Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Enrichment continues - Random news stories from another 48 hours in Britain

Mohsin Khan, Razwan Razaq,Umar Razaq, Zafran Ramzan and Adil Hussain

Miguiel da Silva

Salim Razaq

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti

Victim Lynne Farquhar

Hat tip: Runic and Alanorei


Anonymous said...

I think all the rape cases by ethnics against whites is finally waking Americans up!

With the internet these horrific stories have filtered through all to often for people to ignore.

I hope the same is currently happening in the UK.

I beleive it is.

beppo said...

Re the racist taunts at the graveyard: she doesn't know what has happened to change the area from being such a nice place years ago!

617 Squadron RAF said...

These sub-humans must be punished in the good old fahsioned English way: hung, drawn and quartered!

Mater Britannica est resurgit et pugna!

Dr.D said...

The problem is fundamentally simply that you have these barbarians existing among you. There is no way to deal with them on a "case by case basis." They simply must all be removed, back to the primitive societies where they belong. They are uncivilized, and cannot be made so. Boot the out!

alanorei said...

What's needed is an on-going file of these atrocities, with the photos and the captions as the article shows.

Under the heading 'Cameron Doesn't Care.'

Anonymous said...

Here's another gallery of photos of criminal "enrichers" who reside in occupied Britain.