Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lights across Europe

It is easy sometimes to feel that it is all too late, that the assault on our country, on our people and upon out heritage has been too huge and too successful for it ever to be put right.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to bring one to that frame of mind, a trip to Croydon can do it, watching too much TV will also have that effect. More so if if you have been unlucky enough to turn to Channel 4 this week and been confronted with another of the incessantly repeated trailers for the new reality show “Seven days” set in Notting Hill and touted with the headline “Welcome to the New Reality”. These trailers take multi-cult propaganda to a new level with the screen split into four six or eight parts, each part containing a portion of a face from a variety of genders and ethnicities, all put together to form a multi-racial talking head.

One can only despair that the brainwashed automaton who came up with the idea is probably incapable of realising quite how visually repulsive the image they have created is. No doubt in their induced delusion they actually believe the brown nosed, black chinned, white cheeked, yellow foreheaded and multi-colour eyed monster they have created is an ideal human being and something society should aspire to.

Notting Hill is of course the location of the first real race riots in this country in1958 and again in 1976, and is now viewed as a show place for Multi-culturalism, like so many areas from which the original pre-mass immigration population has been driven out.

There is a lot in modern Britain which can depress, and just as much which can make one despair.

However, even in the darkest night there can still be a glimmer of light although sometimes one must look quite far afield to find it.

If we look to counties which have gone further into the darkness even than we, there, sometimes faintly but progressively less so, amongst the gloom something bright is beginning to stir.

Those countries which spent so long beneath the Marxist boot now stamping down on us, such as Poland and Hungary are demonstrating significant resistance to the forced imposition of the sort of politically correct orthodoxies which are deliberately stifling our own nation. Even the Czech Republic, for all its social liberalism, persistently re-elects Vaclav Klaus, one the most Euro-sceptic and certainly most honourable statesmen in Europe, as its president.

Beyond those countries which were once behind the Iron curtain, the light twinkles in some of the most Western and progressive parts of Europe.

The right is in the ascendant in Italy, a country which has for 50 years been beset Communist governments and socialist corruption.

A recent referendum in Switzerland resulted in the building of any further Islamic minarets being banned.

In Belgium, at the centre of the EU's dark heart, the anti-Immigration Vlaams Blok is growing in strength, whilst in “tolerant”, progressive and Liberal Holland the heroically brave Geert Wilder's Freedom party is now a significant political force, which effectively holds the balance of power.

Just this weekend we saw a remarkable event when the so called “far right” anti-Islamic Sweden Democrats won twenty seats in Sunday's election, depriving the governing “Moderate alliance” of a majority and resulting in a hung parliament.

It would be hard to over-estimate the significance of the Sweden Democrats election success. Sweden is one of the most extreme examples of multicultural fanaticism in the world. It is a country which exchanged a once widely admired truly liberal tolerance for an almost maniacally intolerant totalitarianism, where any dissent from the politically correct orthodoxy is suppressed, sometimes violently, and any facts which cast doubt on the fantasy of a multicultural utopia are ruthlessly censored.

Sweden is the European state which effectively banned its own history and has gleefully allowed itself to become the rape capital of Europe (most victims ethnic Swedes, most perpetrators not) and its cities, such as Malmo to become Muslim ghettos.

The Sweden Democrats fought the election whilst being reviled and slandered, they were denied participation in election debates (sound familiar?) their election advertisement was banned and the media portrayed them as racists and fascists. Yet the politically correct and obedient Swedes voted them 20 seats in parliament.

We have not yet seen similar results in Britain, the British people still behave like an alcoholic who has not yet hit lowest point, which they must reach to make them realise what they are doing to themselves. We are still moving into the darkness, and that is a depressing and hopeless place to be.

However, there is hope.

Lights are going on all over Europe, sometimes they flicker and go out, but each time they come back, and they come back stronger.

Meanwhile in America the Tea Party movement is the first positive manifestation of a fight back which that nation has seen in decades.

It is very late in the day, terrible damage has been done, some of it irreparable and we face a ruthless and ferocious enemy. However, out there something is beginning to stir, and that still gives us hope, no matter how dark it may become.


Islandshark said...

Excellent post, Sarah!

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

I sometimes draw encouragement from some of the dialogue in 'His Last Bow' by Conan Doyle. Doyle was not really a patriot but perhaps wrote better than he knew, if one can make scriptural application.

The opening paragraph is very graphic. It is August 1914.

"It was nine o'clock at night upon the second of August - the most terrible August in the history of the world. One might have thought already that God's curse hung heavy over a degenerate world, for there was an awesome hush and a feeling of vague expectancy in the sultry and stagnant air. The sun had long set but one blood-red gash like an open wound lay low in the distant west. Above, the stars were shining brightly; and below, the lights of the shipping glimmered in the bay. The two famous Germans stood beside the stone parapet of the garden walk...from below the two glowing ends of their cigars might have been the smouldering eyes of some malignant fiend looking down in the darkness."

In the course of the story, Holmes and Watson succeed in apprehending a German spy, Von Bork, one of the cliff top duo and are about to convey him, securely bound, by car to Scotland Yard.

Von Bork protests:

"If I were to shout for help as we pass through the village!"

Holmes replies:

"My dear sir, if you did anything so foolish you would probably enlarge the too limited titles of our village inns by giving us 'The Dangling Prussian' as a sign post. The Englishman is a patient creature, but at present his temper is a little inflamed and it would be as well not to try him too far..."

'The Dangling ...'

Fill in the blank. I can think of a few possibilities. Three of them start with M.

Before they set off, the two stand for a short while on the cliff top where the spy's house is located, overlooking the sea. The narrative continues:

'Holmes pointed back to the moonlit sea, and shook a thoughful head.

"There's an east wind coming, Watson."

"I think not, Holmes. It is very warm."

"Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age. There's an east wind coming all the same, such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it's God's own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared."

In fact, the storm has not cleared even yet, even if, as you indicate, the lights that Lord Grey of Fallodon saw going out in 1914 may be coming on again. As we now know, despite 2 successive victories against the EU in less than 30 years, post 1945 saw the imposition of the New Dark Age that Churchill feared, by treachery and stealth, rather than by force of arms but:

"The winds and waves still know the voice of HIm who ruled them while He dwelt below."

And He is coming back, the Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:5, 6, 7 and HE will settle accounts, with the EU, Islam, the Westminster cabal and all other assorted traitors and 5th columinists.

I look forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Just for you...

Dr.D said...

There are positive signs across the Western world. Germany is somewhat rattled at the moment by a man who dared to write the truth even though no one dared to say it. Wilders would probably be elected PM in Holland if an election were held right now. The VB is rising in Belgium as you noted. The outstanding showing by the SD in Sweden is wonderful news considering the way they were abused and ignored in the media prior to the election.

In the US, the Tea Party is clearly a force to reckon with, much to the amazement of all of the establishment pols in both parties. They are in shock right now, but it is having a very strong effect on things. We just yesterday headed off a vote on amesty in the Senate that was "cleverly" tied to a defense appropriations bill. People all over the country hammered Congress with phone calls and faxes to voice their disapproval and it did not happen. The American people are awake and taking the country back in hand.

Anonymous said...

We need posts like this once in a while, it doesn't take much to make you think "what's the point?"

I did see that repulsive advert aswell... did anyone else notice how the face was mainly made up of BM & WF maybe a little bit of subliminal propaganda?

alanorei said...

These speeches by Chuck Norris and Sarah Palin are good.

You can see why the Left in the US never has any response but mockery and ridicule (sometimes obscene but that's what they're like).

The kind of forthright stance that Chuck and Sarah have shown is needed in the UK.

Grammarian said...

The indoctrination of the masses continues apace. There is no hope of redemption for the country once known as "Great Britain".

The indigenous whites are broken: dumbed down, deluded and decadent; made to worship adultery and the false gods of celebrity, whilst the exponential growth of the ethnic hoardes guarantees the imperceptible strangulation of the host nation.

I am sorry to sound so negative, but there is no hope.

Ronbo said...

A Ronbo Five Star Rating for this article.

I have re-posted the complete essay on my blog HERE

I agree that a Global Revolution has started in the last two years starting in Europe and America that threatens to depose the Leftist Ruling Classes all over the planet.

Interesting times, heh? Perhaps a Rightist version of 1848 with success at the end of the struggle?

We will see. I know in this country millions of patriotic Americans are madder than hell at the Establishment and we aren't going to take it any longer!

We will triumph either by ballots or bullets. The choice belongs to our opponents. However, one way or another THEY WILL GO.

Your American Cousin, RONBO

Ronbo said...

Anonymous Grammarian said...

The indoctrination of the masses continues apace. There is no hope of redemption for the country once known as "Great Britain".

The indigenous whites are broken: dumbed down, deluded and decadent; made to worship adultery and the false gods of celebrity, whilst the exponential growth of the ethnic hoardes guarantees the imperceptible strangulation of the host nation.

I am sorry to sound so negative, but there is no hope.


There was no hope at Agincourt in 1415 when the small and ill equipped yeoman English army of Henry V stood against thousands of well armed and armored French knights; yet at the end of the day, the battlefield belonged to "The band of brothers" and ten thousand well born French knights lay dead at their feet.

The game ain't over until it's over.

Also, know this -

Revolutions are the result of determined minorities.

The American Revolution was started by no more than 10% of the colonial population and never gained more than one-third approval during the long conflict with Britain.

Thus a majority of Americans were either neutral or favored King George. However, the revolutionary war ended in a rebel victory against the super power of the 18th century because a tiny minority of rebels were willing to stay the course and do almost ANYTHING to win, even making an alliance with hated France.

I'd say in contemporary Britain there are at least 10% of the population in a pre-revolutionary condition. When these rebels begin to wake up and understand that a regime change in Britain is necessary and are willing to put their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" on the line to effect that change - It will happen.

Anonymous said...

A much needed article. All is not lost yet and there is empirical evidence to back up your assertion that we shouldn't lose hope, ever!

Affe said...

Thank you Sarah!
What has happened in Sweden the last couple of weeks is indeed remarkable. It is very scary and I have for the first time in my life felt masshysteria. It has affected people I know pretty well and thousands of others. It is very sad. Friendships are broken. Families are broken up. All because of saying they have voted for the Sweden Democrats. Here is a small collection of quotes from facebook I have gathered.
Google-translated from swedish but I think it's readable.