Friday, 3 September 2010

The Lakin Case - Update

Unsurprisingly an army judge has refused the defence request for sight of documentation which might reveal evidence or otherwise of President Obama's eligibility in the court martial of Lieutenant Colonel Terrance Lakin. As I explained in a previous posting Lakin has refused to obey orders to deploy to Afghanistan until President Obama proves that he is eligible to serve as President.

Lakin's defence had asked to see copies of Obama's school records, which are amongst the library of documentation which the president is withholding abd also a deposition from Officials in Hawaii who claim to have seen Obama's original birth Certificate.

The judge in a judgment so disingenuous it would be laughable were it not so contemptible stated that the eligibility of Lakin's commander in chief is irrelevant to Lakin's court martial.

This is despite the fact that retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney sent a sworn affidavit to the Court Martial supporting Lakin’s motions that seek the president’s birth and school records.

The judgment was not surprising as it is becoming clear that there is no judge in America with the honour or courage to allow any defendant or plaintive to require the US president to prove his eligibility.

The dishonesty of the reporting of this case continues in this MSNBC report which includes the lie that "Hawaiian officials say they have records proving Obama was born there". Hawaiian officials have said no such thing, they have only stated that there is a birth certificate on file, they have NOT stated what it proves.

However, only a fool would expect honest reporting of this case in the Believer Media.


Dr.D said...

This is a great disappointment but not a surprise. I imagine the judgment was written before the hearing; there was no need to wait since they had their minds made up long before hand.

Do you have a link to the judgment, Sarah?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Dr. D

No, I am afraid I don't have the full judgment, only the various news reports on the case

Here is what World Net Daily have to say


Anonymous said...

Did anyone really believe the jew power structure would give this patriot a fair judgement??
It would have created a president for all other soldiers whom understand that these wars are not in the intrest of Americans.
For all the free minded soldiers who took an oath to defend their nation from foreign and domestic enemies.
If this isnt clear proof that America is being subverted from the top down then what is?
BTW Where is the birth certificate???
And why is he being ordered to go kill Afgans?

Birdman said...


You mentioned "Jew power". Kindly provide links to your information sources (if you can).