Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rape and Reality in the USA


Anonymous said...

Sarah, its good to see you have come over to the neo-nazi side. What kept you so long? Now we can all concentrate on exposing the hidden habnd of Jewish finance and living in peace with Europes' Muslims.

Dr.D said...

In this case, David Duke has presented a compelling case. I wish the message had come from someone with less personal baggage than David Duke.

As was mentioned in the video, there was a time when the penalty for rape, any rape, was simply death. We need to return to that simple understanding again. Value as a sports player is insignificant compared to the harm done to a woman by rape. We have lost sight of that fact, and that is truly sad. It points to the total distortion of our values as a society. Football players, basketball players, etc., are insignificant contributors to our nation, but our women are at the heart of the nation; we cannot afford to allow them to be harmed. If we never had another football player, we would really be just fine, but you cannot say that about never having any more strong, pure women.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

No, I have not joined the neo-nazis. I do not agree with David Duke in all respects, but I feel he makes some important points in this video.

As to "living in peace with Europe's Muslims" I do not think there is a chance of that happening. Islam is by far the greater threat

Anonymous said...

The USA just doesn't have the same level of threat from Islam as does Europe (yet), so it's still a bit of a non-issue with Duke. Though he'd better open his eyes pdq. That said, the Marxist cult behind mass Muslim immigration has the hands of Internationalist Jews all over it, to help destroy their nemesis, the White male:


Robert said...

Swedish Television (SVT) with their song "mix up (the races)"

Anonymous said...

DrD. What personal baggage does David Duke have? Is it the baggage he carries from the balls to stand up to the various entities that would destroy him?

Liebstandarte said...

Proof positive that Hitler was correct about the sub-human characteristics of our coloured brethren.

alanorei said...

I disagree with EJP's comments on the BNP but I think that this article puts Jews, Muslims and 'Christians' in correct perspective and highlights the very real dangers that the US faces.

Similar dangers exist in the UK and Europe.

This is another outrage that, rightly, will only intensify resentment against Islam in the UK.

As will this.

The sentences were, of course, far too light.

I can understand why some folk were disappointed that the story of Grambo is an urban myth.

alanorei said...

This black Christian lady has provided an excellent testimony and shows God-given insight into the plight of the US and other English-speaking nations.

Anonymous said...

You can argue about the messenger, which in my opinion is ridiculous,
since if nothing else Mr Duke stands above the main stream media who "have not heard" of this case. There is no self respecting white person who should be attending those games until the school gets priorities straight and removes dangerous criminals from its premises. My only other comment is in a better world and better America, Justice would be paid.

Anonymous said...

Post this new video by Dr. Duke. It clearly shows jews behind the massive influx of non Whites in Europe. In their own words!!

Piet the pirate said...

I´m very disappointed with you Sarah. Someone suggests you have eventually seen the light and you try to immediately distance yourself from the words, neo nazi. Why? Because you feel you "credibility" will be harmed? LOL.
All you are doing is allowing our enemies to smile with satisfaction as they see their propaganda bearing fruit. You have no credibility in their eyes, and never will have, and now you are destroying the credibility your supporters have in you. Shame Sarah.
There comes a time when you will have to chose a side. You can´t sit on the fence hoping your enemies will treat you kindly, because they won´t.
I´m not suggesting you are a neo nazi (whatever that means) but please, don´t pour scorn on the term. They are on our side, remember?