Saturday, 16 August 2008

The day America hung free speech

As we long suspected, the United States of America long ago did away with any pretense that pays anything other than lip service to the first amendment. Contrary to the intensions of the founding fathers, Americans are now permitted to speak freely of that which they are permitted to speak.

Speech, however, which falls outside the parameters of what is permitted can result in the full force of the law descending upon a the speaker. 19 year old Jeremiah Munsen has been sentenced to four months in prison for the crime of driving past a group of marchers with a few makeshift nooses hanging from the back of his pick up truck.

Given that those marching in support of the murderous young thugs collectively known as the Jennas 6 have created massive lie on the back of a few nooses, what better answer to them than to use the symbol of their dishonesty against them. Young Mr Munsen should be applauded for the cleverness of his commentary and use of free expression, however, it was his bad luck that he lives in America, the land of the "free to say the right thing

In America you can shoot a burglar dead with impunity, but God help you if you offend him or mention his race.

Jeremiah Munsen is paying the price for not saying what he is supposed to say, for not believing what he is supposed to believe, and questioned a lie which he was not supposed to question.

He is another victim of the lie which now has a vice like grip on the heart and testicles of the land we call the last remaining superpower, where the much vaunted constitution protects only those who embrace the new realities, where truth is only true if it complies with the new myths and other truths which do not comply become hate crimes.
In Jena Louisiana six black youths beat a white boy unconscious, and yet in the new reality, which created a whole new new story about "white trees" which never existed, and half truths about nooses, they, not the beaten white boy are viewed as the victims. For questioning this madness Jeremiah Munsen had to be punished.

Jeremiah Munsen - punished for the crime of free expression in America

It is to America's shame that so few shouted "NO"


Francine said...

A sign of our times "Teen sent to prison for not being sufficiently respectful to black people!"

This world gets madder and more frightening by the day.

Everyone knows the Jena 6 story was a fairytale but nobody dares admit it for fear of being called racist, and this poor kid goes to jail because nobody will admit the truth.

alanorei said...

What will the authorities do for this teen when he is victimised by the blacks who disproportionately make up the majority of prison inmates in the US?

Will they be humane enough to segregate him so that this victimisation doesn't happen?

Anonymous said...


Richard L'Italien

There was an incident in California where nine Negroes went to an
upscale neighborhood and jumped three, innocent American women, while
screaming, "I hate whites." One of the victims had to have
facial-reconstruction, due to her injuries. During the proceedings,
the women had to be placed in "witness-protection," due to the
threats and intimidation meted out by Negro-gangs in the area.

Eventually, surprise, surprise, the Negroes received
"home-probation." Compare this to Jeremiah Munsen, who toted a noose
to protest integration. He injured no one, except maybe hurt the
feelings of a few black-power primates. However, he gets four months
in jail, a year's supervised probation and five years probation,
after that. This type of perversion and injustice against our people
and, especially, our youth, makes me sick and disgusted. But, I
refuse to yield.

If it had been Americans assaulting Negroes, the news would have
spread all over the world and the whites would have been charged with
"hate" and locked up for forty years. Thanks to Nationalists, there
is hope for justice being served. Too bad that Munsen did not take
Nationalists up on their offer of legal-help. We may not be "in
power," just yet, but that does not mean that we do not "have power"
to, one day, assure "No King Over Us."
Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement

Francine said...

"alanorei said...
What will the authorities do for this teen when he is victimised by the blacks who disproportionately make up the majority of prison inmates in the US?

Will they be humane enough to segregate him so that this victimisation doesn't happen?"

I am afraid that will be seen as giving him special treatment because of his colour, and that is unacceptable when the colour iw white.

I am afraid he will have a bad time in prison

alanorei said...

I fear so.

Anyone of Christian belief should pray earnestly that this boy meets a 'shot caller' (head inmate to whom all others defer) who will safeguard him and/or alert guards.

That is at least something that can be done at a distance.

If he was sent to Attica NY, I know of Christian inmates there who would try to protect him, but not in Louisiana, where it appears he will be in gaol.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The tragedy is that this young man has been sacrificed to protect a lie.

Because those of us who do not buy into the lie are denied access to the mainstream media, there is very little we can do to help him.

RedMountain said...

Every article I have read on this indicates that this young man broke the law, admitted he broke the law, and plead guilty to every aspect of this that made it a crime. He could have received a year in prison vs the 4 months he got. If he wanted to fight this in court and argue free speech instead of hate speech, he could have done that and had a jury decide his fate. Many countries including the United Kingdom have similar laws.
I wonder if he addressed the court prior to his sentence. Was any 'apology' offered with a request for a lenient sentence?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Red Mountain the fact that the poor young man may have been as brainwashed as most of your deluded nation into believing that his actions were a crime, does not make them one.

He harmed nobody and did nothing other than exercise his first amendment rights. How do his actions differ from someone diving past a white supremacist rally with a banner stating "Racist", they do not. his was a non violent protest against something he disagreed with, and exposed himself to some danger by so doing. In an enlightened age such an act which would once have been considered noble, and indeed still would be had he been protesting on the right side.

Of course the poor little guy apologized, by so doing he reduced the period in which he must spend in mortal danger from 12 to 4 months.

That you believe he should have received a longer sentence, exposes the hatred in your own heart rather than any in his.

Rubin said...


I can't believe that a person who is capable of reading and writing, as you appear to be, is attempting to justify this sentence.

This teenaged guy's life has been ruined (he will foeever be an ex-con) and sent to prison as punishment for doing no more making a gesture.

That sort of thing happens in a totralitarian state not in a nation which pretends to believe in civil rights.

Anyone who believes this is a just outcome is seriously in need of help.

Rose Montague said...

His sister did speak before the judge handed down the sentence, but there was no apology from him. His lawyer said he had hoped for probation but was satisfied with the sentence.
It seems to me that he agreed that what he did was wrong, confessed to the crime, did not argue with the law itself, and has accepted his punishment. I can see that you are upset with the way this case ended. A lot of that has to do with the way he chose to defend himself in the court system.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

He should never have been put in a position of having to defend himself in court.

In a sane society that case would never have gone to court. It is an obscenity which panders to black racism and politically correct cant.

A lot of things offend me but I don't expect people to go to prison for it.

This was not justice it was propaganda.

jeremiah munsen said...

Hi this is jeremiah munsen. I just wanted to thank you and your site for the sapport. as for the one person who said i agreed to hate speech that is not true i mentioned i wanted to fight for it under freedom of speech and the court said they would not here it.
thanks again,

Sarah Maid of Albion said...


If you really are Jeremiah, thanks for writing, and you are more than welcome.

Assuming you are who you say you are, you have my support because you have been badly treated, and you should no be where you are.

Please take care, four months may seem a long time, but will pass sooner than you think.


alanorei said...

Re: Jeremiah Munsen support, agree totally

basil said...

Don't knock the Constitution of the's the best on this earth! The real problem is in the way it is administered by the US government (legislature). It wasn't too long ago under UK law, that people were still being burned at the stake for being witches or murdered for being Catholic or protestant!
So Sarah,draw in your claws and focus on the cold objective facts....Louisiana is not the Cotswolds! Louisiana bears the scars of deep racial antipathy and hatred. What were Munsen's intentions? While freedom of speech is enshrined in the Constitution, one cannot escape the consequences of what one "says". Perhaps a cursory read of Mills'"On Liberty" will bring some objectivity to bear. Provocation of the recent Munsen-type, is at best dis-ingenious and at worst criminal in any sane society. I will concur however that the sentence is disturbing and one trusts that it will be appealed in accordance with his Constitutional rights.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

So Basil

In effect what you are saying is that free speech isn't "really" free , it is conditional and depends upon what is being said, and where?

Would it have been okay if he hung some bits of string out of his pick up in a state with less "racial history" .... Maine for instance?

I must say that is a really cool constitutional right!!

By the way, as to burning witches and killing Catholics, I don' think America had a constitution back then!!

I am pleased that you, at least, find the sentence disturbing, because it certainly is.