Thursday, 30 September 2010

La Belle France

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Dr.D said...

What was that all about?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It was apparently an outbreak of inter-racial at a carnival in Paris earlier this month

Birdman said...

My first thought was to see if I could spot the white folks. How that country has changed.

Mick said...

Picture 10000 of them walking down the street armed with pangas, knives and fighting sticks (and who knows how many hidden weapons)towards 20 white cops...South Africa before the elections.

No wonder Africa's screwed. Lucky for us who managed to get out.

How long will our former bastions of white society survive with this stealthy invasion, so celebrated by our politically correct leaders with their spines that wave like grass in the wind?

I can't help feeling some satisfaction to know that those who imposed such stringent sanctions, to make us give in to black power, are now feeling some of the rod they made for our backs.

Viva Le France! Présenter les noirs. Conserver le dépouillement des blanc morts en Afrique du sud. Se sentent la douleur que vous a aidé à faire de nous sentir.

misterfox said...

What is really galling is that we have to feed and clothe these. Then they rob, rape and attack us.

Mick said...

Mister Fox,

You have no idea how right you are.!!! You are so right!!!

In South Africa the minority fed the majority. At least every morning the black children got a slice of bread and a glass of milk.

As for my was a farm owner...Her, her two sisters were raped, brother murdered.. Two weeks later, the brother raped with a pick axe!!!

My niece ridden off the road in anger...dead! Almost 21 she was!!!

My aunty and sister held at gunpoint!!!

I am very sorry to say this!!! But sorry mate, Forget the politically correct persons, I want to make sure that I protect my own people.

I wish that black peoples ignorance comes to the fore, I want black people to understand their inferioriy!! They are an ignorant species. Fuck them.

Urban Commando said...


I was very sorry to hear about the tragedies that have befallen your family and friends.

Europe is descending into a multi-cultural hell, and it is only a matter of time before us whites begin 'circling our wagons'.

Mick said...

Sometimes when I write about items that are too close to home I tend to let emotion cloud my words. Anger comes through and rational thought recedes.

Unfortunately, this where I was when I submitted my last comment.

I believe it is important to not let your emotions cloud your thoughts, especially when writing comments that can be read by the public. We should use circumstances of the past to gauge our actions of the future.

If we want people to listen to our arguments, we must be seen as the people we are, self preservationists, rather than vendetta driven individuals.