Monday, 9 March 2009

When good intentions meet reality

In the UK this Friday we have the annual "Red Nose Day" where, across the country, celebrities and members of the public put on uncomfortable red plastic noses, and, in the Red Nose catch phrase, "Do something funny of money". Most businesses and organisations will allow their staff to do silly and amusing things to to raise money, or they will just arrange collections and pledge these to the "Red nose day appeal"

The day will culminate with an evening long television spectacular, where will will laugh at film of out fellow countrymen and women doing "something funny for money", and cheer each time the growing total of money raised runs across the TV screen.

As with most of these things. a significant amount of the money raised will be earmarked for those living in dire poverty Africa, and we are assured that this will be used to "improve lives".

Red Nose day has been going on for a number of years and succeeds various similar telethons and concerts for the same purpose dating back to the first "Live Aid" in the 1980's, where well meaning people, 99% of them white, have willingly donated money, in addition to the proportion of their taxes which in paid out in Aid to the third world, in the genuine hope of "improving lives in Africa".

Am I being cynical, but can someone please direct me to anything or anywhere in modern Africa, where lives are improving? In fact in the quarter century that this has been going on, lives across Africa have been getting progressively worse.

Sadly, for all their genuine good intentions, efforts like this which seek to help Africa, but which refuse to accept fundamental truths about Africa will continue to be exercises in well meant futility.


islandshark said...

No, I have stopped supporting Red Nose Day while still living in South Africa.

I support charities where I know the funds are put to good use, like NSPCC here in UK.

You cannot trust any funds going to Africa to be utilised honestly - very sad, but true.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Certainly, as you say, you can not trust any money handed over to be used honestly.

However, beyond the corruption, even the money which is not paid to the local authorities is wasted. We can go over there and build a fresh water system with our own hands, but six months after we leave, its broken and full of sewerage.

To provide real help it requires ongoing western supervision and western control, and that is now politically unacceptable.

Dr.D said...

It is time to mount a campaign to encourage people to contribute that same amount, but give it to the BNP instead. Do something for your own people where it might do some good. As Sarah has so well point out, these are savages who delight in being savages. Given fully functioning societies in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and elsewhere, they have made haste to destroy them, not just with corruption but with destruction of the physical assets as well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You may... or may not be familiar with this short essay written by John Tyndall about four years ago, but he's in full agreement with you on this topic. Read HERE.

This Ugandan writer even writes a disparaging report on African indolence that essentially says money won't solve their problems.

Anonymous said...

What IS it with the British that they cannot function on any level if they're not pouring millions of their hard earned pounds into the bottomless pit that is self inflicted African poverty while Brit pensioners have to choose between starving to death or freezing to death?

Why are the British so fucking terminally retarded that they cannot see that of the billions they have poured into the bottomless pit of self-inflicted poverty in Africa, NOTHING ends up helping the starving masses who continue to reproduce with the monotonous and predictable regularity of rodents, while the dictators that these selfsame starving, poverty stricken masses have repeatedly voted into power take ALL the money and distribute it between Islamic enemies of the UK and their own foreign bank accounts.

Why do the British have their heads so far up their own arses as well as up the arses of black communist terrorists like Mandela and Mugabe that they cannot make the connection between the Chinese re-colonization of Africa and Chinese absolutely zero contribution of AID to the starving masses of Africa whose countries' mineral resources the Chinese are plundering using Chinese labour?

How dumb can you be and still be breathing I ask?

Britan and the USA are embroiled in an inextricable war in Afghanistan and Iraq costing millions per day, their respective economies are crashing around their stupid prominent ears, their banks and financial institutions are bankrupt, their currencies rapidly losing value, their gold reserves flogged off to who knows who and while they sit trillions in the red in national debt and trade dficits, China is buying up massive chunks of Africa and loaning African countries like Angola billions of Dollars, US dollars which the USA doesn't even have enough of; in development aid - naturally with ropes attached, never mind strings.

Why isn't China, who owns so much of Africa and is still buying much more, not contributing to the African "Humanitarian" crisis? Why don't they have a yellow nose day or something for the starving blacks of Africa?

Well the reason is they don't give a shit about Africa and they given less of a toss about a race of creatures too stupid to take accountability for their own progress and self-realisation and evidently cannot even grasp, let alone apply the relatively simple concept of family planning and birth control never mind feeding the billions of starving little sprogs they're dropping all over the place.

The Chinese are particularly intelligent, practical and well organised people who plan things very carefully and unlike the particulalry stupid, ignorant, dumbed down, misinformed British, see absolutely no point in salvaging a generation of 20 million starving little piccanins who as soon as they reach puberty are going to go out and breed another three generations each of 20 million starving little piccanins in a sexually active life-span of 20 years.

Why on earth invest £20 million in 20 million starving impoverished little piccanins in order to reap 60 million identical starving little piccanins in 20 years time?

Well apparently the British seem to see some merit in this school of thought and as much as they do, the Chinese are buying none of it and they have a very effective man in SIR Robert Mugabe who has personally invested millions of donor monies into Chinese, Libyan, Swiss and North Korean banks while single handedly committing a genocide of his own people of some 4.5 million black Zimbabweans safe in the knowledge that the more he can maintain a status quo of impoverished Zimbabweans, the more money the international donor community will send him.

So hurry on now you bleeding hearts Poms, dig deep into your pockets for the Robert Mugabe Black Sea Seaside Holiday Society and Mrs. Mugabe's retail therapy bonanza funds, and oh yes, his £5.5 million house in Hong Kong needs a further £5 million refurbishment, so roll out all those pennies while your Nan freezes or starves to death - you're doing real good helping them starving little black orphans to start popping them out as soon as they start ovulating at 10 or 11 and not to mention how thoroughly they will learn to cut off the limbs of their countrymen while blasting others to smithereens with Russian and Chinese supplied military hardware.

Clever, clever, clever Pomms - you guys are fucking geniuses!!