Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Comment Policy - Update

It has come to my attention that some of those who have left comments and opinions at this blog in the past have not been acting in good faith. Although I believe in free speech, I am no longer prepared to accept contributions from those who come here with malicious intent.

The Internet provides vast opportunity for people to express their views, however, this is my blog and I will decide who is allowed to speak here.

I, therefore, regret that, in future, I will have to be more restrictive as to what comments are approved, and will enforce the policy against ad hominem attacks more rigorously than I have been. Furthermore, certain commentators will no longer be welcome here.

I will not enter into discussion on this matter, if anyone finds that their future comments are not approved, they can attribute this to their prior activity both here and on other forums.

Genuine commentators remain welcome, those with ulterior motives do not.

Thanks for your cooperation



Macaw said...

Good going Sarah. You cannot be too careful these days. I feel that people are "planted" to draw reactions and these are in turn "used" (or to be used).

Keep up the good work

Pamela said...

That is a sensible decision Sarah. It has been obvious some people are not what they seem to be for some time

Macaw said...

@Pamela - agreed. On other blogs that I visit on a daily basis, you can spot them a mile away. Once they are found out, they return with a different username/alias

You just have to be vigilant.

Off topic, but is there any indication regarding the bomb blast in Moscow wrt who is claiming resposibility?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Macaw. I have not heard of any claims of responsibility for the bombing yet. It is being blamed on terrorists from Chechnya or the North Caucasus.

As a result it will be dismissed as an internal Russian problem, whereas in fact it is all from the same source, Islamic terrorism.

Macaw said...

Thanks Sarah. There is a video of the bomb plast on an aviation site.


You need to scroll down a bit to get to the video. I see there are other videos also making the rounds.

alanorei said...

That is a wise decision, Sarah, thank you

Robert said...

Architect of European Union honored;

What architect of European wrote:

The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Ronbo said...

Nice going, Sarah!

I see you went thru the same evolution I did on my blog in regards to comments, which I now restrict to fellow bloggers of the conservative orientation.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It wasn't just that, I discovered that people I had allowed to post comments here were then posting sections from my postings and other people's comments onto other forums (slightly edited) and mocking us.

Clearly they were trolls intent on undermining this site, so I decided I wasn't going to let that carry on.

Artur said...

Hi Sarah: My, you write nicely.

Please consider following and/or blogrolling us.


- crimesofthetimes.blogspot.com

(neoswabian does)

James Mathurin said...

Sarah, again, I know that this won't get printed, but it is more of a personal message to you.

I realise you are referring to my posting some unedited quotes from here on FSTDT. I make no denials of this, or indeed apologies for this. If I have said something stupid or laughable, you or any of your friends are perfectly capable of pointing it out and mocking it, and if you are willing to stand by your comments, I don't see why you are worried.

Anyway, one thing I do have a problem with is you implying that I set out to make people say things that I could then post on FSTDT. I have only ever engaged in honest debate on here, asking serious questions which I wanted serious answers to, and trying to make a serious effort to point out the numerous flaws, logical and factual, in the thinking on your blog.

If I ask a serious question, and someone responds with an utterly ignorant, bigoted or plain stupid response, I tend to share that with people I know, and see nothing wrong with sharing those comments on a site dedicated to sharing utterly ignorant, bigoted or plain stupid comments, especially if it has a section devoted to racist comments, which there are no shortage of on here.

Anyway, just wanted to make myself clear on this, it was bugging me a little.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


Yes it was the fact that I discovered that you and “Wise Son” were one and the same and that you had been reposting snippets from this blog to FSTDT.net, where they would automatically be mocked which, in part, led to my decision to change my policy in relation to comments.

You say you have not edited the material, however, that is not entirely true, if you take this example for instance http://www.fstdt.net/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=77362 the quote you have posted includes the statement “the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles (Victim, Liberal or man hating feminist)”. However, if you look at the original article http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/2010/11/forward-to-2012.html what I actually wrote was “the left are far too sexist to forgive any woman who dares to step beyond the limited roles (victim, liberal earth mother or man hating feminist)” That is to say “liberal earth mother” had changed to “Liberal”.

I don't know why you made that change, however, it wasn't an error, I don't believe you re-typed what I wrote, you copied, pasted and edited it. It seems a very minor change, however, if you go through the thread, a number of your FSTDT.net buddies picked on the words which had been changed and mocked me for something I actually didn't say.

I haven't hunted through the archives to see if you have edited other comments, I don't know if it is possible to overdose on pompous drivel, but I didn't want top take the risk.

In any even, it doesn't matter, the fact that you are sharing our writings with others for the sole purpose of mockery and derision does through a different light on your contributions here.

I and other contributors have spent a considerable length of time debating with you without being aware that you have a clear agenda. At times you have appeared unreasonable, which now suggests you were merely applying the old “keep challenging until you wear them down” troll technique.

I do not see why we should have to keep putting up with that, it is not a pleasant experience.

You are fully entitled to your view and to express it on your blogs or any like minded forum.

However, I see no reason why I should give space on my blog to people intent on undermining me. I will be more selective in the comments I allow through in future.

I do not wish you ill, but you are no longer welcome here.