Monday, 26 October 2009

Another name, another cross

At least 3072 white South Africans have died on farms since the country celebrated the ascendancy of Nelson Mandela to presidency in 1994. Many more urban white have also died, however, their numbers can only be estimate. 25 year old Charl Smuts was in fact an IT consultant, but he died on a small holding west of Pretoria, so I have included him in the figures.

Mr Smuts was shot in the stomach when he woke up to find intruders standing next to his bed. He was declared dead when he arrived at the Brits Medi-Clinic an hour later.

The incident occurred on a smallholding outside Brits (north west of Pretoria) where Smuts and his London based girlfriend Lizanne Nienaber, were visiting friends who are getting married later this week. A police spokesperson said the front door to the house on the smallholding was forced open around 01:40 by at least 3 armed intruders.

The intruders fled after shooting Smuts.

Speaking of her son's untimely death Smuts' mother said "Charl's friends knew him as the gentle giant. He always had time for others. He never differentiated between races. If you were a friend of his, it was for life"

Nobody has been arrested for the murder.

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Anonymous said...

This is very sad. At least the Boer are a tough and united people. I think they will survive this.

Editor said...

Sarah your work on and commitment to this issue is fantastic, I myself have a similar crusade highlighting the victims of multiculturalism on AAWR, of course I have so many irons in the fire it is really hard to know where to begin, also of course I need information to update the data and in all honesty such an undertaking is huge given the detrimental effects of multiculturalism, wherever it raises its head. For many people of course contesting multiculturalism is seen as hate, yet nothing is further from the truth, a bad idea is a bad idea or should the correct term be experiment rather than idea.

Blogger as you will know has many limitations, however over at AAWR we have been able in some ways to circumvent or recode to make up for such limitations, one of the ways in which we have triumphed is to present the relevant information on bloggers main page, which is as you will know as a blogger, its main area, it acts rather like a home-page albeit with severe limitations. So of course it gets quite bogged down, bloggers placing all, if not most of their information there, yet to do so slows down loading time and can over time clutter, therefore sometimes coding is the answer, your information is so very valuable that it needs constant access, perhaps a dropdown box is the answer, similar to bloggers own Archive feature, it takes up almost no space on your main page yet is readily accessible, the same to with your “older articles”, an example of a dropdown box is here.

Perhaps a dropdown box on your main page listing those slain and linking to information pertaining to their tragic death, or perhaps you could go one further and create a map similar to AAWR’s own Incident Project Map. which details the crime and the location yet its main function is to shown the number of deaths visibly as statistics and numbers tend to not quite sum up the evil now occurring, in any event keep up the good work, AAWR

naldo said...

Sarah, would you have preffered the apartheid regime to have remained in place?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am not a supporter of Apartheid, but far more people of all races would be alive today if it had remained in place. The population in general would have better lives than they do under the ANC thugs and murderers who now rule.

Also South Africa would have a future. which is a prospect which is looking less likely by the day.

It is ironic really that, largely due to political correctness, and a refusal to see the ANC and blood stained murderers like Mandela for what they are, a universally despised regime like Apartheid was replaced by something infinitely worse.

naldo said...

I don't want to belittle the lives of anyone who has been murdered but there's no way i can accept South Africa is a worse place now than it was under apartheid.

Given the frustrations and resentments that built up during the years when the vast majority of people were denied the most basic of human rights, i'm amazed that there has been as little bloodshed there.

I'm no huge fan of what the ANC has become and it would sdo the country no harm if they could lose a bit of power (tricky given that ehy just won a General Election). But a leader of less stature than Nelson Mandela (Robert Mugabe springs to mind) would have overseen a far less peaceful transistion of power.

Why do you call him a murderer?

Why do you only count the whites who're murdered? Every murder is a tragedy and, in South Africa as in all countries, the victims of murder and violence are most likely to be those at the bottom of the economic heap. It's got nothing to do with skin tone and everything to do with economics.

Anonymous said...

I would like to engage naldo in a open debate on this forum about Apartheid which he/she appears to believe to have been worse than the current dispensation in South Africa.

So I trust that naldo has the courage of his/her convictions as well as a personal knowledge of Apartheid as well as the ANC communist terrorist government in South Africa having lived under both.

Conversely naldo, if you haven't lived in South Africa under both these dispensations, then I would suggest to you that you are not qualified to hold an opinion or even express one where Apartheid is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Just by way of food for thought naldo consider just these few facts.

Betwen 1948 and 1990 the Apartheid Government security forces were responsible for the deaths of approximately 7000 black combatants, saboteurs, agitators, trouble makers and civilians. This includes the casualties of the so-called Sharpeville massacre and the Soweto riots. These are the official findings of the much vaunted Truth and Reconciliation Commission implemented by Archbishop Desmond Tutu after nine years of investigation by the ANC to expose the "evils and atrocities" of Apartheid.

Conversely, between 1990 and 2009, approximately 35000 unarmed, innocent, non-combatant white civilian men, women and children have been brutally slaughtered by random black racist free-agents of the ANC terrorist regime in South Africa. This includes the 3074 odd farmers that Sarah keeps record of on this blog, the consequences of which are food prices in South Africa that rival those in the UK.

So tell me, 35000 innocent whites slaughtered in 20 years as opposed to 7000 black militants killed in various exchanges with SA security forces in 42 years. How does this make Apartheid so bad?

When Apartheid was declared a "Crime Against Humanity" in 1965 at the UN, the motion was put forward and tabulated by only two member states, The Soviet Union and Ghana. Well the history and current state of Ghana speaks for itself, while the Soviet Union has been directly involved in every Southern African "Liberation Struggle" since the decolonisation process began in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in the 60's and it might interest you to know that Russia has now effectively re-colonised these African states in conjunction with it's Ally China, and South Africa is also barrelling along the same re-colonisation route.

So if you'd like to pull your head out of whatever confined dark space it occupies and debate the entire modern history of Southern Africa, specifically around the "atrocities" of Apartheid as opposed to the atrocities of the ANC terrorist regime and the sino-soviet recolonisation of Southern Africa, the richest piece of virgin real estate left on the planet; as well as the implications of this for the rest of the free world, let's go for it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


Apologies for the delay in posting your comment, it wasn't the content but it got caught up in Blogger and I didn't receive a moderation notice. I don't have time to respond now, other than to say that you clearly have not spent much time in South Africa, and believe the propaganda which the Stasi apparatchiks in the media have been feeding us.

However, others may wish to respond more fully.

Adrian P said...

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