Monday, 2 March 2009

A question of trust

Whilst the mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic continue to studiously ignore the various law suits which are still going on, in an attempt to force President Obama to publish his birth certificate, it is amazing how many of those who have actually heard about them actually believe that he has published it. They have never seen it, they have no idea where they can see it, but the Obama machine has told them it has been published, so it must be true.

Others actually believe that the “Certificate of Live Birth” which has been published, is a birth certificate, which of course it is not. The document which Obama has produced is insufficient proof of identity to obtain a gun licence in West Virginia, let alone a bank loan.

This particular document's primary purpose appears to be for the use of hillbillies, hos and hoodlums, who give birth in a trailer or tenement block, and then later need to prove that they have an infant in order to claim welfare. Assuming the document is genuine, it proves nothing other than that a baby by the name of Barack Obama was in Hawaii in 1961, it is not proof that he was actually born there.

In any event Obama claims to have been born in an Hawaiian hospital, albeit one in which al the staff died young, given that none survive who were present at the event. In which case, a real birth certificate would have been issued. So why hasn't it been published, and why is president of America paying huge lawyers fees to prevent it being published?

Anyone who believes the troop of Hawaiian politicians who keep popping up to declare “I'm seen it and its cool” needs to change their middle name to gullible. Birth Certificates are neither state secrets, neither are they radioactive, a copy can be made public without putting the union at risk. Furthermore, presidents do not have a right of privacy on such issues, after all, we know more about George Bush's colon than most of us would wish to.

If, as they try to pretend, Obama has published a document which proves beyond doubt that he is a natural born American, as the Constitution requires, where are the press headlines claiming that the blessed one had “confounded the doubters”, the Obama loving media would certainly have run such headlines, if they were comfortable that he had done so.

How much longer can the media continue to ignore the questions? Those who claim that they are ignored because they are not newsworthy are plainly disingenuous, there are now two serving soldiers in Iraq who are refusing to accept Obama as their legitimate commander in chief, and a retired Major General demanding he release the birth certificate, how much more newsworthy can it get?.

You may ask why does it matter, Obama has been elected, the people have spoken, whatever the Constitution may say, and they are certainly not going to impeach him. However, it does matter, if the allegations are true, then the American people were deceived, it also means that the President of America, the most powerful person in the world, is a potential target for blackmail, and I think most people would find that troubling.

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Dr.D said...

It matters immensely because he is an impostor. He has gone to unheard of extremes to cover his past. He has not only published his birth certificate, but all his college records from the several schools he attended are sealed as well. They would almost surely show that he attended as a foreign student from Indonesia.

His Keynian grandmother has stated that she was present at his birth in Kenya, and the folks in Kenya are marking the place of his birth as something of s historical location (birthplace of one of the greatest frauds in history!).

The man has almost no personal history at all. Nothing he has ever written can be found (his two "autobiographies" are pretty clearly the work of bomber William Ayers) -- none of his college work, nothing from his days in law school, nothing. He has scrubbed his past out of existence. Most of us could not do that if we tried very, very hard.

This raises the question of how did he win the presidency? The only answer I can give, and it is only partly satisfactory, is to say that Americans are seriously divided between those who work and produce, and those who do nothing and depend on the productive for support. The dependent class is coming to outnumber the productive class, and this is going to be our downfall. To a significant degree, this is being engineered by our traitorous leadership who are bringing in more and more dependent people who will support them. Population replacement is the operative phrase.

Painful as it is, the coming of Obama may have a salutary effect. He has had a shocking effect on the nation. Many people have been absolutely appalled at the naked power grabs he has made in the first few weeks in office, things that any other politician would have spent years setting up. This gives me just a little bit of hope for the future.

We can trust BO. We can trust BO to do everything he possibly can to destroy the United States of America. He speaks only of "our seriously flawed Constitution," the very Constitution he is sworn to uphold. I suspect he had his fingers crossed when he took the oath of office. Oh, yes, we can trust BO ...