Tuesday, 10 March 2009

To blame the victims

As night follows day, when whites fall victim to brutal crimes at the hands of blacks, within days, sometimes hours, siren voices will start whispering from deep within the slime, seeking to blame the victims for what was done to them, and to suggest that they were primarily responsible for the crimes committed against them. Those ugly voices become more shrill when the crimes are truly heinous, or are of the sort which, if the races had been reversed, would certainly have resulted in hate crimes charges.

We have seen this happen many times in Britain when liars seek to imply, without a shred of evidence to support such claims. that white victims were, themselves, racists aggressors who had provoked their killers to acts of self defence. Alternatively, victims are accused of “being in the wrong place”, “taking undue risks” or acting recklessly, as if one can be culpable of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus somehow reducing the guilt of the blacks, or Asians who were also there.

That is, of course, when they are not seeking to blame wider “whiter” society for somehow forcing black people to commit crimes.

Blaming the victim for what was done to them is not exclusive to Britain, it is even more prevalent across the Atlantic in America, where whites, despite being numerically the largest single group living beneath the poverty level, are also the single group not granted protected group status in relation to hate crimes.

It was in America that, just over two years ago, a crime was committed which demonstrated the true obscenity of the pretence that white people can not be the victims of hate crimes, that was the rape, torture and murder of a young couple by the name of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, allegedly by five black people.

What was done to Christopher and Channon, how they died, and what they suffered before they died, were, as in the case of our own Kriss Donald such as to make it so obviously a hate crime that only the most dishonest or agenda driven could deny it.

As a result, the same US news Media which sent juggernauts of reporters to Texas for trial of James Byrd Jnr's white killers. or to North Carolina for the ludicrous Duke Lacrosse hoax, have totally suppressed news of the case, to the point where it is only reported locally. Meanwhile the legal authorities, in a land where the constitution guarantees a swift trial, have delayed the prosecution of the main suspects for over two years, no doubt in the hope that public memory of the case will fade.

In addition, of course, the rumours, lies and historical revisions have been circulating like sharks around the USS Indianapolis. I speak not of the really vile rumours from deep in the dark bowels of anti-white hatred, and which I will not repeat here, but of the more prosaic and, therefore, far more venomous lies. These lies are of the, “they were in the wrong part of town”, “what were they there for?” type of poison, which is dripped into half hearing ears to gradually create a doubt, followed by a perception, and finally, in some cases, a belief.

The lies have reached the point where Channon Christian's parents have spoken out, clearly in distress and in defence of their daughter. To quote from the local news source:

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – Gary and Deena Christian want to set the record straight about their daughter. Channon Christian had been dating Christopher Newsom for two months when they were carjacked and brutally murdered during the first week of January 2007.

You can tell by the way Gary Christian tightly clasps his hands that he holds a lot of anger inside over his daughter’s murder.

“I will never see a morning that I don't hurt," he said.
You can read the full report by clicking here

The restraint, strength and dignity shown by Mr and Mrs Christian in the face of the unbearable is truly admirable. They, and Chris Newson's equally grieving parents, will need those qualities in abundance because their suffering is not over. As the trial of their children's killers finally approaches, the defenders of diversity are preparing to re-abuse those innocent young people as much and as often as it takes to defend the evil myth they have imposed upon us.

The system, the media and the liars will betray Christopher and Channon, thank God the internet will not.


Dr.D said...

There are some guilty men that need to die very quickly. That was brutal and vicious.

This is what we get for having blacks living among us. And yet, I am quite old enough to remember a day when it was not like this. Before the "civil rights era" of the 1960s, race relations in the USA were vastly better than they are today. No doubt there were some inequities, but everyone knew their place, everyone was fed, everyone was safe, everyone had a job. Today, no one is safe, many are unemployed, almost no black knows his place (and he definitely has a subordinate place in creation), and tension is rife in society. It was the chief race hustler himself, Jesse Jackson, who said, "When I see someone coming up behind me on the street a night, I am relieved when I see that it is a white man."

Only when we restore the natural order of society will we have peace in our countries again. Blacks are totally incapable of having equal rights with white people; they are an inferior people. Look at Africa for the proof. Look at the USA and England for further proof.

alanorei said...

Thanks, Sarah, and Dr. D

I go by the analysis by Carleton Putnam, Race and Reality, published many years ago but definitive, I think, certainly never refuted or even seriously addressed by race-mixers.

Putnam's chapter Point-Counter Point refutes all the major notions about alleged racial 'equality.'

Anonymous said...

I read that report some time ago. I dont recall where.

But I still feel what I felt then.
It haunts me

The destruction of Traditional society by unseen and seen forces and the promotion of a one world multi cultural race mixing ''freedom'' and the lie of ''equality '' is suicidal and destructive and reaps horror and terror on that white civilisation that is being torn apart by them

islandshark said...

This blame-the-victim nonsense is nothing more than Marxist propaganda!

Devised by the Frankfurt School in 1920s as one of the means to break down western culture - they realised then that they would never make socialism attractive of the economic front, so the had to break down western culture and beliefs.

And if you look at mainstream media today, you have to say they are fairly successful.

Shame on us for bowing down to this. The West and especially Whitey need to wake up soon.

The Green Arrow said...

I keep trying to forget the horror of this story Sarah.

It is good that you do not let me.

Cheeky Boy said...

This thing is quite common in The States. Liberal MSM usually claim the motive was robbery but that doesn't explain the rape/torture/murder that follows it. Africa's the same.Psycopathic savages.They have to be treated as such

Anonymous said...

An absolute despicable crime compounded by the whispering campaign her family have to endure.
When an Ethnic is responsible for a RACIST crime towards a white the Leftists seek to Justify it to shore up their muti-Culti disaster.
I read this story through "Digg it" and the sheer barbarism this couple had to go through really touched me, also the American authorities refuse to view this as being racially motivated, even though the attackers used racist language. There is no place in Society for such an inhumane behaviour, i hope the animals responsible are given the lethal injection. politicalMIZZ

Cheeky Boy said...