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Thilo Sarrazin. A Case study into truth and when white people get fed up.

Thilo Sarrazin

I recommend this excellent article by Mike Smith on South Africa Sucks


Thilo Sarrazin. A Case study into truth and when white people get fed up.

By Mike Smith
8th of September 2010

An earthquake has hit Germany in the form of Thilo Sarrazin’s book, “Deutschland Shafft sich ab”. After two weeks, the sixth print has already been sold out. I am currently reading this work and following the reaction of ordinary Germans and the politicians in their local media.

But why the controversy? Well, for that, one has to understand a bit of the German psyche.

First of all Germans are for the most part an intelligent people. Their leadership in Scientific and technological advances is well known. Something made in Germany is synonymous with quality as opposed to something made in China that is synonymous with poor quality.

Germans are very proud and hard-working. Their country has been destroyed through war twice in the last century and they rebuilt it twice. Germans are punctual, focused and have a work ethic that is probably the highest in the world that I have seen…

However, the Germans also suffer from a tremendous guilt complex that has been brainwashed into their minds since a young age over the Jewish holocaust. Most Germans today, were not even born until after the Second World War, never had anything to do with anti Semitism, but have been brainwashed to believe that they are collectively responsible and guilty of the holocaust.

Germany has strict laws against anti Semitism. They also have strict laws against racism, but they still pride themselves in the fact that they are a “Rechtsstaat” with certain freedoms contained in their constitution such as the freedom of speech.

Along comes Thilo Sarrazin and says what is on the minds of 90% of Germans, but what they are all too scared to admit in company lest they be branded as evil racists.

Sarrazin was the correct man of the moment to say it. If it was anybody from the right, like the NPD (Nationalists), the Germans and the world would have dismissed it as Neo-Nazi junk and it would have been forgotten in a few days.

Sarrazin however has excellent credentials. He has been a loyal civil servant for most of his life. He was the former finance minister for Berlin (a City state), he is the current head of the German Reserve Bank and he is a Liberal politician belonging to the Social Democratic Party or SPD.

Sarrazin is the latest voice to see the writing on the wall for Europe, to see the dangers of encroaching Islamification of Europe. Recently we have seen a tendency in Europe to vote RIGHT. After the death (probably an assassination) of Nationalist leader Jörg Haider in Austria, Austria voted RIGHT.

Earlier this year in Hungary, we have seen the Christian Nationalist Party for a better Hungary, Jobik, making massive inroads and becoming the third largest party in Hungary…not only that, they won three seats in the European parliament. Hungary during the middle ages have always been a bulwark against the Ottoman Turks and have on several occasions saved Europe from being overrun by the Muslims.

Nevertheless we have seen in the Netherlands how Geert Wilders of the (Nationalist) Party for Freedom earlier this year became the third largest party in the Netherlands. In the European Parliament election of 2009, it won 4 out of 25 seats. The British National Party won two seats.

So what we are observing in Europe is a move to the RIGHT. Leftwing, socialist, feel good, Lala-land politics have been weighed and found wanting. You simply cannot argue with facts.

And so Thilo Sarrazin, as a leftist Liberal, as I was once before, also came to see the light.

The issues that Sarrazin mentions in his book are only discussed behind closed doors and at private barbeques amongst close friends in Germany. What Sarrazin did was to put the discussion in the open. He created a “Stimmungsbarometer”, a gauge to see where the German people stand at this stage of the fight.

Needless to say, the left was quite perturbed to find out that 90% of Germans supported everything Sarrazin said. They thought that their decades of socialist brainwashing would be enough to change the minds of the Germans, but they finally got a wake-up call. Nationalism cannot be suppressed. It is the strongest natural force inside of us and the harder you try to suppress it the stronger it comes out.

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Curt said...

Well it is about time, and hip-hip-HOORAY for Thilo Sarrazin! I too had experienced this "inherited guilt" nonsense during my childhood here in America as I have a German background, and I can remember be called a "Nazi" by the other kids due to my mother having had a German accent. I know it sounds implausible, but it is fact (I was born in the early 1950's after the 2nd World War- the son of an American soldier and German mother). There is nothing more nonsensical and disgusting than the idea of "inherited guilt" and its close cousin,the miserable creed of "inherited sin". "Christians" of certain persuasions may disagree, but I don't care. I always felt in my heart that someday those who fostered and abetted the effort to instill this mentality in the German people would feel the backlash....that time could be now.

Durotrigan said...

It's interesting to witness what is now unfolding in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Interestingly, an opinion poll that appeared last Saturday claimed that 18% of Germans would vote for Sarrazin if he were to lead a political party, and despite elite attempts to remove him from the board of the Bundesbank he is hanging on. Perhaps unexpectedly, Angela Merkel yesterday presented a prize to Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who drew the most notorious of the Mohammed cartoons. Might the consensus over multiculuturalism be reaching a breaking point in Germany? Across Europe people are beginning to wake up to the reality of Islamisation, but very few individuals in as influential a position as Sarrazin have previously voiced such a concern:

Klaus said...

Thanks for the article and the comments as well. I do agree.
I am a German, living since 10 years in Cape Town, enjoying the sunshine, but above all the extraordinary government by black comrades.
Looking far North: I do hope that a clear view of Islam's nature and the danger of uncontrolled migration will develop in Germany and Europe as a whole.
On a personal note, the problem of guilt was my companion for most of my life - born in 1939 and educated from 1946, right after the war. The emancipation of the German people from now on will hopefully take a turn in the right direction.