Monday, 15 November 2010

A Nail in the Fuse Box: The Persecution of the British National Party

By Sean Gabb

The suppression of political parties is becoming an interesting feature of life in the managerial superstate known as the European Union It happened six years ago in Belgium, to the anti-immigration Vlaams Blok. And in London, High Court hearings have just (November 8th and 9th) that will determine the fate of the British National Party. Since judgment was reserved, we do not yet know whether BNP assets will be seized and whether party leader Nick Griffin, who is an elected Member of the European Parliament, will be sent to prison. We do know what has become of England: it is now a soft totalitarian police state.

For those who may be unaware of it, the British National Party is what its name says it is. It opposes immigration and the associated political correctness and attacks on freedom of speech and association. It also opposes British membership of the European Union and British involvement in wars of military aggression that do nothing to secure the peace and prosperity of the British people. And it is contemptuous of the claims about man-made climate change that are an excuse for the massive enrichment of ruling classes everywhere.

Not surprisingly, the BNP is not popular with the British ruling class. This has been hard at work for at least two generations on destroying a constitution that, since the High Middle Ages, had been uniquely effective at restraining power. This is a ruling class that rejoices in having put common law protections through a shredding machine; and in alienating sovereignty to a mass of foreign and even unknown organisations, to the point where democracy has become a joke; and in sponsoring the mass immigration needed to reduce working class living standards and to justify totalitarian “anti-racist” witch-hunts.

Yes, not surprisingly, the BNP is a witch that must be hunted. It is described as a “racist” party, and its members as violent and even psychopathic criminals. Its leader, Nick Griffin, is remarkable for his ability to assemble softly-spoken persons of quality into something like a baying mob.

To describe all the ways in which Mr. Griffin and his party are persecuted would take an essay which would also be a dissertation on the growth of the British police state. I have not the space to write such an essay. Therefore, I will look at the two chief current persecutions.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

That's a great article, Sarah, thanks for posting it. It's good to see someone of the stature of Sean Gabb speaking out against the vilification of political parties and the suppression of free speech.

Ronbo said...

I agree with author of the article that banning the BNP by the British ruling class and the imprisonment of its leadership will only serve to drive the serious opposition underground where plots of great destruction will be planned...and then executed.

Historians may speak of this action by a fearful socialist government the beginning of the Second British Civil War.

Piet the Pirate said...

I get the feeling the vast majority of the brainwashed British public are not opposed to their country going down the "shitter". Of course they don´´t see it that way as they are still blinded by British "fairplay" and think a darkie is just a dark whitey.
Only time and experience will open their eyes, but by then it will, sadly, be too late.
Where can I buy a Koran? LOL.