Sunday, 31 August 2008

Interesting article by Peter Hitchins

This article is by Peter Hitchins and published in yesterday's Daily Mail, therefore I take no credit or liability for its content. However, readers may find it of interest how often these things are now being said in the national press.

It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of what is happening to us, but, infuriatingly, as with Hitchins' article, there is a fatalism to their attitude, almost as if they feel they can not fight against what is inevitable.

That is what needs to change.

Nothing in life is inevitable, the future Hitchins paints does not have to happen. We have it in our power to change it, however, the open question is , will we?


alanorei said...

I've read two of Hitchens's books, The Abolition of Britain and A Short History of Crime and I'd recommend both.

Hitchens is arguably, I think, one of the most astute journalists/writers in this country. However, it would be professional suicide for him to admit that the BNP is the only political show in town to resolve the current national crises.

His only option, therefore, is defeatism, which is apparent in his article.

Re: fine, upstanding Poles that Hitchens mentions, I guess some are. But when, as Hitchens describes, a country openly disseminates material on how to lie and cheat to advantage, that doesn't say a lot for its national character. Any fine, upstanding Poles over here, therefore, would be better employed back home setting a right example for the rest of their countrymen to follow.

Re: overcrowding. Some folk don't think this country is overcrowded. Virginmedia recently invited comments to this effect. One commentator said that as you drive around, you see a lot of open countryside, particularly in the West Country.

I guess he may not think that overcrowding is an issue until what is left of "England's green and pleasant land" becomes England's grey and paved concrete and tarmac land.

I posted a comment using material from Overcrowded Britain by Ashley Mote. Branson's lot did not see fit to print it, which rather reinforces some of Hitchens's thesis.

Benny said...

I agree with alanorei about Hitchens. There's no way in the current political climate he could be supportive of the BNP. No doubt he would have some harsh words to say about the BNP so that he could demonstrate his anti-racist credentials, in the same way that Littlejohn does.

But I would guess that what he thinks privately is more radical than what he is prepared to reveal in print. But I guess that applies to us all.

Notice that Hitchens talks about multicultural schools and immigrants but shies away from mentioning the dreaded "race" word.

On the subject of overcrowding, it's the urban areas that suffer because they're where the jobs are. Fewer people work the land these days so fewer people can afford to live far from the cities. The tragedy is that nowadays the fruit and veg pickers and packers tend to be imported workers. So we have fewer jobs and those that still exist are being taken by foreigners.

If you travel through the countryside there does appear to be plenty of land, but we need it to grow crops and provide grazing for livestock. Given that most of the fruit and veg I see in the supermarket is imported it would appear that we can't grow enough food to sustain our population.

Yet we still let more immigrants into the country. Yes, it's insanity, but under New Labour insanity is the new sanity.

We also need lots of open space for recreation, although I doubt your average black hoodie would know what a footpath is. In fact it's reassuring to know that if I decide to go for a walk in the countryside I'm highly unlikely to encounter any "enrichers". Long may it be that way. Once our rural areas have been "enriched" too then we're well and truly stuffed.

bernard said...

Most main-stream journalists will not openly espouse a particular party.
They have to remain non-partisan, otherwise every article they write would cease to be objective in the eyes of the reader. It's better that way.
Hitchens is no exception.