Saturday, 1 January 2011

A request for help from Adriana Stuijt of Censorbugbear

From Adriana Stuijt of Censorbugbear

I am posting this urgent request for help in organising and saving all my documentation on Censor Bugbear and the Afrikaner Genocide Archives in easily-retrievable documents in a better organised way than I am currently using. I need advice from skilled IT-experts and if it’s at all possible, people who would also be willing to back ALL those files up on their own websites. I was thinking of using an Adobe-filing system so that each individual case could be retrieved easily with its original documentation, URLs and pictures. However any advice you can give me on which programmes would be most suitable, would be very very welcome.

Best wishes to all of you.

Adriana Stuijt

Any responses should be sent to Mike Smith at South Africa Sucks - e-mail:

Note from Sarah

I do hope that someone with the necessary IT skills / knowledge or facility can assist Adriana. She has spent years documenting the ongoing savagery and human rights abuses being committed against the white population of South Africa, and has created an extraordinarily valuable resource which needs to be made accessible to as wider number of people as possible so that the world can no longer ignore what is going on.

I frequently receive kind messages thanking me for reporting on the attacks on South African farmers for which I an very grateful, however what I do is very little when compared to the magnificent and dedicated work Adriana Stuijt is doing, she deserves our praise and our support.

I urge all my readers to visit her sites.



Curt said...


I do not have the requisite IT expertise, or a website of my own, however I have posted a link to this request to one of the American pro-white websites that I frequent along with a request that the website owner please consider helping in this way. I am hopeful that he will do so. I do not include his name or the website's name just in case he decides not to honor the request as well as to shield him from any governmental backlash (either your government's or or ours). If he does decide to host these files I will post that info here and in that case I will include further information on his website for you. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you for that Curt, I appreciate it.


Curt said...

Alas, I must report that the owner of the website whose help I had solicited on Adriana's behalf did not even have the civility to acknowledge my petition to him, much less agree to host the files she needs help with. This unfortunately is the common failing of many of our people; a combination of "it isn't happening here" attitude and so "I don't care" or a simple lack of the ethnocentrism necessary to extend a helping hand to other whites whilst paying lip service to "the cause". It is a terrible shame. I hereby apologize to you Sarah for this man's indifference. I will go on to try "The Occidental Quarterly online" as well as "The Occidental Observer" here in the US. Perhaps they will help. I know for a fact that they will not care about their names being referred to here. I will get back to you, hopefully with some positive results at a later date.

PatriotUSA said...

I know someone who might help out.
Fellow named Jan Lamprecht and he
does Africacrisis and Americancrisis.

He is in South Africa and I can act as an intermediary if that would help. Jan has been through
some similar struggles and has battled tooth and nail to preserve
his achieves on the exact same topic. He is very passionate, knowledgeable and has done many
excellent articles. His sites are
excellent and he KNOWS what he is

If I had the expertise it would be a done deal, but alas, I do not
and know just enough to be dangerous. I am an occasional contributor on American crisis
and strongly support the whites
in SA!

Personally I am a counter jihadist,
and very much tryiing to help educate people about islam and
sharia law. I am anti-immigration and very conservative, a Constitutional, Reagan minded conservative. Just let me know.
You can leave a comment at my site
as I am sharing your two part
arctiles on genocide and native
population dying out in Europistan.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks PatriotUSA

That sounds very interesting. If you or anybody else are able to assist Adriana can I suggest that you contact Mike Smith at South Africa Sucks, who is looking after this for her, his e-mail address is

It sounds as if you are doing very valuable work, whereas the situation in South Africa is effecting three to four million people, who certainly need our help. The threat of Islam effects us all.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks for your efforts Curt, and don't feel too bad that you were unsuccessful so far.

It is a very difficult situation, people have been so brainwashed against South Africans that few are prepared to help them.

It seems that they will have to help themselves, together with those of us who are their friends

Censorbugbear said...

I am very happy to report that I have had scores of offers from dedicated South Africans with very good IT-skills to help save the archives and get them organised better. A start has already been made on by creating a better front page where all the pictures can also be accessed from - even those on Facebook. We are also combining the statistics of the socalled 'farm-murders' together with the huge number of attacks against people in the cities so that people can get a comprehensive overall view of the truly horrific extent of this steady, creeping and very quiet genocide. I want to thank all those wonderful volunteers for all the hard work they have already done and are still engaged in. I urge everyone to also look on the new site started from January 2011 to log ALL the attacks against our people countrywide, in the cities, in the countryside, on the beaches, and also the many people who are being deliberately run down and murdered on the roads. This site also and very importantly, logs the great many incidents of genocidal hatespeech accompanying these attacks, also from police officers and other government-officials. The climate for an all-out genocide is being created by the ANC-regime because they are encouraging the hatespeech by demanding that the genocidal slogan SHOOT THE BOER be unbanned!