Monday, 31 January 2011

America a the Middle East

If anyone is watching the current turmoil on the streets in various Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia in the belief that this will lead to a happy Western style democratic outcome, I fear they will be sadly mistaken. One does not have to listen to the barley concealed note of excitement in the voices of the BBC reporters on the ground to know that things are about to get considerably less comfortable for that part of the world and for us in the West.

There are many factor and many players involved, however, here are a couple of articles giving unconventional, but thought provoking takes on the role of the current US administration.

The American Left's role in leading Mid-East Regime Change

Moslem led America seeks to destabilise Egypt


Anonymous said...

Since we're at America influencing things. But again, the whole diversity mantra, multiculturalism and multiracialism is an American creation.

Jordan said...

Tunisia, Egypt and now Jordan are three examples of the reality of political Islam and dangers it brings.

People in the UK should not be branded "xenophobic" for being concerned about Islam in the UK when there are such organisations as the IFE and iEngage operating under an Islamic agenda.

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