Sunday, 31 August 2008

Unexpected Consequences

A few days ago, shortly before the Democratic coronation in Denver I visited the Barack Obama "Fight the Smears" website, where they display what they claim is a copy of the anointed one's birth certificate (see above) I have no idea if it is genuine or not, but I know that some people's suspicions have been raised due to the fact that you can only view miniature version of the birth certificate rather than a full sized one, hence it is not possible scrutinise it in any detail.

I will leave it to others to question the provenance of the certificate, however, I will tell you what occurred when I visited the website. The site offers the facility to e-mail a copy of a minimised document to a friend together with a pre-written message claiming that it disproves one of the smears put about about Barak the Blessed, namely that he was born outside of the USA.

I noticed that the text of the pre-written message was editable, and, being in a playful mood, I re-wrote the message and sent it to a friend, with a revised message stating that the document was a transparent fake obviously put together using PhotoShop, and clicked "Send". Later that day I was amused to discover that my friend received a message endorsed by the Obama campaign but including my revised wording claiming his birth certificate was a fake.

However, my amusement was short lived, as it seems the chosen one's people have captured my e-mail address, and as a result I have since been inundated with cheerful messages from "Barack", "Michelle" and "Joe" addressing me as "Dear Sarah" and breathlessly updating me on the latest developments in the Democratic campaign and the thoughts of the Big eared beamer..

Let this be a warning to us all, one's actions, no matter how frivolous, can have unexpected and unwelcome consequences.


alanorei said...


Interesting article by Chuck Norris on World Net Daily.

The Republican rallying cry appears to "NObama!"

bernard said...

Could be you used Googlemail. They scan every email.