Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More South African farm attacks

Couple who fled Zim attacked on farm

Kimberley - A 78-year-old man was murdered and his 72-year-old wife tied up and assaulted in their house on a farm in the Philipstown district over the weekend.

A police spokesperson said Jakobus Cornelius Wartington and his wife, Anna Maria, were attacked in their house on the farm Disselskuil on Saturday night, between 20:00 and midnight.

Apparently Wartington had gone out to check why their electricity had failed. The generator is in a room outside the house. He was then overpowered by the two suspects.

They viciously assaulted him before going into the house where they attacked and tied up his wife before fleeing in the couple's Bakkie truck

Crawled to telephone

A family member who prefers to remain anonymous said Mrs Wartington "crawled" to the telephone after the attack to phone her son on a nearby farm.

"She has had a hip replacement. I don't know how she managed to reach the telephone. It was pitch dark and she was tied up with shoelaces."

According to the family member, Mrs Wartington said the robbers wanted money from her.

"She didn't have any money. She's an elderly lady, why did they have to beat her like that?"

A doctor at the Central Karoo Hospital in De Aar said Mrs Wartington's condition is stable. She sustained a head injury and a fracture to her forearm.

The couple have been living on the farm for the past three years. They are South African citizens, but formerly lived in Zimbabwe. After being forced to leave Zimbabwe they returned to South Africa.


Woman killed in third attack

Nelspruit - A 64-year-old woman, who refused to move from her smallholding near Nelspruit because her parents' ashes were strewn there, was murdered in her dilapidated house on Thursday morning.

Elizabeth Dorey's hands were tied behind her back, a piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth and she was strangled with an electrical cable.

It was the third time in seven years that Dorey was attacked in her house on her Hilltop smallholding.

The murderers attacked Dorey in the neglected house early on Wednesday night after they were able to get into the house by breaking a window near the front stoep and completely removing the frame.


A worker arrived at the house at about 07:00 and became suspicious when he noticed the broken window.

He went to fetch help from neighbours about 300m away.

They found her body in the hallway of her house.


Asian Farmer Killed

After years of silence by the South African Government regarding the murders of over 3,100 white farmers, it took the murder of an Asian farmer to unspire a member of the government to acknowledge the killings.

The government did not have a practical rural safety programme to stop the killing of farmers, the Democratic Alliance said in a statement on Monday.

"It is increasingly clear that our farming communities are in dire need of protection and that government has no viable rural safety programme," said Makhosazana Mdlalose, the DA member in the KwaZulu-Natal legislature.

She was commenting on the killing of KwaZulu-Natal Midlands farmer Radash Anandlali, 51, on Sunday.

He was shot, allegedly with his own gun, and stabbed to death in Cramond, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Monday.

Radash Anandlali, 51, was found by his workers at his farm-house.

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Anonymous said...

Last week I spoke to an old RAR soldier. He told me that the number of farmers murdered by these black racist filth could be over 14,000.

Max said...

Hi Sarah I think you will find this interesting reading.


An excerpt.

"There is no guarantee that protections prevalent in Western societies will be preserved in societies that become non-Western. There is no historical reason to believe that governments based on principles of individual liberty will survive the disappearance of Western peoples. Post-colonial Africa is enlightening. For the most part, the Dark Continent is reverting to its ancestral ways, suitably updated by the infusion of Western weapons, as evidenced by carnage in Somalia and Rwanda. That this disturbs our heightened Western sense of compassion is understandable. But sentimentality should not blind us to the long term implications for our own survival. Nature's books are being balanced in Africa, and they will be balanced in the West, either by us or by Nature itself. Just as giving food to people who cannot feed themselves simply hastens an inevitable population crash, bringing third world people into the West simply hastens the transformation of the West into an extension of the third world."

Max said...

Another excerpt.

People cannot, by any agreement, deprive their posterity of rights. Natural law is therefore the fulcrum on which rests the case that immigration is genocide. The governments of the West have no right to impose present levels of immigration and race mixing on their people. Nor are we morally bound to accept them