Saturday, 7 March 2009

Occupational hazard

Further to my recent post regarding Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jade Goody, I note that Danielle Lloyd, another of the three woman on the show who were accused of racism, on account of their failure to instantly bond with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, is in the news. The allegation of any black racism may have seemed odd against Jade Goody, given that she is, herself of mixed blood, but they were equally so against Danielle Lloyd, given that, with the single exception or footballer Teddy Sherringham, she has seldom been seen in the intimate company of a white male. However, the forces of moral outrage will make use of whatever they can get.

Now it seems that Ms Lloyd has suffered the occupational hazard of her kind, and has been used as a proxy punch bag by one of her suitors, and it wasn't Teddy!!. Anyone expecting to find a shred of sympathy at this point, is clearly reading at the wrong blog. Danielle takes the word dumb to an entirely new uniquely personal area, but surely, even for her. the truth must finally have started to dawn.

An unbruised Danielle Lloyd relaxes with one of her various beau


Quartermain said...

It is worse than sad that Media rich societies are intellectually poverty stricken

alanorei said...

Maybe the altitude of the snows of Kilimanjaro will help clear Cheryl Cole's fragile head about her not-so-honourable current other half

Rob Chapman said...

I'm not suggesting that she got what she deserved, but, just how many White women must be beaten, raped and/or murdered by non-White males before the message sinks in?

To quote an often used saying, you lay down with dogs, and your bound to get fleas.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....more like a copulational hazard if you ask me.
Ladies listen up, if you're into shagging black,you are going to get violated, I can promise you, and I will challeneg ANY white female reader out there who has been in a sexual relationship with a black to deny this.
It all starts out very cool and charming and you love his accent and exotic appearance not to ention the tackle box. You move quickly into a sexual relationship and your first twinge of doubt begins with the insatiable sexual appetite of your new exotic lover, 5, 6, 9 times a day, anywhere, anytime, in public if he could, but the sex is very selfish, he doesn't wait for you, not to get turned on and not to climax, dry sex is frequent and painful.
Often the sex is just quick, bordering on rough and you become aware that you are no longer part of it, just a receptacle. He starts treating you badly and speaking to you like dirt and then the brutality starts, he cuffs you for no reason, sometimes hits you hard with an open hand with a crack that makes you see stars. He may even knock you unconscious. The sex becomes brutal, perverted, usualy involves pornography and gadgets, you're decidely unhappy and also becoming aware that there is another or other women.
When you finally realise that you want to get out of the relationship, you also realise with terror that you cannot because if you even try, you have no doubt that he will kill you and you know for a fact that he is certainly able to - too late. Your only hope is that he will lose interest in you and move on but until then, and if that happens, resign yourself to getting brutally beaten, humiliated and abused sexually, physically and mentally - day in and day out for a long period of time.
And when it's all over, you will be a shadow of your former self, you will feel threatened, you will have no confidence, you will feel, dirty, used and violated.
Remeber these things if shagging black appeals to you - remember them well.
Another thing to bear in mind about these "exotic" black lovers - they come from a continent on which any country you care to name has an HIV infection incicence of between 50-90% percent of the population, they're sexually active from around 11-12 and have sex with between 1-5 different partners a week every week. The reasons Africa has the highest mortality rate from AIDS is no mystery here. By the time he has you in his clutches sweetie, you're probably up in the high hundreds of sexual partners he has had and trust me, he is not shagging you because he loves you, for him shagging a white chick is more of a novelty and a conquest than it is for you to shag chocolate.
And last bet? - Guaranteed you've picked up "something", there will be a discharge, itchiness, maybe even pain - get to a doctor for a full STD blood workup and pray to God that whatever "it" is that you got from him, it's not AIDS because if it is sweetie - you're dead, you've just committed suicide, prolonged, painful, emotionally destructive suicide.
As for me? I feel absolutely no sympathy for white women who shag black.

alanorei said...

Re: Anon 07:37 (and my earlier post).

Cheryl Cole take note - and any other white female who thinks GC has an ounce of sense.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

White girls with black men is now a fashionable fetish. Becouse in most cases that's all it is.
Some are gold diggers aka escorts but most are just damaged younger girls with daddy ishues clueless and brainwashed buy the rap vidios movies and mass advertisement. Meanwhile those that historically protected them fathers brothers men of there own race have been castrated buy the p.c. police. More afraid of the word racist a communist word buy the way then the abuse. And genocide of there race.oh well done kudos