Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Pride of Zimbabwe

Whilst Britain is rightly proud of its success at the Beijing Olympics, where as I write, we are current ranked fourth with an impressive overall medal tally of 47, including 19 Golds, I note that, once impressive sporting nations such as South Africa (76th with one silver medal) and Zimbabwe languish much further down the table.

Zimbabwe at number 38 has done better than South Africa by winning a total of four medals, one gold and four silver. Interestingly, all of Zimbabwe's medals were won by a single athlete, swimmer Kirsty Coventry, unless the other members of the Zimbabwe Olympic team can pull off a surprise victorty before the closing ceremony later today it seems that Kirsty will be the only one who will not return home empty handed.

Zimbabwe is sorely in need of some good news and Kirsty Coventry's remarkable achievement has all the ingredients of a feel good story. However, given that she is a member of that shrinking group of Zimbabwean citizens whom he frequently blames for ever growing number of ills currently confronting his unhappy country, it will be interesting to see how Uncle Bob chooses to play this one.


alanorei said...

What it goes to show is that, with rare exceptions, black athletes excel when resident in Western countries, e.g. the US, UK or in nations with a strong Western infrastructure/influence, like Jamaica.

They don't excel when left to themselves.

God's girl said...

One wonders how she afforded to go to the Olypics in the first place. The glimmer of hope for Kirsty is that she might be able to defect. The glimmer of hope for other would-be Olympicans from Zimbabwe, is they might be inspired to achieve a sporting dream - not for their country, but to escape it.

notareargunner said...

For the racist fascists out there, here is a story to warm your hearts.
Just as a matter of interest to those bigots, when I had paid for my staff's education, health, and other incidentals, each one was financially/cash-wise, better off then I was. Not now that I am no longer there? South Africa next, then the good Old UK????