Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Note of Appreciation

By Dr. D

The Nov. 2nd US elections are largely complete now, although some returns are still being received from Alaska and other remote locations. There will also be recounts in some locations, although at this point, I have not heard of too many requests for recounts which is good. In almost all cases, we now have a clearly defined winner for each race.

This was a race of major importance, in many regards the very last opportunity to right the ship of state of the USA. Sarah and many of you have given your support and prayers to the success of that effort, and I want to tell you how very much that is appreciated. We have been given a limited victory in this battle. Many good, new people will be sent to Congress, names you have not previously heard, who will begin to change the way things are done there. Among these are Lt. Col. Allan West from Florida and Rand Paul from Kentucky (son of Ron Paul). Regrettably, many evil people will retain their seats in Congress such as Nancy Pelosi (California), Harry Reid (Nevada), Charles Shulmer (NY), and Barney Frank (Mass.) The Republican Party now has solid control of the House of Representatives where all finance bill must originate, so we can hope to see the socialist programs of Obama simply starved for lack of funding. The Senate is almost evenly divided, with the Democrats having a very slight edge.

One of the greatest disappointments, to me personally, is the Arizona House of Representative District 7 race. The incumbent is Raul Grijalva, a nationalized citizen, originally from mexico, and the challenger is Ruth McClung, an Anglo physicist. Grijalva has been described as the best Congressman that mexico has for many years. It looks like Grijalva will win 49/46% after the Dems dumped all kinds of money into the district to prop him up. What a shame! This is right on the border with mexico!

California, Illinois, and NY are on the route to fiscal suicide, and their choices for governor simply push that process along. It is baffling to see any state act in this manner, but it shows their own commitment to the illusions of socialism and the belief that there will always be someone to bail them out.

Without question, the TEA Party movement was the big factor in this whole election that changed everything. Had there been no TEA Party, it would have been for the most part a sleeper and there would have been no big changes. But the TEA Party appeared and shook the foundations, and it is going to continue to do so. In a number of cases, TEA Party candidates won; in other cases, the incumbents had to work mightily to stave off the efforts of TEA Party candidates, something they normally would not have expected. The race for 2012 has begun today, and the TEA Party will be a major force in shaping that race to be sure.

I want to that everyone who has supported the return to Constitutional government in the USA. We are not there, but we are beginning a turn in that direction. Your support and prayers are much appreciated. The spirit of America has been tarnished, but it has not been completely dulled and lost. It will shine again by the grace of God Almighty.

Dr. D


alanorei said...

Thank you, Dr. D. Good that Rand Paul is forging ahead - saw a sound byte of him on the news tonight. I hope Sarah Palin continues to fight on as well.

California has been called by one independent Baptist pastor in the US 'the land of fruits and nuts.' I am guessing but I suspect that Illinois is disproportionately affected by 'the Windy City' which I understand is 60% 'enriched.' I would guess that NY State and NYC bear a similar relation to each other.

So in sum, perhaps the election results are not surprising in those locations.

However, it would seem that prayer has been answered and that is good news. I trust that you can go on to the final victory, whenever that is.

"I thanked God for having spared my life to see this day and for His many blessings to me" - Elisha Hunt Rhodes, 2nd RI Vols. and lifelong Baptist, April 1865.

Anonymous said...

Well, I voted Tea Party and was delighted at the gains! Even Obama's old seat in Illinois fell to the Republicans. Don't give up hope yet, Sarah!


Anonymous said...

It won't make any difference.

Ronbo said...

The November 2nd elections were a great victory for the Patriot Movement in America and the West World, but like the successful Allied assault on D-Day, we find ourselves with little more than a beachhead and a powerful enemy on three sides launching a ruthless counter attack in order to drive us back into cold English Channel.

This is only the end of the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The main feeling, Sarah, is of relief. Thank God, relief that a brake appears to have been put on Obama/Democrat/liberal elites' anti-American, unPatriotic agenda.


Anonymous said...

I am cautiously optimistic, not because of the Republicrat gains, but because of the Tea Party movement.

As Sarah Palin remarked recently, all the stimulus money did, was stimulate Americans into forming Tea Parties!

We had total Republican control in 1994, remember? Contract with America, anyone? Nothing truly important was corrected.

If all we can do is slow down the trip to hell then so be it but I know I am not alone in wanting to see real reforms:
A repeal of the recent Health care bill
The true phasing out of social security
The abolishment of the Fed Reserve and a return to some sort of monetary standard
An end to un-checked immigration both legal and illegal, hate laws, and affirmative action

Republicans? Beuhler? Anyone?

I hear crickets chirping....