Monday, 31 January 2011

The Special Relationship and Realism

By Tim Haydon

The Real Reason for the End of Britain’s Special Relationship’ with the USA

The ‘Daily Mail; devoted a page of the 12th January edition to an article by Stephen Glover acknowledging the truth of President Obama’s clear attitude that, contrary to decades of Foreign Office Policy, Britain enjoys no special relationship with the USA.

Glover went into some detail about the fawning attitude of Britain towards the USA over the years, including the dog-like devotion of Tony Blair which as he pointed out, at best invites the USA to take this country for granted and at worst earns its contempt. But he did not touch on the real reason for Obama’s contemptuous dismissal of the special relationship idea which saw one of his first acts as President as being the removal of Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office.

Obama realised the true Nature of the ‘Special Relationship’

Obama was at a pains to deny any special relationship with Britain because as he, a black man, was quick to notice what our own Foreign Office, blinded by Political Correctness, failed to, that that relationship when it existed , though said to have been based on WW11 experience, was fundamentally racial and cultural in character.

The USA of course was founded by British people living in the colonies and its first century and more as an independent nation was dominated by ‘Wasps’ (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). It was common until quite recently for the British to talk of the Americans as ‘our American Cousins’ and even during the credit crunch one could read about ‘Anglo –Saxon ‘ economics.

The ‘Special Relationship’ could not survive Multiculturalism and Multiracialism

Such a relationship is of course totally at variance with the idea of multiculturalism and multiracialism as espoused by Obama and our own political elites. But while the latter failed to notice this so that Gordon Brown could allow himself to snubbed no less than 5 times by Obama, again, the latter did not.

As it is, the racial and cultural affinities between the USA and Britain are fading fast as the mass immigration of third-word aliens transforms both countries. African- Americans and Hispanics now number in excess of 79 millions or 27% of the population of the USA and whites, so Bill Clinton asserted, are set to become a minority by 2050. In Britain of course, the native British are on the same path set by our self-hating political class of traitors.

The end of the ’special relationship’ is also the end of the USA and of Britain as we have known them.


Hat Tip: British Resistance


Anonymous said...

Very good article.

I wonder what the egregious Guardian columnist, David Aaronvitch, of the Observer would make of it?

Dr.D said...

Speaking as a White, Anglo-Saxon American, I can speak for most others like me in saying that the special relationship still exists between the American people and the British people. Both of our nations are being governed by elites who would destroy their own nations, and it is those elites who have declared an end to the special relationship, not the people themselves.

I know that I and countless other Americans were thoroughly disgusted with Obama when he returned the Churchill bust. In that action, as in everything else, it is always about HIM. He acts like a petulant child, not the leader of a great nation.

I know that I am always saddened when I hear of anti-Americanism in Britain. I can assure you that outside of Washington, DC, you will almost never hear anything negative said about the UK. People either don't care, or they are pro-British.

The special relationship is important to our peoples, and we must not let our leadership destroy it for us.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

There is anti-Americanism in Britain, but that is a result of the relentless brainwashing which has been going on since the end of WWII,

This blog is NOT anti-American, we are opposed to the current US administration but do not view that as representing America

misterfox said...

Dr.D, you have similar forces against you as we do

What I do not understand is why groups like National Policy Institute and ignore our writers yet expect me to promote them.

Anonymous said...

"African- Americans and Hispanics now number in excess of 79 millions or 27% of the population of the USA...."

Unfortunately, those figures don't reflect the total NON-white population of the U.S. as suggested by this N.Y. Times article from four years ago!

Anonymous said...

Here's a graph reflecting projected population trends. Note the current percentage of LESS than 65% for U.S. Whites.

Just a mere twenty years ago, Non-Hispanic Whites amounted to 76% of the U.S. population.

Dr.D said...

@ Mr. Fox,

There is no question that White people in America are under attack, and the attack on the AmRen conference is just one of many such things. That has yet to play out fully; stay tuned to see how it ends. I still have hopes for something good to come out of that.

You say, "What I do not understand is why groups like National Policy Institute and ignore our writers yet expect me to promote them." I really do not know what you are getting at here. Has someone actually said that they expect you to promote a particular American site? Can you provide more details? How did they select you in particular for this task? How can you be sure that they are ignoring British writers?

misterfox said...

The NPI used to use our articles then suddenly stopped and despite repeated requests for an explanation just ignore me. Richard Spencer of never even replies to me.
We have common problems throughout the Anglosphere and I think we should work together while speaking for our own countries.
What I have tried to do personally is adapt certain aspects of Traditional Conservatism to our contemporary circumstances. Values like duty and responsibility. I will continue to promote American writers and issues but hope they will extend the same courtesy to us.

misterfox said...

I do hope some good comes out of the debacle over the AmRen conference. They have the ability to turn this to avantage.

misterfox said...

Jared Taylor is interviewed here -

Dr.D said...

There is a very relevant comment to be found here:

misterfox said...

Dr.D, It is the whole EU. They have formed links with Arab countries and the elites are anti-America.