Wednesday, 5 January 2011

English Children being passed around and used like meat

Commentary on Simon Darby's blog - Click Here

The Times article he refers to is Subscription Only (Click here if you are a subscriber or wish to pay £1 to read it) alternatively Click here to read a similar report in the Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

Sick Sick Sick...this will be it now. come on the EDL

mary sullivan said...

please tell the truth and don't be afraid[apathetic]

White children

not English children

this is why Whites in SA are slaughtered. apathy

misterfox said...

I was only recently challenged on this forum to back my words up.
2 December 2010 12:50

"In this discussion, you have made the gang rape point with noting to back it up. I would not claim, or even wish to claim that it is a crime that never happens, but I think it is a massive improbability that it is, as you describe it, a crime purely committed by blacks, or indeed any one group.

Perhaps you misread my point as thinking that I wanted to claim the white girls are never gang-raped. I simply questioned your assertion that it is a purely black, or immigrant crime.

Based on your stated peference for opinion and tradition over evidence, I have to say that you seem far less likely to know what is really going on in the world, regardless of how verbosely you express your ignorance. I do understand your arguments, I just remain spectacularly unconvinced by them, and the fact that you need to dismiss that as me not understanding only makes them look less impressive.

The article that you linked to makes some very mundane points in a sensationalist way. Gang rapes in areas with more immigrants are more likely to be committed by immigrants. Surely that means that gang rapes in areas with more natives are more likely to be committed by natives?
The interpretation of these crimes as acts of war is a massive leap of logic, with no steps to justify it. You claim that the fact that gang rape is being committed by gangs somehow proves that it is being done on behalf of, or with the assent of, their community."

Dr.D said...

Over at Simon Darby's site, a commenter, Plan B, asked:

1. Why doesn't the BNP or other Nationalist parties, in addition to the ballot box, pick up the cudgel of extra-parliamentary activity and call for a major enquiry as there would most certainly be if the victims were not white?

2. Why doesn't the BNP and other nationalist parties find out, by a FoI request, the names and positions of the social workers and police implicated in the cover up and demand that they are charged with aiding and abetting?

3. Why doesn't the BNP publish, in a Name and Shame section prominent on the website, the names of officers and their police stations involved in the witch hunt against officers with suspected BNP affiliations?

4. Why doesn't the BNP push further -by leaflet and/or publication and official complaint- the issue of police forces, while enforcing a ban on BNP members, spending £millions in order to attract recruits from the Muslim community?

5. Why doesn't the BNP officially write to every media outlet asking why they have not requested an Islamic spokesman hauled before the television cameras in order to apologise to us?

Jordan said...


Its been happening for years though, the BNP have routinely tried to highlight it but have been dismissed as racist.

When the BNP say it, its racist but when the express say it, its "exclusive" news.

misterfox said...

The BNP are holding a demo about Muslims raping young White girls. Personally, I regard it as an act of war.

Anonymous said...

Slighty off topic but here's a link about another child falling victim to foreign scum.

Another young white child murdered by Blacks.I was expecting the "he was straight A student". But in this article it's made clear that he went to help is friends in the "Black Mafia" gang. When Whites get killed they are willing gang members why is it always the next Nobel prize winner that dies if the victim is black? Maybe someone should shoot these journalists. They might learn not to use the death of children to further their ideological aims.

truthonly said...

The Paedo Files: - Hodge -

Daily Express By John Chapman
Wednesday October 31,2007 -

A JUDGE yesterday vetoed the deportation of a serial sex attacker because it would breach his human right to a family life. The decision by immigration
judge Sir Henry Hodge caused a storm of protest last night - led by the victim of one attack. He admitted indecently assaulting 11 women in the past five years and has committed a string of other offences including robbery,
burglary, arson and drugs. But Sir Henry - husband of Labour minister
Margaret Hodge - ruled that Kendeh should be allowed to stay because he came to the UK at the age of six and has almost no family left in West Africa. To support his decision, he cited article eight of the Human Rights Act, which
gives a person the right to a family life.,+says+police+chief.-a0146876582

Hodge speaks lies for muslim votes in Barking mosque -

Hodge with enrichers spreading anti-white poison on the doorsteps -

... and that's just Hodge ...

alanorei said...

A good comment, Mr Fox

At the time I noted this statement from the comment of 'our friend' which you reproduced:

"Gang rapes in areas with more immigrants are more likely to be committed by immigrants. Surely that means that gang rapes in areas with more natives are more likely to be committed by natives?"

The main point that the above statement overlooked was that the victims were first abducted and then conveyed to the 'enriched' ghettos where the assaults were committed.

No mention was made of the frequency of equivalent attacks in 'native' areas.

I did note in the exchanges with our friend that the responses tended to be based on a carefully selected portion of the original comment that was then edited somewhat in order to produce the eventual response.

The abductions, I think, would incur the death penalty in parts of the US (unless kidnapping is no longer a capital offence states-wide). If the death penalty still applies in parts of the US, I wonder to what extent the same problem exists in those areas?

Trencherbone said...

Sexual Jihad - Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic pedophile networks.

James Mathurin said...

@ misterfox
I only just noticed in your first comment here that you seem to be implying that this post answers the points I challenged you on.

I am curious how you think this backs up your point.

You have not shown that gang rape is a crime purely committed by blacks, or indeed any one group. Hell, the crime in question included people from different ethnic and cultural groups.

You have certainly not demonstrated that this is 'an act of war'. It's a horrific crime, one which every person involved in deserves to be harshly punished for, but that does not make it an act of war. If you are still going to insist it is, I have to ask does the recently uncovered paedophile ring somehow equal an 'act of war against infants'?

I do appreciate the response, though, so thanks for that.

James Mathurin said...

@ alanorei
I do not appreciate the implications you are making about my comments. I do not recall editing any of the passages I was responding to, but if you can point out any, please do.

Also, this is a comments section - if you feel I am misrepresenting something you have said, or taking it out of context, or just being genuinely disingenuous or dishonest, as I am finding your comment on myself, just opint it out and click 'publish your comment'. I am sure Sarah will approve your comment, if that is what has stopped you from doing so.

Your point about abductions is interesting. I thought the girls were groomed, rather than abducted, and I can only find mention of the crimes happening 'in the Derby area' (an irritatingly vague description). It's not as if the answer will ameliorate these men's despicable actions, but I was just unclear on the details here.

The point about the death penalty is interesting. It is a pretty well-established point, is it not, that the death penalty has pretty much zero effect in reducing violent crime? If it could be shown to reduce the incidence of appalling crimes such as these, that is something that should be brought to wider attention?