Saturday, 6 November 2010

South African couple murdered in their pick up

Afrikaner mining contractors Johan, 54 and Annelise Greyvenstein, 53, were murdered in their bakkie on their smallholding about 10km outside Mussina on Nov 2 2010. Shopping bags with groceries were next to them and they were covered up by a canvas.Mr Greyvenstein, 54, was shot execution-style behind the left-ear. His body was lying halfway across his 53-year-old wife’s blood-soaked body.


Hat Tip: Mulder


Dr.D said...

God give them peace now, and may light perpetual shine upon them!

Ronbo said...

To Dr.D - "AMEN!"

To Sarah - Do you know about this movie, "White Material?"

It's a French movie that tells the tale about white genocide in Africa, if the preview is to be believed.


It looks very interesting.

What do you think?