy of tough control over immigration, it is self evidently one of the greatest policy failures in British history.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, in another related article in the papers today. There was a report that has been censored before publication. Apparently a well known research company did a study on the effects of immigration on crime. Do you know what they found? You, don't need to even guess. However the paragraphs that alluded to these facts have been blacked out. Scuse the pun :-)

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Bit of topic, but might interst if not already seen.

SA farmers to rent land in Congo

The Republic of Congo has signed an agreement to lease 200,000 hectares of land to South African farmers.

Congo's agriculture minister said it would bring expertise to the country and reduce its dependence on imports.

South African farmers' union Agri SA, which signed the deal, said the ANC government's land policy was forcing white farmers to seek land abroad.

The ANC is seeking to transfer some farms, overwhelmingly white-owned, to the black majority population.

Under the terms of the agreement, South African farmers will lease the land in Congo for 30 years to produce food and fibre mainly for the domestic market.

'To complete this effort we need international co-operation and it's that which justifies the agreement#,
Rigobert Mabundu
(Congo's agricultural minister)

Congolese officials say the land is made up of abandoned farms that the state used to operate.

"We import lots and it's not normal that with the resources at our disposal we remain food insecure," said Congo's Agricultural Minister Rigobert Mabundu.

"That's why we are doing programmes to mobilise Congolese to work in agriculture and... to complete this effort we need international co-operation - it's that which justifies the agreement."

Agri SA says so far nearly 2,000 farmers have expressed interest in going to Congo - most as an expansion of their South African operations.

The BBC's Jonah Fisher in Johannesburg says leasing land to foreigners to farm is a growing phenomenon across Africa.

But this is thought to be one of the biggest deals involving Africans investing in each other's countries, he says.


Note the final sentence which is at complete variance to the report in which it is written.

The farmers are investing in another country's land because they are being forced to by the ANC for political reasons. Nice to see how merrily Africans are investing in each other. Respect to the Congo. They could have asked an ANC expert to advise but clearly didn't.

The trashed Marxist run agriculture needs experts. Now the white farmers are needed. Bet that in 30 years the will be targets of envy yet again.

Anonymous said...

"SA farmers to rent in the Congo"

You might be interested in this link. "Zimbabwe a model of Cause and Effect".