Saturday, 23 August 2008

Publicising Paedophilia

As the world's most famous living convicted paedophile Paul Gad, a.k.a the ex-pop star Gary Glitter was pursued by the world's media across half of Asia. At times the cameras focused on his face in such close up, one could almost count the unhappy one time singer's nasal hairs. There is little chance of the press attention letting up, and we can be sure that the faded star's every movement will make newspaper headlines for weeks to come.

The flashbulb frenzy which accompanied Gad's appearances at airports from Vietnam to Bangkok, Hong Kong and finally Heathrow, threw into sharp focus those paedophiles whose activities the press choose to publicise and those they do not.

Some may claim that that Gad's one time celebrity status was responsible for the level of media attention, which clearly is true to a degree, but many otherwise obscure individuals with no famous past will find their faces plastered across the front pages and TV news stories if they are exposed as a paedophile.

In fact, paedophiles do not have to be one time celebrities for their mugshots to head up the evening news, what they do have to be, however, is white.

According to the press reports Paul Gad went to an Asian country and sought out under aged indigenous girls for sex, and as a result it became a major international news story. However, when large numbers of Asian men in British cities and target under aged indigenous girl for sex the news media falls silent.

As we have seen before with the young white boys who are falling unreported victim to the imported crime waves on our streets, the sacrifice of our young girls is also going on beneath the press radar. If the victim is white and the predator is not, it is not news, no matter how young and vulnerable the victim may be.

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Conspiracy of Silence - Illuminati Pedophiles in Washington D.C. (documentary) - 55 min - May 3, 1994
Posted to Google by John Conner & The Resistance -

From Senator John Decamp: In mid-1993, after The Franklin Cover-Up had been circulating for almost a year, the British-based TV station, Yorkshire Television, sent a top-notch team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case. Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television. Finally, the big day came. Their documentary was to air nation-wide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But no one ever saw that program. At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast anywhere since. I have a copy of that program, which arrived anonymously in my mail in late 1995. When I watched this pirated copy, I could see clearly why the program had been suppressed. Conspiracy of Silence proved, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had stressed in the book (and more) were all true. Search Words: Conspiracy Illuminati New World Order Satanism«

Flanders Fields said...

Sarah, good posting and you are correct that charges of this nature are being used as a form of warfare against Whites, especially men. It is no coincidence that the Paki's referred to in the Times article are being given free reign to further terrorize established society. The "law" is being used in all of our countries to terrorize and to control our White populations.

TP, I look forward to checking your link. I have seen too much evidence that such rings exist and that they operate with impunity. Check for connections through Allister Crowley, whose "teachings" seem central to the adherents. Here is another link to begin with:

It begins to become more obvious the "social levels" of those who are behind this type of activity and who are behind the agenda against Whites, Christians and traditional order.

Flanders Fields said...


This will hopefully give the full link which needs to be typed in to arrive at the site.