Thursday, 8 October 2009

Farmer murdered in front of his wife, 13 year old daughter and paraplegic son

Another South African farmer died last weekend, this time in front of his disabled son and young daughter. On Sunday night Henry Locke (39), of Elands game farm near Cullinan, north east of Pretoria, was shot through the heart in front of his paralysed son, Dawie (23), who prayed out loud and begged his father's killers not to do the same to his mother and sister.

Mr Locke's daughter, 13 year old Monique, a grade 7 student at Cullinan school, recalled how she, her brother and their mother Mrs. Amanda Locke (43), sat in the living room until after 11.00pm talking until the dogs started barking furiously. Her father was asleep.

“My mother initially tried to quiet the dogs through the window. When she couldn’t quiet them down she took a flashlight and went outside. Just as my mother went through the door, a man who apparently was hiding behind the wall by the front door, grabbed her,” Monique said. At that stage she was right behind her mother and saw how the attacker grabbed her mother and noticed two other attackers rushing upon her.

“I ran into the house to go and wake my dad. When my dad came out of the living room door they shot him in the heart. “He collapsed by the couch. I sat next to my dad and held him tightly,” Monique said. “My brother asked the robbers not to take us away or to harm us.My mom told the robbers that my brother is paralyzed and that they must not hurt him. She told them that they could take everything. They took my mother and brother’s cellphones, a laptop and my mother’s wedding rings from her finger."

The attackers then fled.

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Anonymous said...

Does it not seem strange that only one News Group (News24)in the whole of South Africa managed to write a report on this incident. Even they were unable to mention the race of the murderers, but WE know.

Anonymous said...

Very brave people very brave,
my heart is ripped out every time I hear of this utter waste of white people in this desperate murderous situation in SA