Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Update on the Shane McClellan race hate attack

Last year I posted a couple of articles (here and here) regarding the case of white US teen Shane McClellan who was the victim of a vicious race attack during which he was kidnapped, beaten tortured and racially abused. Amazingly, given the racial element of the attack, one of his assailants has been convicted. However, predictably, the US media is struggling to find ways of excusing the brute for his behaviour.

The Following report comes from V-Dare

Guilty in Seattle: Somali Gets Hard Time for Anti-White Attack

By Brenda Walker

I suppose it was something of a victory for sanity and justice that a Somali immigrant was convicted of a hate crime against a white teenager, particularly since the victim was initially doubted by locals. After all, 16-year-old Shane McClellan (pictured) said he had been tortured for hours by two men who had shouted, “The white man has kept us down,” and “This is for enslaving our people.”

A crime like that runs counter to the liberal narrative. Immigrants are highly regarded as a victim group, incapable of racist hate, goes the stereotype.

On the contrary, Somalis residing in America have distinguished themselves as few others have for their extreme anti-social behavior, including gang crime, violent jihadism and constant demands for special treatment for their Islamic practices.

Local media struggled to frame the brutal crime in a way that would exonerate the convicted Somali perp. The Seattle Times chose the booze:

Man sentenced in W. Seattle attack on teen blames it on Four Loko, Seattle Times, January 21, 2011

The Four Loko made him do it.

Ahmed Mohamed, who was sentenced Friday to nearly six years in prison for the attack last year on a West Seattle teen, claimed the caffeine-infused energy beer he drank for the first time the night of the assault was partially to blame.

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect Rush or any of the 'conservative' media figures to say squat about it. If I was him, I would bring up all the statistics of black on white crime and ponder about if it is incited by the talk of the liberals about how white people are to blame for everything(and mention Ignatiev's destroy the white race thing). Make a parallel to the liberal narrative of how that congresswoman was shot due to hateful talks. I'd obviously make it satirical and sarcastic, but I don't expect anything out of so called modern conservative figures.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that the Somali was actually convicted. Reverse discrimination here in the States is viewed by most as simply a fact of life.
In the major southern city I live near black on white crime is shrugged at. There is a intown neighborhood here where a unknown black assailant has broken in to the homes of several white residents, robbing and raping the women at gunpoint. The extent of the majority black police force's response? A letter warning residents of the neighborhood to "be on guard" against home invasions. No increase in police patrols, and no other visible response to this black on white crime. And this is not a isolated incident here.
Blacks in the US equal nearly 50% of the prison population but only make up 13% of the general population. Liberals interpret this statistic as discrimination. I interpret it as proof of the inherent violence and "thug" lifestyle glamorized in black culture in the United States.
It's time for white Americans to wake from the multicultural, phony diversity forced on them by the government and take a honest look at whats unfolding around them...

Curt said...

"On the contrary, Somalis residing in America have distinguished themselves as few others have for their extreme anti-social behavior, including gang crime, violent jihadism and constant demands for special treatment for their Islamic practices."
No doubt the above quote is not an exaggeration, but our Jamaican gangs are probably more brutal than all the others. I can vouch for the fact that Muslims expect and demand special treatment for their "religious" practices since I worked for a number of years in an institution for the criminally insane here in the US (such institutions have mentally ill people with criminal charges and are court remanded to that institution for a period of observation to determine their fitness for trial, among other things) and we had to accomodate these criminals with meal trays after sundown during Ramadan, tolerate the disruption of ward routine whilst they were having their "prayers" facing East, etc. Most of these Muslims were serious criminals and their religion was only a matter of convenience; that is they were "jail house Muslims"- converts out of consideration for the support of belonging to black gangs while they were in prison and which required their "being of the Islamic faith".
Quite a large percentage of these criminals fake being mentally ill so as to avoid more serious charges or to "take a vacation" from prison life.
I would have to say that at least 70% of our "patient/inmates" (the correct PC language used by the institution for these people is "consumer"!!!) were black and I doubt that that has changed since I left employment with them, so I am surprised at the 50% black prison population figure quoted by anonymous above. That seems low to me, especially since I personally knew several former state prison employees who had told me that the figure is higher than that.
Really Sarah, the US has become a third world country. It now has a largely service-oriented economy ("you do my laundry-I flip your burgers at Burger King") and that is by definition a 3rd world economy with very little value-added product being manufactured here any longer. Many cities in the US can no longer provide for maintenence of infrastructure- roads are deteriorating, many hundreds of bridges are badly in need of repair, people cannot afford to heat their homes, crime is out of control, unemployment is well over 20% (don't believe the US gov't statistics on employment) and amidst all this our government is importing Somalis and allowing Mexicans to cross the border unrestricted to take the few jobs that are left to its citizens as well as importing Indians on H1-B visas to work as nurses and other professionals all the while hospitals cry that they cannot find enough "qualified Americans" and Micro$oft does the same in order to pad their profit line. When I left my employment in the insane asylum I never really left it, did I? The entire country from border to border is one large institution.

misterfox said...

rebelliousvanilla, that plays a big part in it. If you talk to young Blacks in the inner cities who have mugged elderly Whites they always cite "slavery" as their motivation. the authorities use a false version of slavery to anger them and there has never been a serious attempt to create racial harmony, just turn them on innocent Whites. They build slavery museums to project a propagandist view of slavery which is untrue. Arabs ran slavery and still do but Whites never went into the interior the fetch them. Seeb the Churchill quote from my article Warnings from the Lion.


Anonymous said...

mister, Islam doesn't have a stupid inverted slave morality whose purpose is to empower. It's purpose is to subdue. Don't expect post-Christians to want to empower, while Muslims to want to subdue.

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

Islam? Impossible! Racism? Surely not! Caffeine Drink? Ah, yes, obviously, it was the drink that did it.

And so the mental blocks to prevent thoughtcrime come down once more, now a suitable scapegoat has been found, a caffeine drink, of all the absurd excuses they could have found. Liberals are truly retarded.

PS - Sarah, any news on South Africa Sucks?


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Shaun

No I am afraid I don't know anything at the moment, I have written to Mike Smith and Dark Raven, but they have not responded yet.

If I hear they have set up a new SAS I will publish the link