Sunday, 2 January 2011

Did it take the near collapse of their economy for them to see the truth?

And will it take the same for us?

Greeks build barrier on border with Turkey to keep out migrants


Macaw said...

Now where is the MSM on this one :)

Dr.D said...

They are talking about trying to seal a short land border. The UK does not even have to do that. Simply stop the Chunnel and you are done. All that remains is a sea border, and that is much easier to defend.

This is why the Chunnel is a disaster for the UK, even though it makes great sense in many respects. It simply cannot be effectively defended in any reasonable way, so it has to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, who cares about the plight of Greeks or other Europeans who then have to face the criminals that come as asylum seekers. The EU is the lobby of the third world, apparently. Also, since Turkey is a democratic state and all that according to the EU, why don't they claim asylum there? I mean, if Turkey isn't suitable for refugees, then Turkey isn't suitable for being in the EU.

PatriotUSA said...

It will take the same for us here
in the States. A wall with mines, and watched by armed U.S. troops with real ROE and orders that frees them to enagage any and all who try to come in the USA illegaly. Starting with the mullah
who resides in the White House.
The first muslim potus.

Extreme? Extreme times call for extreme measures.

Anonymous said...

An IRA style campaign is inevitable in England, probably UK as a whole and then Europe.

It's the only way out. They can blow up the chunnel for starters.

Roll on the mother of Revolutions! Stamp on the Viper's head!