Saturday, 2 August 2008

Butchered in Brazil

There are many depressing aspects of the sad death of Cara Marie Burke the English girl who Travelled to Brazil with a man called Mohamed, whom she allegedly planned to marry so that he could obtain a visa. Not least amongst them was that when the 17 year old's headless and limbless torso was found in a suitcase on a river bank it was identified on account of her "distinctive tattoos".


alanorei said...

Murdered by a Turk. Nice folks. GB is no doubt falling all over himself to get Turkey into the EU - so they can flood in here as well.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I certainly have very strong reservations about Turkey joining the EU, especially as the Turkish government moves closer to embracing some of the less moderate aspects of Islam.

only a tiny corner of Turkey is physically in Europe, it is mainly part of Asia, and when it joins 70 million Muslims will have full access to Europe, which is very troubling.

alanorei said...


As if 70,000,000 EEuropeans since EU enlargement weren't enough. (It was Jack Straw's announcement that 70,000,000 EEuropeans would be free to emigrate here that prompted Ashley Mote to write his informative book Overcrowded Britain a few years ago.)

I await confirmation of the ethnicity of the Antigua murderer. This individual is the chief suspect.

Benny said...

Why do some women decide to latch onto waste of space low-lifes? Don't they realise they'd be better off on their own rather than with a bad 'un? One look at this Santos creature is enough for me to know he's only vaguely of this world. Why couldn't Cara spot it too? Why would any woman choose to be with a fucked up druggie?

I don't want to be disrespectful to Cara's family in their darkest hours but what the hell was Cara doing in Brazil with a low-life junkie Muslim loser in the first place?