Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Response to Mary Riddell and General Jackson by Dr Frank Ellis

Dr Frank Ellis gives us his responses to two recent articles in the Daily Telegraph:

From: Frank Ellis
To: The Daily Telegraph
Re: Mary Riddell, ‘Killing off the Cancerous Spread of the BNP is within our Grasp’, Daily Telegraph, online, 19th October 2009

Riddell permits herself the sort of language which had it been used by Griffin in just about any context would have been cited as evidence of extremism. She refers to the ‘cancerous spread of the BNP’, implying that the people who support or vote for the BNP are some kind of disease to be exterminated. In her language she echoes the remarks of Jeremy Hardy who some 5 years ago told the nation that life in Britain would be better if every member of the BNP or anyone who voted for the BNP were shot in the back of the neck. Who are the real fascists/Nazis here? Riddell then calls Griffin a ‘swivel-eyed zealot’ so mocking a medical condition which she would not have mocked in any other person. So much for her call for tolerance.

Riddell’s tirade about the alleged benefits of mass legal/illegal immigration in Boston (and elsewhere in the UK) reveals her to be economically and demographically illiterate. Legal/illegal immigration is destroying this country. There are too many people here already: we are full up.

Riddell’s solutions to the problems presented by legal/illegal immigration are pitiful. Mass legal/illegal immigration is most certainly the enemy of social cohesion. How in the name of God does Islam promote social cohesion when Islamic terrorists murder people in London? How is the white indigenous majority supposed to react to blacks in London (and other cities) when blacks are a major cause of gun and knife crime? The sensible and rational policy is to avoid blacks altogether. It was a Labour government with the full support of William Hague who accepted the conclusions of The Macpherson Report in 1999. This disgusting report has undoubtedly caused lives to be lost because the Police are too frightened to clamp down on black crime for fear of incurring accusations of racism. A high government priority must be the immediate deportation of the approximately 2,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country. There must be no amnesty which will merely encourage another wave of illegals. There are too many people in this country and legal/illegal immigration has been the main cause of this recent, huge increase. As for social housing, more accurately anti-social housing, how does covering the English countryside in concrete promote cohesion? More cheap, shoddily-built, high-density council houses which is what social housing is, will have the same outcome as an amnesty: it will encourage more immigrants to enter this country in the knowledge that a dwelling of some sort will be provided for them, so creating further huge settlements full of people who hate us.

BNP success is overwhelmingly due to the fact that people like Riddell, Labour and Conservative parties, the Guardian-reading classes, the BBC and the public sector have all conspired to lie about the consequences of mass legal/illegal immigration. Again, the same people who insist that diversity is a good thing flee it at every opportunity. No inner-city, bog-standard schools full of immigrants for their children. Good God no: they hypocritically make every effort to flee the hell of diversity while preaching its joys and spitting abuse at anyone who argues against it.

Writing in a paper that is not what it used to be, Riddell is an ignorant cheerleader for things she does not understand. She is clearly unable psychologically to face up to the disastrous consequences of multiculturalism and mass legal/illegal immigration. Her tirade against Griffin is cowardly and spiteful. She reminds me of some nasty little hack in Pravda who denounced Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov to order.

I note that Riddell lives in Boston in Lincolnshire. In that case, since she is a propagandist for the joys of diversity, she should relocate to some inner-city slum and send her children to schools where whites are a minority: better still go and live in South Africa Then she can preach the joys of xenophilia with a clear conscience. Stupid, wretched woman.

Re: Generals attack BNP for seeking to 'hijack' Armed Forces

Daily Telegraph, online, Date: 20th October 2009

Towards the end of his biography, Soldier, General Jackson argues that: ‘At home, we should make greater efforts to ensure that a clear national identity and a multicultural approach can sit more comfortably together’ (p.375). So far any such attempt has failed. Worldwide, multiculturalism has been a dreadful failure. For how much longer must we be expected to smash our head against a wall and pretend that we like it? Moreover, based on evidence and history, it is a failure that was predictable and predicted. Multiculturalism fails, inter alia, because it is predicated on the ignorant and empirically false view that all races and cultures are the same and interchangeable; that very large numbers of non-Europeans can simply enter the UK legally/illegally and that the cultural and political landscape of the UK will remain unchanged, or at least not changed in ways that are detrimental to the indigenous population. Jackson gives no sign at all that he has grasped this brutal and unchanging human reality. In fact, his urgings are inherently contradictory. He tells us that we should ‘make greater efforts to ensure that a clear national identity and a multicultural approach can sit more comfortable together’ (p.375) and two lines later informs the reader: ‘I am a great believer in live and let live, but not at the expense of my British way of life’ (p.375).

I fully concur sir, but don’t you realise that it is the very ‘British way of life’ which multiculturalists and xenophiles are trying to destroy and to subvert because they know that a strong sense of British identity is hostile to the multicultural agenda. The policies of what used to be the Commission for Racial Equality and a great deal of the legal system hate the idea of ‘live and let live’ which is why millions of pounds are spent in denying the gruesome Third World savagery that makes many British cities unbearable and vilifying any individual who points out what is going on. This explains the concerted campaign to destroy Griffin and the BNP. Yugoslavia was and remains a warning of what happens when coercive, multicultural policies start to fail. The BNP has been pointing out the obvious for some time.

With Sir Richard Dannat’s throwing his lot in with the spiv party and both Jackson and he speaking out against a lawful, political party, it seems to me that a line in British politics has been crossed for good. These officers have done themselves no favours at all and their ill-judged intervention has brought the British Army into disrepute.


alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah, good that Dr Ellis's analysis has been published.

I don't recall any of these commentators/generals making similar remarks about 'cancerous' Islam after the 7/7 Muslim atrocity or any other Muslim outrage e.g. the Muslim creeps in Luton branding Gen. Sir Richard's Royal Anglian boys child murderers.

Total hypocrisy on their part.

scunnert said...

Great post full of truth.

Viking said...

Excellent post and an insightful analysis. I felt Riddell missed the point entirely, deliberately I suspect. She refers almost entirely to law-abiding, constructive immigrants (such as Portuguese, and Poles) but hardly a word about welfare migrants.

Sure, the violence towards the Fens workers was deplorable but the implication that the BNP was somehow behind it equally so. One could argue that the BNP is channelling this energy and preventing further violence by giving a voice to Britain's discontent.

Dr.D said...

The whole point of multiculturalism is to destroy national identity. Look at Sweden where the official policy is that there is no Swedish identity, no Swedish history, no Swedish way of life. Everything is given over to the Other, the Other that is superior to all things native. That is precisely what multiculturalism seeks to accomplish everywhere. Until, of course, the invaders get the upper hand, then it is their identity that is clearly superior, and the natives are less than dirt.

The combination of cowardice and treason to ones own seems to have bitten deeply in most of Western society, and it is killing us. Many, many people in all sincerity proclaim that we must accept our own demise, that we are beaten, that we are inferior, that the superior people are overtaking us. What patent nonsense! The only thing that makes them appear "superior" is their wild aggressiveness, their utterly promiscuous reproduction, and their lack of introspection. If we would be reflect on the total lack of accomplishment of these peoples and also consider the things that our people have done in the past and can continue to do in the future, we will see that we are vastly superior, if we will simply exercise our will. We have foolishly let tigers into the living room, and we are confused as to how to deal with them. The answer is simple: kill the tiger by any means available, and then go on with life, but don't make that mistake again.

mister fox said...

Sarah, congratulkations for publishing Dr.Ellis's writings. We need more stuff from nationalist Conservatives on the net. His book on the Macpherson report is well worth reading.

Peter said...

We entirely concur, Sarah! Well done, and keep it up. Someone with sense will listen, sooner or later.
Get 'em out, the sooner the better.