Monday, 29 November 2010

Dear Mr. and Mrs Ireland

By Robin Hind

Dear Mr. and Mrs Ireland

I have been watching you protest along the banks of the Liffey. Have you any idea how ridiculous you look, protesting against yourselves?

“We want more money”, you say, and the “government must provide it” Are you all mindless? No government has ever had money in modern times. They use your money.
So now you are all knocking your heads on the wall asking for more money from yourselves !

Your fault was to believe the bribery of government. “Vote us in” said the politicians. “We will give you something for nothing. Money for your retirement! Free insurance from the catastrophes of life!” Then that nasty little bit of corrupt deceit “ Vote us in and we will take money away from those who have earned it, and give it to those who do not earn ! Vote us in !”

Are you now that stupid, Mr. and Mrs Ireland that you would allow the conman on the corner to promise you something for nothing, with a reassuring “just give me a weenie bit of your money first, say like a down deposit, and I will give you riches !” Have you really allowed yourself to be trapped, like a herd of goats, in that way?

Your Ireland has limited resources, and when the resources shrank in the Famine, your Irish people died. And yet you have been giving away your land space to aliens, given away part of your share to outsiders who have failed their own lands. Do not blame them - they heard – the way people do – that the Irish were giving away their land space, and their money (that part is called “benefits”) for free. “Come to Ireland, make a baby, and you are in for life !” has been the call which we have heard echoing in the far corners of the desolate continents of the poor world. So you have been giving away your patrimony, and are now stamping the angry foot on every-one else’s toes !

I notice that you brought you own baby riding on your back to the protest, perhaps to try to twist someone’s heart?. Poor little mite – did you ever think of saving for her?

You are the ones who have been living the Life of Riley, travelling the world, holiday houses, glamorous motor vehicles, and borrowing, borrowing, borrowing. Does it still not occur to you that borrowing would need repayment?

Now is payback time, but you suddenly realise that you cannot pay back. So you shout and scream, and stamp your foot, and hit your head on the wall, protesting against yourselves.

Robin Hind.


brian boru said...

At least when we were part of the UK we had some sort of representation in Parliament. Now, we are drudges for the bankers and Euro bureaucrats. The 'Celtic Tiger' destroyed this country, the landscape and the physical and moral character of the people. We stood by while Third World invaders swarmed in and didn't lift a finger because everyone was too busy enjoying the prosperity. Unfortunately, stamping the feet and protesting won't get us far this time. Additionally, there are few strong economies that can absorb Irish emigrants like in the past. We need to have another war of independence but I think that it's unlikely.

Anonymous said...

“What did you do in the war, Daddy?
The war to save our race.
Come on, please tell me true, Daddy,
I’m sure it’s no disgrace.

Did you march with your white brothers Daddy,
Did you hold our banner high,
Or did you just sit at home,
And watch your country die?

Did you take to the streets, Daddy,
When right was on your side,
Or did you think of your own skin,
And run away and hide?

When you saw jobs for ‘aliens only’, Daddy,
Did you shout loud in protest?
Or did you keep your silence,
Just like all the rest?

When the union bullies told you, Daddy,
Not to vote for our men,
Did you tell them all to go to Hell,
And not come back again?

Did you speak out for truth, Daddy,
And did you spread the word?
Or did you live in fear, Daddy,
To let your voice be heard?

Please tell me what you did, Daddy,
I’ve often wondered who
Could see the white race overrun
And why we are so few.”

“You need not feel ashamed, my son,
Because I had a dream
To open up my kinfolk’s eyes
To Zog’s infernal scheme.

But when I spoke, they turned away
And closed up their ears.
I couldn’t make them understand
The reason for my fears.

And when we marched, we were so few,
Just fifty men and me.
The others stayed at home in fear
And watched it on tv.

I’m proud to say I played a part
And say that I fought well.
That’s why I lost my livelihood
And wound up in a cell.

The reason that we lost, my son,
Was not that we weren’t brave,
But that the ones we battled for
Were not worth our while to save.”
Written by Anglezarke
A victim of the final solution.

Dr.D said...

For many generations, Ireland was a rather primitive country, somewhat out of the mainstream of economic life. Its people were, for the most part, uneducated and living hand to mouth. When "prosperity" came, the Irish people moved ahead rapidly, with much catching up to do, including rapidly rising prices and borrowing. Membership in the EU has given them a taste of life in the fast lane.

As Robin has pointed out, they are now overrun with muzlims seeking welfare benefits. It has been observed by others that you cannot have both a welfare state and open borders, and the Irish are discovering this like anyone else who tries to do it. They were just in a very weak position to make the experiment to begin.

This will clearly destroy Ireland; it cannot end otherwise. But what will rise from the ashes? The original Irish are known to be rather thick headed, but that can be a virtue. If they recognize the source of their problem, perhaps they will have the courage to eliminate all the muzlims from their island. That would be wonderful, and a true God send. All depends on having the courage to act upon the recognition of te problem. Time will tell.

Average Joe said...

If you want to learn the real reason behind the Irish economic crisis then check out these links:

Jordan said...

The irish need to leave the EU, much like we do, before their economy crumbles again. Its only a matter of time as the Euro is doomed to fail.

Curt said...

Sarah, Being from the US, I do not know which nationality makes up the majority of 3rd world immigrants to either England or Ireland, but to me personally, no matter which 3rd world country they hail from they are much alike. I would like to offer the following link for you and your readers to view, so that they might get a taste for what is in store for all our Western Nations in the future (but be forewarned, the photos are stark and graphic):

This is the reality of 3rd world nations. They cannot solve their own problems and most prominent among those problems is overpopulation, which is a "Muslim thing". Several wives and many children= a nation whose population growth has run amuck.This tendency was held in check to some degree while they were still desert dwellers without the benefit of Western technology, but no longer. Hygiene is nonexistant. Eventually this is coming to a neighborhood near you, and me.

Anonymous said...

China and India have the biggest populations. One has virtually no muslims (China 1-2%) and the other has a mixed religious population (India 13%). When they make up so much of world's population how is it a muslim thing?

Curt said...

@ anonymous:
They make up "so much" of the 3rd world's population. Large families IS a Muslim thing. They are spreading all over Europe.In contrast, China's overpopulation stems largely from Chairman Mao's early (1949) policy of paying people to have babies. By 1953 their population was 583 million. Today of course it is 1.3 billion people. This problem was acknowledged in 1979 by their government and resulted in the "one child per family" policy.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Peirson said...



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Jordan said...

@ Brian Boru:

When you say war of independence, would this be out of the EU?
I feel the the Irish need to drop the Euro and possibly even adopt the pound as the Euro is too weak.
There have been talks about possibly joining Ireland back into the UK under the Queen.
Ireland nationalists may hate the idea but as the rest of the UK is such a huge trading partner it may be the best idea.

Anonymous said...

For a quick but clear explanation of Ireland's problems see:

Anonymous said...

That article could just as easily been written about the UK.