Sunday, 26 September 2010


Letter to the editor,

By Snowy Smith


2010 corruption World Soccer South Africa.

I have just read the excellent book by Andrew Jennings all about FIFA soccer.“The Secret World of FIFA”. Bribery, Vote Rigging, Ticket Scandals, Theft, Fraud and Corruption.

This excellent book exposes the corrupt world of soccer, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and his corrupt friends. We all know that the corrupt African National Congress, South African Government and families are all involved in inflated tenders, Kickbacks, bribery, massive fraud, theft and corruption.

After reading this book I cannot decide who is the most corrupt.

Both parties had their hands up to their elbows in the cookie jar.

This whole FIFA Soccer is just a massive rip-off of the South African tax and rates payers’ money.

Another well planned golden opportunity for these corrupt people to hide more stolen money in overseas banking accounts.

The ANC lied to the South African Public concerning the costs of the 2010 soccer.

The South African “BID BOOK” to FIFA World Cup detailed a TOTAL Cost of R3 BILLION.

The actual cost spent was more than R40 BILLION.

That is R37 Billion over budget.

Furthermore over R100 Million was spent on our useless South African Soccer team who were knocked out in the first round.

More than R120 MILLION of South African tax and rates payers’ money spent on buying tickets for ANC family and friends.

Only 20% of tickets were actually sold to overseas tourists therefore the 2010 soccer was a massive flop putting tax and rates payers’ in DEBT for the next 20 years.

I also heard there was massive corruption at the Nelspruit Soccer Stadium.

Whistle blowers getting assassinated.

The so called “Beautiful Game” was definitely not beautiful.

Very few goals, dozens of yellow and red cards, deliberately playing the man instead of the ball, arguing and fighting, definitely NOT beautiful.

Almost every ANC Municipality in South Africa was already Bankrupt in debt to more than R50 BILLION before this soccer and here the ANC spend a further R40 BILLION on this soccer rip-off.

The Tax payers insist on an official independent AUDIT of all the 2010 soccer expenditure.


I think it is a Photo Finish it is too close to call.

Zuma and Blatter will have to have a penalty shoot out.


Birdman said...

I cannot answer that question as I think both parties should be shot. here I am - 44 and unemployed. Highly qualified in especially the aviation operations field but I cannot get a job because they have to employ a useless black to fill my place.

Sure, no problem, except that the person who replaced me, failed the basic course and was put through. Sure, no problem, only that when the time came to go "solo" in the office, this person had no clue what to do.

The result: 2 aircraft delayed for a combined total of over 7 hours, Over 500 people missing their connecting flights in Europe. Having to offload perishable cargo (Meat) as that also missed the connecting flight to another destination.

Now, you might ask what this has to do with the ANC and FIFA and corruption.

Let me tell you. This person walked into my job with a starting salary higher than mine. I have/(had) over 25 years experience in that field. This person had none!!!!

I am one person. I am sure that there are 1000s of folks who have had similar experiences of corruption,

On second thoughts, I reckon the ANC is more corrupt, but that is just my opinion.

Robert said...

That the ANC is corrupt (by our standards, not their's) is obvious.
As for FIFA, they are pikers compared to the Olympics committee (see "Lord's of the Rings")
It is all "bullshit baffles brains" and "bread and circuses".

Anonymous said...

With "honourary" knighthoods for dodgy money grubbing scumbags like Sol Kerzner corruption at this level doesn't surprise me. It's always been there and set to get worse.

Who are the A-hole advisors putting forward names like Kerzner, Green, Sugar, Jagger et al for 'knighthoods'? Does the queen have NO say whatsoever??

What are we paying for?? has she allowed herself to be reduced to such a ridiculous unconditional level? Can you imagine one of these ghastly creeps standing next to a real knight like Sir Douglas Bader???

Maybe it is time for a republic!

John Lennon I salute you!

mawm said...

They're not known as THEIFA for nothing. Just as in the arms deal, the ANC heirarchy and their mates had chance to dip into the pot of gold.

To Birdman - get your shit together and migrate. If you have the skills you'll get a job. It is a tough decision but I can confirm it was worth it. I