Thursday, 5 March 2009

A mother with a mission

This certainly must be a first, an article from a mainstream British news source, which dares to be even slightly critical of the Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence who is believed to have been the victim of that very rare thing a white on black racially motivated murder. It is certainly the first article I have ever seen about Mrs Lawrence which does not treat her as some form of living saint. It is "baby steps" as they say, and the article remains quite timid, but given of whom they speak, it is quite significant, and I urge you to read it.

Whatever, the intentions may have been, the death of Stephen Lawrence and the actions of those around him and those who supported them, have been used to perpetuate a lie. Sadly it is a lie which has almost certainly cost other lives.

A political agenda, supported by Mrs Lawrence, and embodied by that travesty the McPhearson report, has tied the police's hands and hindered their ability to prevent violent crime.

Mrs Lawrence is not a stupid person, she has been a political activist since before Stephen died, she must know the truth, and that her son's tragic death is being exploited by an agenda which seeks to disguise that truth.

However much sympathy we may have for her loss, her recent comments in which she complained that young black men were being "disproportionately targeted" by the police in their efforts to control knife crime, seeking to perpetuate a myth, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary are outrageous. For a woman who has lost her own child, to violent crime, and knowing the influence she has, to deliberately place the lives of other children at risk for the sake of a racist fairy tale, is unforgivable.


Dr.D said...

It seems to be a black characteristic that enables this woman to exploit the death of her own child to advance her political agenda. I do not mean to say that she deliberately sacrificed her child for that intent at all, but in the event he was killed, she is not at all above exploiting the event. Any white person I know would be horrified at such an idea.

Those who tell us that race is only a matter of skin color are insane!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dr.D

Kris MacDonald Mother was happy that justice was served but she never exploited his death caused by a racist attack.

Politically Correct Left wing agenda as perpetuated victim hood and has exploited it across society. Mrs Lawrence as exploited it to the full but with essentially destructive results.