Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Gentle Left


Dr.D said...

Just feel the radiating hatred! They are completely out of their minds in the degree to which they hate this lovely, honorable, truthful woman. These are the voices of pure evil!

Those who thrive on deceit and the desire to put down others for their own gain are simply confounded by someone who seeks to do good for all. She is refusing to play their game, and they simply cannot stand someone who will not join in their squalid, corrupt game.

For shame and to hell with all the Left! It is their own choice. They will find it well populated with their own kind there.

roger said...

Look at this -

Phoney, two-faced,lying bastards!

Anonymous said...

It was fascinating watching this video. I as a Boere-Afrikaner already know it was not a political murder and if it was it was a leftist nut. All right wingers from Moscow to Johannesburg, from Scotland to Mississippi knows this! I think the leftist media repeated the propaganda to incite leftwing violence because it becomes clear that their followers have a limited scope of knowledge and a tunnel vision worldview. As I was watching I could not help wandering how low their IQ’s must be. They are not evil, they are pathetically stupid and uninformed, they are like children for Gods sake. Democracy is a perversion if such people can vote, because you will always be outnumbered by idiots.

Anonymous said...

These people certainly are hateful. Over the last few days, I've argued with many of them in Palin's defense.

But let's be honest; Palin isn't honorable, she's a Neocon who subscribes to the same Wilsonian, Israel-First party line as Bush.

Anonymous said...

Love how they keep going on about "right wingers".They don't even realise that Reps and Dems obey the same pay master and fly in the same direction like two wings of the same bird.It's just the lies that sound different.Hilarous how clueless they are,they still bash on George Wahabi Bush.