Monday, 18 August 2008

We shall see

This evening when I decided to make some posts, I found that in order to post a message I was required to provide a word verification. When I clicked on the link which promised an explanation, I saw the message below, which says that "The Spam detection robots" had identified this blog as a possible "Spam blog" and that if I wanted to remove the word verification, I would have to apply for the blog to be reviewed by a "human being".

Of course I have applied accordingly.

However, as we all know, things are not always as they seem, and a number of blogs which express views which might not win them the Politically Correct Society seal of approval tend to suddenly disappear.

It will be interesting to see where this latest development leads.

Should Sarah Maid of Albion "suddenly disappear", I would like to thank my loyal readers for their support.



alanorei said...

If your blog does get 'terminated,' Sarah, it will vindicate everthing you've posted.

I once posted a link on a policewoman's blog that I no longer visit (BNPrs are made to feel seriously unwelcome and BNPrs with Christian beliefs are made to feel like the Devil Incarnate) to a UK Column or Westminster News article about the impending police state in the UK (the article included some stats about innocent victims of police shootings in recent years - another aspect of gun law via your other post).

The link was promptly removed by the blog administrator (probably this pc's 'minder' and/or mentor).

The link was via the EUTruth site, which has since been pulled, by means of Bilderberger pressure on the site's ISP.

As I've said on other blogs, constantly applying it to myself and it bears repeatting:

"Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean that everybody isn't out to get you" - Murphy

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you switch to, or at least have a backup program on
before Blogspot pushes back too hard?

I've just recently discovered your un-PC blog and thoroughly enjoy your clear writing style that should begin to open people's minds once again.

Last year, another favourite blogger of mine, who went by the name of
"Jane Gardener"
was knocked off the rails by your current host for speaking much too truthfully for their tastes, so I would be thoroughly disappointed to see your blog disappear down the rabbit hole too.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Goodbye Sarah, I expect "they" will pick all the "freedom posters" off, one by one. You will be greatly missed. Did we really expect to get away with freedom of speech on this relatively new information network? Surely we should have expectedBig Brother to get on to our case as soon as they realised what damage we were doing to their State sponsored mis information service.I hope I am wrong and if I am, keep up the very good work.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work on your Mandela article! At last!!! You have stated so articulately, everything I have been expressing to friends and family about Mandela for the past 10 years and more. I am a white South African woman, born and bred here and it is no longer recognizable as the country I grew up in and knew. I hope your writing on this subject gets worldwide viewing and while I doubt that either one of us would even be able to slightly dent that squeaky clean, money generating Mandela media image, it is satisfying to know at last,that I am not alone in my view of him. Good luck with the blog and if you should be made to disappear, I have no doubt that we will all follow you to your next blog! Your newest fan,

Anonymous said...


You are a sick,twisted,hateful human being. May you find some peace in your life because you are obviously filled with bitterness, spite and, most importantly,IGNORANCE!! Your lack of intelligence shows in your writing and closed minded views, luckily very soon you will realise that your bitterness and hate is felt only by a few morons, like yourself, and that the rest of the world is thankfully good and just.

Guardian apostate said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, you are completely and utterly wrong. If you dispute any of the articles Sarah has posted on this site then by all means do so here in the comments section. I pity you. You're one more example of the brain washed masses who have swallowed whole the propaganda regarding immigration, multiculturism and 'diversity'. I have a high degree of empathy with Sarah and I can tell from her writing she is motivated by love of her country and culture. She is also highlights many of the untruths, hypocrisies and double standards that abound in this country. In fact her intelligence, fearlessness and clear thinking shines through in every post.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Guardian apostate

I appreciate your support and your compliments.

I wasn't planning to respond to anonymous 02:31, I guess he/she is entitled to their view. However, it is interesting to note how many people on that side of the argument tend to judge intelligence or ignorance in terms of whether they agree with what you are saying or not.

alanorei said...

So where are Anon 12:31's specific criticisms of your posts, Sarah?

Conspicuous by their absence.

As is always the case.

Mindless Marxist muppets, all of them.

Francine said...

Don't worry too much Sarah

This seems to be a wides spread problem which has affected a large number of blogs.