Saturday, 30 August 2008

A woman on the ticket after all

My first reaction to the news that US Republican presidential candidate John McCain had chosen the little known, and female, Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, was that this move resulted from a mixture of desperation and cynicism, designed to trump race with gender, whilst the Democrats bathed in politically correct smugness at having selected the first ever black presidential candidate. At first it appeared such an obvious ploy that it seem certain to result in the worst GOP disaster since poor old Bob Dole fell off the stage in 1996.

Hence I had planned to post an article headed something like “the Affirmative Action election”, focusing on the compulsion amongst modern American politicians to out PC each other, which is certainly what yesterday's decision first looked to be.

Most regular readers will be aware of my views on the Democrat's annointed one, in respect of whom, before my friend and occasional commentator, Mark writes to remind me of the great speech Obama gave, in front of those Imperial columns on Thursday, I will say that, with a good script writer, Anthony Hopkins would probably have given a great speech also, but I wouldn't trust him in the White house either.

When she first made her entrance yesterday, Sarah Palin seemed like another character in the same mould. A politician of modest substance and achievement, thrust into the spotlight because of what she is rather than because of what she has done.

However, after having read the news and taken note of the various commentators, it may be that McCain's choice was more shrewd than it initially appeared.

The Republican vice presidential candidate certainly brings balance to the ticket, and not only in terms of age and gender. Politically, it appears the Ms Palin is somewhat to the right of Mussolini, which might win over some Republicans who consider McCain a radical pinko. A proud social conservative, she is, for instance anti gay rights and in favour of wilderness oil exploration, two areas in which I fundamentally disagree with her, but which will endear her to the capitalist, yet deeply puritan heart of middle America.

Even more vital to McCain's chances of success is his running mate's stand on abortion, she is pro-life, and more that proved her credentials by recently choosing to give birth to a child with Downs Syndrome, rather than selecting termination as so many others would have done. That decisions, which could not have been an easy one, will have endeared her to swathes of Republican voters, who will vote Republican on that issue alone.

And that is the key, those who imagine McCain chose Sarah Palin in order to appeal to disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters miss the point. Embittered Hillary supporters were only ever going to help McCain by not voting for Obama, there was never any chance of them voting Republican in sufficient numbers to make a difference.

John McCain's best chance at winning the WhiteHouse is by winning back the Right Wing ant- abortionist, anti-gay marriage Conservatives who are deeply suspicious of him personally, and it is because of them that Sarah Palin is his running mate.

In other ways also, it seemed a well timed and shrewd move and one which may work very well if McCain does win in November. Sarah Palin looks like a loyal team member who would play Bush Snr. to McCain's Ronnie Reagan when he needs an afternoon nap.

Of course, I have no idea where Palin stands on immigration, the single issue which is most troubling about the McCain candidacy. However, that issue was likely to be a problem whoever McCain chose, and America will need to undergo a revolution, at least in thought, before that monster is finally shot. As such, her views on this issue make little difference in the scheme of things.

There is also the issue of Todd Palin's ethnicity, his great-grandmother was half Eskimo from the Yup'ik trible of Central Alaska, and as a result I have seem the term “race traitor” applied to his wife on a number of forums.

I have expressed my own views of interracial relationships here a number of times, however, the human race is where it is, and to be one sixteenth Eskimo in a land, as lonely, remote and sparsely populated as Alaska, especially as Alaska was eighty to one hundred years ago is probably not that unusual. A body has needs, even in the frozen tundra. Therefore, I don't consider Sarah Palin as being in any way like the brain dead bimbos who sleep with black men, in the hope they will be roughed up a bit and called a 'ho.

Sexual attraction is based largely on appearance, and what Sarah sees when she gets into bed at night is a white man lying next to her, even if his great grandmother's daddy may have once rowed a kayak. When a woman dates a black man she knows she is dating a black man, as Todd Palin looks 100% white, Sarah could well have fallen in love with him before she knew about his heritage.

Therefore, I don't think I am being hypocritical by giving her a pass on that score.

For me, as a woman, McCain's choice of running mate has made the 2008 Presidential race a little more interesting, and has gone some way to make up for the manner in which the Democratic nomination was stolen from Hillary Clinton, as such I shall probably take more notice of it than I might have done otherwise.

However, it will not seriously make me care much either way as to who wins, be it McCain or be it Obama, they will both do more damage than good as President, and neither will change the future, which fate has in store for America. Condemned by political correctness to go within one Biblical life span (three score years and ten) from a 90% majority white nation in 1970 to what is expected to be a white minority by just after 2040, I would not rate its chances of remaining a union of fifty states by the end of this century.

However, that is a far greater concern than a single presidential contest, and one which will have to wait to be resolved until long after the present players have left the stage.

Meanwhile, I am pleased that one strong woman remains in the race, even if she is not at the head of the ticket or all I might have hoped she would be.

That said, who knows what the future holds, John McCain is the oldest man ever to run for first term president, in such circumstances, the Vice President is indeed but a heartbeat from the most powerful job in the world, and I do have to admit that the words “President Sarah” do have a certain ring to them.


alanorei said...

Interesting analysis, thanks, Sarah

The Republicans voted down the strong right-wing candidate Mike Huckabee. Sarah Palin's appointment is therefore a shrewd move on their part to retain middle America, which they must do.

I think they do need to make provision, though, with Hellary so close to the summit of the Democratic hierarchy.

Because if McCain wins, which is probably more than 50% likely, the Republicans will achieve a notable first, with official implementation of the title "Madame Vice President," used hitherto (I think) only in the Harrison Ford thriller Air Force One.

And they will also achieve another notable first if the aged McCain dies in office.

The oil drilling issue is, as you'll be aware, a very strong one for middle Americans. Actor/martial arts exponent, Chuck Norris, who supported Mike Huckabee, has written some strongly-worded articles in favour of the US using 'in house' oil reserves in his WND column. Norris also supported a petition to the White House to this effect,which acquired over 300,000 signatures in a matter of a few weeks.

The racial aspect, w.r.t. native Alaskans, is probably OK even with conservative voters, insofar as back in the 1960s, the adventure movie Ice Palace with Robert Ryan and Richard Burton, featured a mixed-race American-one-quarter-Eskimo granddaughter of Robert Ryan, who was apparently acceptable to US movie-goers at the time. (The young woman marries an Eskimo, which was also apparently acceptable then.)

Re: your prognosis for the future of the US, Sarah, I agree. Evangelist Dr Billy Graham said over 40 years ago that "If God does not destroy America, He will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah."

Payback time is looming, I believe.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It is certainly very interesting.

However, I do find this lady rather scary. In fact, in their own way, all four are rather frightening.

I am not sure whether we are seeing one of the most dynamic elections in decades, or a freak show.

alanorei said...

Probably both. The job would sure freak out me.

I'm somewhat encouraged by Sarah Palin's profile, though - and I hope she scares the opposition.

America under Hellery was well described by fundamentalist Texe Marrs in his book Big Sister is Watching You, describing the careers of neo-Borgia females like Janet Reno, who ordered the Waco massacre of the Branch Davidians back in 1993.

They were known as Hillary's Hellcats and I think they'd be back if Obama came to power, because they've got 'experience.'

As indicated, I believe the US is facing 'rough sleddin'' in the next few years.

But it might be tolerably better for many Americans under at least a nominally right-wing establishment than whatever would emerge from a closet Muslim+Hellery concoction - a potential witches' brew if ever there was, I suspect.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

"alanorei said...
I'm somewhat encouraged by Sarah Palin's profile, though - and I hope she scares the opposition."

Oh I certainly suspect she is the most frightening thing Obama has encountered this year. :-)) said...

Two relevant videos. Very funny.
Very funny Palin video

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hello to the gang ...

I must say , yall stay better informed as to our political situation here in the states than I do !

" Frankly my dear , I don't give ... "

That was my original thought also , they're just playing for the womans vote .
Everyone has already argued Palins experience , or lack thereof , also Oooobama's .

My own dismal evaluation is that it's all a sideshow .
Those who pull the strings long ago cast the die and are not to be dissuaded this late in the game by some silly notion such as public opinion .

Give the people a lil razzle dazzle , let 'em get it out of their system . Generally keep 'em busy fuming and trying to tread water . The show must go on .

Doesn't it seem as if worldly conditions have been accelerated lately in a self destruct mode , like everyone's trying to outdo the other in having the worst case scenario ?

According to our common sense perspective - they sure do some stupid and irreversible damage . Who hears our voice ? What has changed for the better ?

Palins fella looks white to me . Don't reckon we're hooking up individuals to the DNA portable machines just yet .

But ... black 'n white are total opposite ends of the spectrum in so many ways . Night vs. day .

And aint no one gonna convince me that breeding or destroying our race out of existance has not been an implemented program .

Horrid and irrepairable crimes have been allowed and even encouraged to be committed against us .
We cannot stop the flood that they have unleashed . And to a large extent , it's a punishable crime to even attempt to do so .

I have that book by Texe Marrs . There is so much evil going on behind the scenes it would stagger our minds to have a good glimpse .

The figureheads may change , but not the intended course .
And I do believe they are getting impatient ... the velvet glove is about to be removed from the iron fist .

America's days have been numbered . said...
ST. PAUL, Minn. | Sarah Palin displays an Israeli flag in her governor's office in Juneau, even though she has never been to the country, and attends Protestant evangelical churches that consider the preservation of the state of Israel a biblical imperative.

Her faith makes her a favorite with the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservative elements in the Republican Party.

But other Republicans may be concerned that a John McCain-Sarah Palin administration will disregard the caution of former President George H.W. Bush and some of his top advisers and continue the tilt toward Israel.

Most Republicans and conservatives outside Alaska know little about Mrs. Palin's foreign policy views - on Israel or anything else.

But Tucker Eskew, who holds the title of counselor to Mrs. Palin in the McCain-Palin campaign, left no doubt where she stands.

"She would describe herself as a strong supporter of Israel's, with an understanding of Israel's fear of an Iran in possession of nuclear weapons," Mr. Eskew told The Washington Times.

In June, Mrs. Palin told ministry students at her former church that in going to war with Iraq, the United States is "on a task that is from God," the Associated Press reported.